This Night Stands On Its Own Merits

heart with smile

heart with smile (Photo credit: Pan.101)

“You cannot judge the prudence of an action by the results.” ~ Henrietta Ann Klauser, Put Your Heart on Paper

After Klauser makes that statement she follows it with this truth: “What a hard truth and profound statement. It will give you great power when you are at peace with that.”

Her book, “Put Your Heart on Paper”, is one of my favorites, but I must say that this statement particularly resonates with me. I hate to do something and not realize the results. I want to know that my effort was not in vain. That the work or time I have put into something counts. But even if we cannot see the results, or the results are different than we anticipated, Klauser want us to know that the effort was worth it.

She tells of an insight she received from a friend when she told him the story of staying up one night when she was at university to comfort a friend in crisis even though she should have been studying. She told him that if she still passed the test than the time spent with her friend was worth it. The insight she received was this: “No, whether you pass or not, this night stands on its own merits.”

Those simple words, “…this night stands on its own merits” is one we can learn from. The action is what was important, not the outcome or what we would consider the reward. The reward in this case is that the friend was helped through her crisis and that was the important thing—the thing that had merit

I find myself always looking to do the thing that is worthwhile—the thing where the outcome will be worth the effort put into it. Now I am thinking that the process may be the key and that the time and effort put into something is worth merit, not just the product.

I seem to be quite serious of late, sort of giving myself some “self-talks”. Will let you know if they are successful, but I guess I should keep in mind that the process of working things out is just as important as the end result.

(I am hedging my bets and buying a lottery ticket too though).

Bliss is the journey as much as the destination. What do you think?


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  1. Well said Lou. Couldn’t agree more.

  2. The journey is the interesting part Lou Ann. What would we do after arriving at the destination? I would have to have another destination to reach for. Good luck with the lottery ticket.

  3. I hope you have a coffee and a doughnut each time you sit down and give yourself a talking to. It seems like there should be an award for it.

  4. Yes, I agree that actions and choices should stand on their own merits! Perfect way to express that concept! I began to get a glimpse of this with gift-giving, many years ago…when I give a gift, the most important thing I do is give it and let go of it. So if something I give is not cherished as I expected…that is an issue for the recipient to deal with…their loss…not mine. My part is done when I let go of the gift. Does that comparison make sense? The way a gift is received or used does not lessen the giving. And I see this with our actions…something that I do out of good intention, even if it doesn’t turn out as I had hoped…the act still has merit, even if the result is a failure. This is a hard life-lesson to learn! I’m still working on it myself! ~ Sheila

    • you put it very well — the act is the merit, no matter how it is accepted or what the end result is

  5. I’ve been there, looking after others. It’s true. Nothing is more important than that time, at the time.

  6. I think life is the journey, not the destination. After all, ultimately everyone ends up dead so in the end there is no difference in destination. 🙂 Yes, I can be cryptic, but for me it puts it in perspective.

    • that is the inevitable destination isn’t it — so why are we in such a ruish as to not enjoy the journey–you have an excellent point

  7. Hear, Hear!! Oh, and by the way, if you win the lottery, you know I love ya right? LOL 🙂

    • I do — and I will be able to carry out clandestine but nice activities like your friend Irene–gotta tell you that was so much fun

  8. Well yes I have to agree about the journey and all of that jazz. But for me, life has not been merely a journey. It has been an a diffiocult trek up the side of a steep mountain with a few peaceful valleys. But the destiantion in life as I see it,is going from one stressful situation to another. I was going to write more but I have erased many times. So this is my answer, although not complete. 🙂

    • I have been on that steep mountain with you and the valleys are a little too few and far between for my taste–stress seems to be a constant, a constant I would like to eradicate for you and me

      • Yes, tis so. We need a reprieve. Work some magic with your words. 🙂

      • I am looking for a miracle about now!

  9. […] Lou Ann had one of her most inspiring posts this week, okay that’s my opinion but check it out for yourself, in this one titled This Night Stands Alone […]

    • thank you – I am honoured to be included–you are always so kind and generous

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