Are You Your Tagline?


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Michelle’s prompt: “Often, our blogs have taglines. But what if humans did, too? What would your tagline be?”

My answers:

My tagline would read much like the explanation of what my blog is about: funny, poignant, serious and quirky. I think these four words sum me up pretty well.

Funny can run the gamut from hilarious to facetious, from drool to waggish, and comical to amusing. These are all facets of the same word and the same person. Sometimes my humour is lame, sometimes it hits the mark. Much like me.

Poignant or tender, emotional, expressive, and heartrending are the lovely sides of this word, but it can also mean sad, heart-breaking and distressing—all of which are parts of me.

Serious. Life can be serious sometimes—sombre, staid, and quiet but also thoughtful. And serious things tend to have significance and honesty. I hope I am these last two things: significant and honest.

Quirky. Without a bit of eccentricity, unpredictability, individuality, and yes even oddness, we would be pretty darn boring. I sometimes think I am a bit boring, but I hide it behind my quirkiness.

Other tag words I would to be associated with are:  loving, kind, smart (hey, we can all dream), steadfastness, dependable, humane, gentle and generous. They may not all apply all the time, but they are my goals.

What would your taglines be?

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  1. Oh my you are at it again- making me think. I’ll return later. 🙂

  2. You know, LouAnn. As I read this post, I can identify with all of the words you describe for yourself. I’d say they could definitely be my own. Interesting!

  3. Very nice tags for yourself, Louann. You are definitely all those words, and they come through in your writing here. I don’t have a tagline on my blog, but the one I would have chosen speaks to me as a person, too — To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence. ~Mark Twain
    I’ve marched head first into so many things in my life (including writing), simply because I didn’t know any better. … And I was a better person for it.

    • I have always found that if I know too much I get overwhemed or discourage and lose my confidence–I agree with your quote

  4. I agree, you are definitely all of those words in your tagline. I would say mine is sorta true, I do wear plaid a lot (it keeps me warm) and I certainly drink lots of coffee. I like to think of myself as quirky too.

  5. Hmm.. my tagline is about living simply. Though if you just wanted to apply the term simple to me it’d probably be spot on, too. 🙂

  6. I actually had to go back and read your tagline lol. Yes I do believe both my blog name and tagline describe me and how I live.

  7. Yes, yes I am. Seriously!

  8. Your ‘dream’ qualities are not dreams at all… but very evident in you..Diane

  9. Depends on the day 😉

  10. Oh whose to say what this old bag could be called. Well. I am sort of asocial but not reclusive, eccentric, real, kind. I suppose that is enough for someone to chew on for a while. 🙂

    • I can be asocial sometimes–like all your descriptions except the old bag part — you are not an old bag by any means

      • Lou Ann you are so kind that is why you are adored by many people.

      • this is the first comment I read this morning and it certainly started my day on a high note–thank you yvonne!

  11. I have no doubt with you and your tag lines plus many more,,, if I put one or two for me it would be loyal, trusting and genuine….. nice post and thought provoking again,, love the read. 😉

    • those are three of the most wonderful taglines I have ever read–and they fit you to a T in my assessment

  12. For me, it would have to be CRAZY, and I’m proud of it!! LOL 🙂

    • and I thought it would be loony!

      • Basically the same thing. You can call me whichever one you want :), and I will probably respond LOL!

  13. I’ve always liked my tag line – is it better to have tried and failed than never to have tried at all – because I believe in it. But the one thing I am learning is that, as long as I try then I will never fail, because failure means (to me) giving up, no longer trying. So, maybe it needs a little refining: As long as you keep trying, you can never fail. 🙂

    • love your revised tagline–that is the way to live your life!

      • 🙂 Thanks. Though, it can get exhausting to try so hard all the time, so rests are advised.
        Thanks for getting me to think about it through your post.

  14. I’m glad you picked all of those words….they do suit you very well. 🙂

  15. Great descriptive words. I especially like “quirky.”

  16. I have no idea what my tagline would be, though I do think those words fit you all. Especially poignant. =]

    • I have some for you – smart, great writer, thoughtful, discerning

      • Awww, thank you!

      • I could have gone on and on you know…..

  17. […] Are You Your Tagline? ( […]

  18. I am sooo my blog’s tagline: “Running ragged and trying to keep up.” I’m trying to change that. But there is something about the part of “trying to keep up” that appeals to me. Like, if I get there, I’ll have nothing else to do, so I’d rather always be running and trying to keep up. It’s what drives me.

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