Orange You Glad It Is Saturday?

English: A Pumpkin flower attached to the vine.

A Pumpkin flower attached to the vine. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Any colour-so long as it’s black.” ~ Henry Ford

Choice. Henry Ford was not really into choice when it came to the colour of the cars he produced.  And black, if you have to choose just one colour is not a bad choice.

What colour would you choose if you could only choose one colour? I always have trouble answering the question: “What is your favourite colour” because I have lots of favourite colours.

For some reason I love the colour orange. It makes me happy. It is the colour of my favourite fruit, the pumpkin, which heralds my favourite season, fall. But I like red and green and yellow and peach and pink. As well as persimmon, eggplant, cinnamon, salmon, and avocado green (ever wonder why there is no colour associated with tuna or garlic?) Just blue does not capture my imagination—but certain shades blues like sky blue and robin’s egg blue and denim blue do. And I love the words indigo, cobalt, azure and sapphire. And cerulean. Okay I guess blue does catch my imagination.

Chartreuse is my least favourite colour mainly because I do not like the sound of the word. It is kind of jarring, and unpleasant to my ear. A bright yellowish-green, it is unpleasant to my optic and auditory palate.

So what colour gives you bliss today? And what colour takes it away?

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  1. Any and all shades of purple. for flowers, anyway
    Orange is good too

    • I love violet.

      • Oh yes. In fact violas (including the pansies) are my favourite flowers. Delicate to ollok at, tough as old boots. Love ’em to bits.

      • Pansies are a favourite of mine as my grandpa used to plant them on the sides of the sidewalk leading the front door of his house–when I was little I loved their “faces”

      • Yay! I like them for all sorts of reasons, but the faces make me smile every time I see them

  2. Dark or royal blue or shades of …but in the summer it is summer colours in general..warmth.. 😉

  3. Love blue but wear lots of black in the winter. Really dig denim if I can wear denim jeans- I am happiest. But you asked for color so denim is blue. I don’t like pink for ithe color does not look so good on me. But I like pink and also red roses. I also like brown a lot for furniture leather. But any color that nature produces as in the rust or grey color of rocks, mosses, the color of some soils, the ocean. 🙂

    • I like brown too–it seems like an odd choice but I quite like it. Nature colours generally seem peaceful

  4. My pumpkins are so far behind yours, we just planted the seeds this week.
    I wear a lot of black, its easy to combine with anything else. But in my home blue is the color I surround myself with. Red, yellow and touches of white always find their way in to give that pop. Colors that don’t give me bliss are the girly colors…pink, purple.

    • I love deep black purple though–I planted pumpkin seeds in July once and we thought we were going to have Christmas pumpkins but they were ready in October

  5. I love orange, too, LouAnn, although I would say red is my favorite color. And I love red for accessories – purses, shoes. I even have a beautiful red leather computer bag. Teal blue is also a favorite. Loved your orange text here – subtle… 🙂

    • ha ha – I love teal blue too– I have trouble having just one favourite colour — red used to be my go to–but I have added to that repertoire but red accessories are outstanding!

  6. I don’t think I can choose. I guess any color that occurs in nature would be a good choice.
    Right now I am into blues, because I painted my picket fence blue and the yellow and red flowers look so beautiful in contrast.

  7. Like you, I love color – all color. My blog and social media venues are pink, but I have to go with yellow as my very favorite. There is a happiness in the color – and it makes me happy. I live in a yellow house. 🙂 Have you ever looked at what your favorite color means via personality? Here are snippets of Orange: This color of luxury and pleasure appeals to the fun-loving person who likes a lively social round. Orange is the color of youth, strength, fearlessness, curiosity and restlessness.

    • Oh I like the meanings of orange-thank you
      I love the idea of a yellow house–

  8. Today my favourite colour is white for wedding :).

  9. Enjoy oranges and raspberry pinks, not so much brown-grey.

  10. Too funny. I was just talking to someone about the colour chartreuse and my confusion over what shade it actually is. To me, it sounds like a skin condition, so I always picture is as a sort of inflamed pink–which, of course, is WAY off.
    I’d find it very difficult to narrow my favourite colours down to one, but I think I can get it down to three…lime green, periwinkle, and robin’s egg blue.

    • periwinkle–what a nice sounding colour

      • It makes me think of a kindly old man with an eye twitch. Not sure why.

      • you have a strange and wonderful mind

      • emphasis on the word “strange.” I think your mind is pretty wonderful too!

  11. I love white flowers and red dresses. 🙂

  12. So hard to just pick one. But – if I must – I chose red – particularly red roses 🙂
    Happy Weekend to you LouAnn!

  13. Orange and yellow are my least favourite colours, haha. I like blue, purple and white. Currently purple is giving me bliss because it’s the colour of my new phone. 😉

  14. I am a big fan of orange. I am always a little sad that more clothing does not come in orange for I somehow feel so happy wearing a bright orange shirt!

  15. Green has always been my favorite. It reminds me of nature and since I am surrounded by nature I find it very soothing.

  16. Blue, blue and more blue….and I love earth tones as well…..can’t think of a colour I don’t like. Love the orange print!

    • ha ha — I love earth tones too —
      blue was mom’s favourite colour too, she liked coke, dad like pepsi and they both like O’Henry chocolate bars–and dad liked black licorice — now where did all that come from?

  17. Green and blues and red and… oh god, every colour except yellow gives me lots of bliss 😀


  18. I live in a quartier called Petite Chartreuse and our Apartment is called La Chartreuse II, it’s become kind of endearing as a result 🙂

    • adding La to Chartreuse gives it charm — you have made it more palatable now

  19. I can’t choose one color, either. Darn it. But, since you’re insisting–may I chose green? Right now I am loving green. It feels like new life, new beginnings, deep connection. Thank you.

    • Green is a wonderful choice–and the meanings you have attributed to it make it even more special.

  20. Any shade of blue is always a pick me upper and any combination of autumn colors….Can’t say there is a color that takes away my bliss…the more color the better ~

  21. Children often ask, “What’s your favorite color?” It’s such a simple question when you think about it…. The problem I have is that I attach it to things; walls, clothes, cars, houses, ribbons, curtains, etc. Then it becomes a different matter. If I didn’t attach anything to a color, I, too, would choose orange for it’s sheer happy factor. I also like certain shades of green – I find it very soothing. I wore an orange blazer yesterday and got lots of compliments so I think it’s a good color for me, too. It doesn’t surprise me that you’re an orange girl – very happy.

    • I am glad you like orange too – though I may not decorate my living room that way–ha ha

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