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On Sundays I always feel a little bit of nostalgia for my church-going days. To say I have had a crisis of faith may be an overstatement, but many a minister, pastor, priest, rabbi, and faith leader are said to have had crises of faith in order to come to grips with their faith. Unquestioned faith comes from the Sunday School of thought and many of us are past that. In
fact I miss it ~ but maturity brings sober second thought that deepens how one views life and spirituality.

As of late, I have been questioning my faith—yet again. But in questioning it, I think I keep it alive. I have a book called “Create Your Own Personal Sacred Text” by aptly named Bobbie L. Parish.  In the Introduction to the book is this statement, which hit home for me: “….the quest is your own.” And the quest she speaks of is a deeper relationship with Spirit, and the advice given is: “Start where you are and move in whatever direction you feel led.”

I have faith because I want to have faith. It is questioned sometimes. Rattled. Verified. And a constant, even if examined.

Here is an explanation of  prayer that makes sense to me by Pamela Brode from “The Power of Prayer – Make a Joyful Noise”:

“Through prayer we are able to draw power from the Holy Spirit, which fortifies our spiritual being and assists us in coping with whatever situation life hands us with a degree of strength, endurance, and calm.

Through the power of prayer we are motivated to take affirmative steps to help remedy our difficulties. Through prayer we receive protection from behaving irrationally or recklessly and from making decisions that can lead to harmful consequences.

In essence, prayer helps us to take control of our lives. We may not always be in control of what happens in the world around us, but prayer enables us to take control of the way we respond to any given situation—and that is truly empowering. Prayer gives us direction and motivation to take a positive and productive course of action that benefits us as well as those around us.”

You may be like me and question why certain things happen. And wonder why.  Sometimes I cannot determine when to “Let go and let God” because I think God wants us to help ourselves and not just throw our hands up in the air and leave the hard work to him/her.

Does faith give you bliss?


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  1. Let go and let God

    It is incumbent upon us to do the footwork with vigor and commitment. That is the covenant when connected to God but also realize that the outcome is His to determine.

    • You seem to have a real grasp of your faith — that is heartening, and I must say I agree with you.

  2. Moving…

  3. When I understood that I Am a perfect expression of Soul/Source/God/The Divine/Self, I found myself enveloped in Love, in a space of knowing – not believing. Once I entered the space of knowing, I no longer relied on faith because with knowing came trust. Trust does bring me bliss…xoxoM

    • that is a good place to be – Knowing – it sounds like you have reached not the end of your journey–but a place where you know what the journey is all about

  4. I so understand this. I also smiled at the words “the quest is your own”. No one can really understand our journey. We have to seek our own inner compass, that which directs us. I think our own inner compass is “bliss”.

    • I agree with you totally — we all have our own journeys and way of processing things–I like your definition of bliss.

  5. I find bliss in faith. After all, faith is a trust in something unknown … thus it is difficult.

    A possible suggestion. Denominations deliver different messages. Consider trying a place with a different message style. …. or try volunteering with a church group at a place to serves the needy. Just a thought … good luck.

    • thank you for the suggestions – I like the suggestion to volunteer

      • Good … I was trying to be respectful, and not pushy.

      • you were the epitome of respectful and never pushy

      • 🙂

  6. I do not really find bliss in faith, I believe in karma and spirituality but am not a praying person. I find my personal, inside voice gives me bliss in the future.


  7. Faith (which for me is very different from religion) definitely gives me bliss.

  8. I don’t know about bliss because I sort of how my own belief system. Orgainized religion is great for some people. I am not one of them. I pray really hard and fully expect at some point to get my prayers anwered. But at the same time I don’t believe there is a heaven or a hell. Our life as we live can be heaven at times and many times it is plain hell. I now realize that I have not answered your question for I have no clue if bliss is in believing, in praying, in living or, a combination of those things. I pray for strengh. Sometimes I think that prayer is really about self motivation for it sure has kept me going through some rough spots.

    I am sorry that this is a rambling comment. 🙂

    • It is a well thought out comment and not rambling at all-you reveal a lot of questions that I have too–and I think prayer can very seriously be self-motivation

  9. Lovely to read this discussion Lou-Ann… a a few years ago no-one would have dared to have it in public, but spirituality is now one of the great interests, pursuits, and topics of our times.
    I actually think it’s very hard not to be spiritual unless a person is deliberately misusing power,- whatever form that power may take – physical, political or corporate!
    I feel – know – that there is nothing on earth that is not infused with the Divine Source that is life, and there is life and love in every atom both on this planet and throughout the universe.
    This means that everything is sacred,( even the rogues) and this feels like resting in bliss and contentment and certainty. There are no accidents, but a purpose and a meaning to everything…

    • a few years ago I must admit I would have been appalled to read a post like this–but I think I have matured and that as a people we have matured
      I agree with you that there is a purpose–I just have a little trouble coming to terms with it when it is not revealed

  10. I’m a diehard atheist, so the answer is ‘No,’ from this end. But, and here’s the thing, I really resent it when people with faith (and I’m not including you here) seem to regard that their faith is the only way to spirituality. I’d say I’m a pretty spiritual person. I just don’t have, and don’t see the need for, faith to make me so. I used to have some very interesting discussions with my ex fahter in law about this. He was a CofE vicar.

    • I understand where you are coming from–I do not take to any kind of pressure from others very well – my post was about my rather winding journey of a spiritual life

      • I did gather that but thought it only fair to nail my colours to the mast.

      • if I remember correctly, your masts are purple

      • Indeed so.

  11. I think it’s great you are addressing the questions in your faith. I’ve found it’s how my faith was strengthened.
    On the issue of “letting go and letting God” – I believe God wants us to rely on Him. He does call us to help ourselves, but I also believe He wants us to come to Him for the strength to do what we are called to do. Once we let go of our idea we are ‘in control’ we can let Him guide us.

  12. I don’t so much have crises in faith, as I do in religion. I know what my inner “bliss” (as Kathy put it) has faith in. Sometimes it wavers because of outer circumstances, but it never dies. I do, however, wish I could find a community (church if you will) that has similar understandings about faith as me. I’ve been to many, but haven’t felt that connection, that feeling of home, with any community as I did at one time. Thanks for sharing this, and the quote.

    • I find that church communities have their own personalities and I understand you wanting to find one that feels like home. It is not an easy thing–

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