*Don’t Hate Me Because I Am Beautiful

This post was written semi-tongue-in-cheek, but there is some truth to it:

'Tongue in Cheek' at Goodwood Sculpture Park

‘Tongue in Cheek’ at Goodwood Sculpture Park (Photo credit: tednsteph)

Prompt of the Day: You’re asked to nominate someone for TIME’s Person of the Year. Who would it be, and why?

Well, Michelle, I would nominate me. Why? Because no one else would. I have been in the situation where no matter what I do, how much I do, or how well I do it, there is always someone who does it just that little bit better,  or does a little bit more, or knows how to get recognized for doing what they do.

I think that I should be Person of the Year and represent Everywoman.

So many of us are not recognized in a big way for the things we do. And I know we should do them anyway—just because, and not for the recognition. But it sure would be nice to be acknowledged.

At this point I cannot hand out any award or give someone tuition for university. But I hope to be in that position someday. And do you know who would be the recipients of my largess? The Vice-President of Student Council. The planners of the prom. The yearbook editor.  The kid who gets A- or B+ and in some cases the kid who worked their a** off to get a C. These are all substantial, smart, and deserving people. And on occasion I would give it to the A+ student, the President of the Student Council, or the Prom Queen or King because I am nothing if not fair, and many of these people had to work hard too. But, I am just saying…..they are more likely to get recognition because of their higher profiles.

I am not saying the right people do not get recognized all the time. But sometimes the right people do not get recognized. Sometimes I wonder about nominators and think “who died and made you queen?” Who bestowed on you the wisdom of the ages to declare someone Person of the Year? Or most beautiful woman? Or sexiest man? Or, well, you get my drift……………

Bliss is speaking out even if it makes you sound stupid. Am I right?

*I always hated that

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  1. Agreed, LouAnn! Besides, false modesty never helped anyone anyway!

  2. I second your nomination!

  3. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Also have you ever thought about why it is that the most successful people were the least likely to have been the popular ones? Maybe all the accolades go to their heads and its the quiet ones who slip under the radar who are able to see life and their direction through it best. Don’t let being person of the year now go to your head. 😊

  4. Amen to that, sister. 🙂

  5. I like it – an award for those that normally fly under the radar. Introverts and outliers..

    I’d second your nomination too.

    • there are so many who deserve it that do fly under the radar–and thank you for seconding the motion — that is reward enough (for now-lol)

  6. Yes maam. That is exactly how that works. Those that deserve praise don’t often get their dues and that is how life goes. It’s been done to me in high school and where I worked for 35 years. I had great ideas and did some very good things and other nurses came along and took my ideas and called them their own and then got the rewards/praise. It often made me bitter and resentful but I continued being the best nurse possilble.

    That aside I think you have to be your own promoter but I am not good at that. Maybe you can learn to be your own best PR system and that would be a good thing.

    You can still write that book. Just be careful not to divulge what you are wriiting so that someone else does not come along and get their similiar ideas written before you. You have so much material on this blog that anyone could steal your writings and change it up to call their own,

    Just idle ideas from me Lou Ann. This was off the rail again but I saw this as a chance to voice what I think.

    Hang tight and stay the course. If anyone deserves a reward it is you. Have you ever made Freshlhy Pressed? I see posts on there that are just plain stupid and I’d rate them as a c+ at best. I think I follow bloggers that are so much better than most of what goes on Freshly Pressed.That is one more example of how unfair some things are.


    • I will take your advice under advisement–I think you may have some good points here
      I guess those of us who go unrewarded are just going to have to form a comfort group — I am also part of the contingent which has never been FP – something which used to bother me but now I do not think about it at all

  7. I can so identify with this post! I’ve just been thinking the past couple of days…why do some people seem to vault ahead with recognition, opportunity and reward? I’m not even sure I want those things…maybe I really want to stay small and go unnoticed, under the radar. I think what I would really like is to have a choice…and I’m not sure how to make that happen. Or maybe, at heart, what it would take I am not prepared to give…not sure what I’m trying to say, even here! Except that I appreciate your point of view. I’d vote for you to be Person of the Year! ~ Sheila

    • Thanks Sheila – although my problem about that is that I would have to talk in front of other people and therein lies the rub–if I could write my answers and acceptance and interviews out I would be fine!
      I understand what you are trying to say–there are those who are lauded who seem not to deserve it and so many who are not who deserve it so much

  8. Agreed. I don’t think these awards are ever fair. You just can’t declare someone the person of the year because you really don’t know all the people out there, and when you’re looking at all the high profilers, you might miss the obscure people who really do matter.

    • so very true – I do not know a way around this–but some of us are just going to have to stay in obscurity I guess

  9. I am definitely with you my friend. How can you possibly compare everyone in the world – the award loses its dignity, becomes, like everything else, a popularity contest. How can you forget the lesser known but just as important!


  10. A good reminder that “success” has more than one definition.

  11. I don’t think you sound stupid at all. I would vote for you in a heartbeat because you’re awesome! It’s like working in a law office – the lawyer gets all the recognition when it is really the assistants who do most of the work. Sometimes clients acknowledge that out loud, and those are the days when I walk around with a smile on my face all day long :). We should acknowledge the ones behind the scenes way more often because without them everything would fall apart.

    • I so know that to be true — I worked in a law office for almost five years and I know who does all the work–to say I disliked working there would be an understatement

      • 25 years for me this September, and I’ve had about enough that’s for sure! I do take great pleasure though in pointing out mistakes the boss makes, and this week there has been a ton of them, so it has been lots of fun LOL!!

      • I am glad you can find some joy at your job–even if it is to point out your boss’s mistakes – lol

  12. Agree, agree, agree. I think much of our world, especially Western culture, tends to revolve around and reward those who achieve lots of outward success (for lack of a better phrase). Someone mentioned introverts and I also think that many of us get shafted because too many people think quiet = insignificant and therefore unworthy of attention. If I ever get to vote on this, you definitely have a bucket full of votes from me. 🙂

    • you are so right–it seems if you do not toot your own horn you are left in the traffic jam of life–thanks for your vote!

  13. I like your blunt bliss!
    and I second…third your nomination!
    I gave up a long time ago to be noticed, now if I feel slighted
    I go dig in the dirt and plant something…Gaia always recognizes me…
    I like this post…Thank you for Being Just You….it Matters Lou….You Matter
    Take Care…

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