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Sugar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Does the idea of something sometimes surpass the experience? For instance, the smell of freshly brewed coffee is playing with my senses right now. I love the essence of coffee, the beautiful silky appearance of the black liquid. The lovely way it softly splashes into my cup. But the taste–the bitterness without the sugar is not welcome on my palate.

Life is like that sometimes. The hopes and possibilities seem limitless. But sometimes we cannot break down the barriers that are barring us from living out the possibilities, from reaching our dreams, from realizing our hopes.

As I do with coffee, by adding a bit of sugar, to life I say bring it on—I will just have to find a way to sweeten the sorrows; deal with the burdens; grieve the losses—all the while hanging on to the expectation that “this too will pass” and the knowledge that potential will be realized turning possibility into reality.

If you think this sounds like a pep talk to myself—it is. And if it happens to help you out too, then the room I take up on this place we call earth is not wasted.

Bliss is making reality like coffee more palatable by sweetening the pot. What do you think?

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  1. LouAnn,
    I don’t know about sweetening life per se, especially not my black and bitter coffee. But I will appreciate spicing things up, if only to enhance the natural flavour of life…
    Le Clown

  2. I can put myself ion your shoes for I’ve done that and I continue on with what you have written. Life is the bitter and sweet- only I would wish for a tad more sweetness. However to look at how things are- it surely could be much worse. My hope is that for you and for me there will be a reprieve from so many worries.

    Carry on dear lady. You have to be thankful for what you have and try to stop wishing for what is not to be at this point in your life.

    • or do something to make it come true–you have some good words of advice here – thanks

  3. Coffee always smells better than it tastes, which is why I drink so little of it. And with SUGAR?

    • Coffee always smells better than it tastes, which is why I drink so little of it. And with SUGAR? bLEEEUUURRRRGGGGHHH

    • coffee does smell better than it tastes to me–which is probably why I only have about 2/3rds of a cup

      • Jeepers! With what it costs I spread the used grounds on bread!

      • always buy coffee on sale–I swear I have never purchased it not on sale since it has gone up to $12 and $16 a can in Canada

      • The grounds are good for composting but do take a while to break down.

  4. Yes, when life hands you lemons, you can make lemonade – with a bit of sugar. Hope you have a peaceful day, LouAnn.

  5. I don’t really have much of a sweet tooth, but I do like the idea of spicing up my life occasionally. Hope you get just the right amount of sweetness into your life, LuAnn.

  6. anticipation…..sometimes I look forward to things and that is more fun than actually doing them!

  7. Why hasn’t someone bottled the scent of coffee and sold it as perfume? I smell a business opportunity.

  8. I hope you pep talk worked, yes we do need a bit of sweetener with some things.

  9. Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down..

  10. We are definitely on the same page today. Thank you for the pep talk, it definitely helps me put things in perspective more easily. I drink my coffee with only cream but on some days, I go ahead and indulge in one of those sweetened coffee specialty drinks. We deserve some indulging from time to time. 🙂

  11. Ah, I do this often…sometimes adding the positive is effortless as that’s who I am at heart. And sometimes I add the positive spin to comfort myself when life isn’t so sweet…and like you, I like a liiitle sugar in my coffee, along with a serving of cream. All good…Sheila

    • I think that at heart I am positive too — but sometimes it is very difficult–that is when we need a scoop of sugar

  12. I think your writing is amazing, so vivid. I love how you described the coffee. I can almost taste it now!

    I often tell myself “this too shall pass”. It really puts things in perspective. Some days I may feel like I’m in too deep to see the sun, but I know the sun will come back again.

    • thank you for the compliment
      sometimes is takes a long time for “this too will pass” to pass but we have to, as you say, “put things in perspective”–I have decided you need to keep on having fun while waiting for the bad stuff to pass

  13. I love this post. Comparing it with savoring coffee to get through the tougher things in life is sheer genius! It’s what we have to do isn;t it? To cope. I will definitely remember your coffee analogy in the down times. Thanks.

  14. You know me, I can’t drink coffee unless it’s INCREDIBLY sweet. 😉 It’s always the little things that make reality so much more bearable.

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