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I always have such great hopes for tomorrow. I am going to change that today. Today, I have great hopes for today.

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  1. Oooh I like that, I really, really like that!! So positive, and you know me – I love positive :).

  2. We always plan for tomorrow, when today is right before us!

  3. You and me both. Have a great day today.

    • And you too – hope things are going better for you physically–mentally you sound on the money — I read yesterday’s post and just have not commented yet–but love the bread–sounds simple enough for me!

      • So far so good – rest does wonders. And a cup of tea and a novel.

      • those are good things – rest up my friend ((hugs))

  4. That’s a good idea, especially since tomorrow never comes.

  5. I have great hopes for your day, Lou Ann. I need to be hopeful for my day as well. Lots of tangles with this real estate business. Scary.
    I’m putting positive energy out there for both of us.

    • hope it all works out to your advantage–keeping my fingers crossed for you–would use my magic wand but it is at the cleaners

  6. Hello,

    Diane from hometogo232 has asked me to contact you and let you know a bit about what’s going on. I can’t find your email on here. Would you be willing to touch base with me at so I can update you for her? Thank you kindly

  7. Attitude makes every day a new day. Great idea. 🙂

  8. Oh – that is quite nice. I like this very much.

  9. Ha! I like that.

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