Picnic Time


Picnic (Photo credit: Carlos López Molina)

Summer breezes cool

The blazing sun’s white hot breath

Time for a picnic!

I love picnics and I love picnic food. I remember when my mom would pack for a picnic, she would fix fried chicken, potato salad, and coleslaw. I loved her fried chicken. She would boil the chicken first, then coat it with her magic coating of flour and spices and  fry it up to brown it.  She made the best fried chicken in the world.

(Watermelon) Citrullus lanatus

(Watermelon) Citrullus lanatus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another picnic food I remember fondly is my Aunt Elma’s made from scratch macaroni and cheese she would bring to the church picnics. It was wonderful and I often wondered how the heck she kept it hot–but she did. It was the creamiest cheesiest mac and cheese–and all the more special because my mom did not make it–so it was a treat.

Favourite picnic desserts were cold watermelon and brownies. As a kid pies held no real delight for me, but as an adult, I appreciate them. My favourite is cherry but there are very few I would say no to.

What is your favourite picnic food?

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  1. Yummy picnic food! Cold chicken and tubs of various salads are good. I also like hunks of rustic bread and cheese, ooh and olives. We don’t often do picnics though, I’m afraid I tend to take the lazy option when we’re on days out and buy lunch out. I make packed up lunches all week for me and the kids to take to work and school, so I like a break from that at the weekends.

    • bread and cheese and olives — yum — that would be an easy picnic and not like packing lunches

      • That’s true, if I just did bread and cheese and olives, that’s easier than going into somewhere to buy some lunch! Maybe we could just buy an ice-cream out for dessert afterwards…

      • sounds like a plan — but don’t forget the wine – we have to put it in a thermos to hide it though

      • Good plan.

  2. All that food sound fabulous!!

    • what is your favourite picnic food?

      • I love a “real” hamburger where the grill is on “fire” charring the hamburger. With a side of homemade potato salad. And perhaps corn on the cob grilled in its husk.

      • I love your picnic food — nothing like corn on the cob

      • Yes, that is so good. Now I am getting hungry! 🙂

      • fire up the grill – I will bring a bottle of wine or sparkling water whichever you prefer (or both)

  3. Picnic food is great when you are young. But I’m lazy and don’t like packing food out food and then bringing diry containers home. But hey, if you are a “picky eater” then I am all for one doing what they love.

    • I loved it when I was not the provider and could just eat what someone else did all the work cooking and packing and then cleaning up afterward

  4. Oooh how I miss having a picnic, lazing around and eating in the grass 😀


  5. Licking my chops reading this!

  6. Corn on the cob fresh from the farm in August. Nothing like it!

  7. It’s really strange and my memory is poor…but I don’t really remember too many picnics… especially growing up… but the occasional ones we have been to have usually been with others and have been pot luck… I love pot luck … nice surprises Diane

  8. I loved mom’s chicken too, so good. But I also loved Kentucky Fried chicken and coleslaw. As kids with Mom and Dad, we used to get a box or barrel of chicken then go eat it at Point Pelee. Remember doing that on Sundays? Loved it!

  9. Picnics are not complete without corn on the cob and watermelon. I hope you have plenty of picnics this summer.

  10. deviled eggs, baked beans, three bean salad, pickled beets and eggs, cakes, pies. . . my list could just go on and on. 🙂

  11. It is a tough choice but I must say potato salad, ice cream and anything on the grill! 😉

    • no picnic is complete without potato salad and something grilled — ice cream I think would be for a picnic in your own backyard

      • or if you are in a park and the ice cream man comes or someone goes for a Dairy Queen run…I can always find ways of having ice cream!! lol

      • ah the ice cream man cometh

      • 😉

  12. My goodness, all of the picnic food others are talking about sounds so good. However, if forced to choose, I say potato salad, corn on the cob, brownies, grilled hot dogs,…

  13. Yummmmyyyy!!!! I want to go on a picnic, and I would have suggested that today if they weren’t calling for rain again, and I would take fried chicken, macaroni salad, hard boiled eggs, different kinds of cheeses, and lots and lots of brownies :).

  14. Gosh, LouAnn, wouldn’t it be fun if all of us bloggers could go on a picnic together? We’d sit outside and there wouldn’t be any mosquitoes or biting flies and we’d all sample the best of our blogging friends. I can never figure out what to bring on a picnic, but it would probably be something healthy.

    • something healthy is good–we need it to counteract the fried chicken and grilled burgers and hot dogs!

  15. O.K. – I’m ready for a blogger picnic! My favorite thing is potato salad made from scratch. Not particularly healthy but delish. I’ll bring that. Fried chicken is also a fave. Did you learn to make it your Mom’s way?
    Great post. I can taste the goodies and feel the fun of being with people I love.

    • being with people you love is the first ingredient of a good picnic–I have made my mom’s chicken but it never turned out as good as hers

  16. My aunt’s cabbage rolls. Tangy and so so good. But I like mac and cheese too — especially with breadcrumbs making it crunchy on top.

    Drat it…now I’ve got a craving for mac and cheese….. *runs to store*

    • ha ha ha – that is why I have to avoid the Food Network sometimes!

      • I hear ya. I usually end up going for a walk after those summer picnics to work off all that great food!

  17. That watermelon looks especially delicious, doesn’t it? I love fried chicken and cole slaw. I also am a fan of hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill. Just the smell of food cooking outside excites me. haha! I’m such a foodie!

    • I love the smell of the barbeque–we had to throw ours away this year and I miss it so–must save up my pennies!

  18. I think your mom’s picnic menu sounds just perfect, if you add the brownies. 🙂

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