Is This The End of Bliss?

So I have tried Recipe Saturday. Writing Wednesday. Words of Wisdom Sunday. Writing a poem a day for the month of April (only missed one day!) Various themes for a month and been semi-successful—I think I spend a month writing just 200 word posts; then another month using the letters of the alphabet as a prompt; and occasionally I do Michelle’s prompts.

Bliss first logo (2006-2008)

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But I am out of ideas today. I have  been pretty good about my bliss posts—only missed a few days since New Year’s. But I think I have about covered the subject as much as I can.

So, I am asking you—what bliss have I missed?


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  1. I think you’ve made a valiant effort, but if you are getting bored with it, there is no harm in moving on before you get frustrated. It’s been fun to read along so far.

  2. The bliss of doing nothing perhaps? 🙂

  3. Maybe you are blissed out…..I applaud you for being so blissfully creative to have lasted this long.

  4. You have all sorts of bliss to my life my friend 😀
    Thank you!


  5. Sometimes bliss is taking a break. I’ve had to do that! But your musings are always a lovely form of bliss, Lou and I look forward to more.

  6. I think you’ve covered the bliss topic admiralably. I applaud you for having written so many topics on bliss. I thought everyday,”how in the world does Lou Ann come up with all of the ideas?” Actually amazing. Now give yourself permission to write about what ever comes to mind and not feel the need to be pegged down to one idea.

    I give you high marks for creativity. Excellent job.


    • I think you have nailed it on the head–I need to give myself permission to write about something else – thank you

  7. I have loved each and every one of your bliss posts, but if it is starting to be a chore to think up a blissful idea, then it’s time for a change. Time for a new theme – something that makes the ideas flow. Just sit there and clear your mind. What’s the first thing you think of?

    • chocolate is the first thing I think of (or one of the first things)–I love your advice and thank you for the compliments
      clear my mind–that should be easy–not much there to clear (I wish–it is rather crowded with unwelcome thoughts)

      • Well then, maybe you should write about the unwelcome thoughts to get them out of there! It’s good vent you know, and we are great listeners :).

      • my son told me the same thing – great minds!

  8. I think you’ve done an incredible job.

  9. Maybe you could do a once-a-month bliss roundup post for the rest of the year, with a little write up of the most blissful thing/s that happened that month. That way you have fulfilled your plan for a blissful blogging year, but without the pressure of keeping up an almost daily blissful post! Then you can still carry on with blogging about whatever else you want to blog about in between your monthly bliss post. Just a thought.

    • I like that — a monthly bliss post would keep me fulfilling my contract with myself but not be too stressful – thanks for this!

  10. Rhyming bliss. Note your title.

  11. Phew! I am worn out just reviewing your many challenges! Maybe taking a rest and writing what you feel like writing when the mood hits would be the ultimate bliss! 🙂

  12. I would have found it difficult to do as many posts as you have… Choose what you would like to do next… Diane

  13. i agree with others, i’d love to hear about whatever calls to you ~ funny, serious or both!

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