Deep Thought Sunday


Hemlock (Photo credit: John Tann)


As I seem incapable of deep thoughts, or at the moment any kind of coherent thoughts, I thought I might call on Socrates to keep my place in the blog post line today. Since wisdom seemed to be his middle name, here are a few of the wise guy’s words:


“The only good is knowledge and the only evil  is ignorance.”


You would have thought he would have seen that hemlock thing coming.




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  1. Sorry~~I had to laugh. He should have seen that hemlock coming! Good one, LouAnn.

    • thanks Kathy — being wise does you no good if you can’t predict the future

  2. Always good to share the thoughts of others 🙂 Thanks for this one!

  3. Haha when in doubt turn to Socrates 😀


  4. heh heh that’s great!

  5. Well I guess he learned something from it… equals knowledge… ?? Diane

  6. Such a good response to Socrates quote. Made my day for awhile. I didn’t need to do any deep thinking on this post. It spoke for itself with a litte wit from you.

  7. I shocked a herb group I briefly joined by telling them I was interested in growing hemlock so I had a good supply when I needed it in a few years!!!

  8. Is it wrong to laugh at that joke? Poor Socrates.

  9. Poor guy was humiliated for his ideas and drank the hemlock as a way out. If I had a hemlock for every time that’s happened to me….

    • I am glad I don’t — I did not know he drank it voluntarily–I thought he was forced to drink it

  10. Hahahaha! An awesome quote, but I love your “wise-guy” reference even more. 🙂

  11. Thanks for the chuckle.

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