“Your difficulties are not obstacles on the path, they are the path.”                                                                         ~ Ezra Bayda

If Ezra is right, then I am forging a new way of doing things. I am going to embrace my difficulties. Okay, embrace may be too strong a word here… how about not reject them? I think that I should quit being Cleopatra’s neighbour and move away from denial, which is a nice place to visit, but I don’t want to live out my life there.

Sundown in the Nile

Sundown in the Nile (Photo credit: Carlos Bustamante – Cartagena)

Obstacles make you take life a little less for granted; they make you more flexible, more pliable; and…okay, let’s face it—life would be more lovely without them—but would we realize the loveliness? I would like to think that I have now faced enough obstacles to last me a lifetime, but if they are, as Ezra says, “the path”, then I guess I will just have to “embrace” them… just not too tightly.

Can you look at difficulties as bliss?

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