Old School Can Be Bliss

“I’m old school. I’m not the fastest guy or the quickest guy.” ~ James Harden, Houston Rockets shooting guard (basketball for those of you not in the know. Neither was I).

I am “old school” when it comes to covering an event for the newspaper. I am the one scribbling away fast and furiously while others are on their laptops taking notes. I have considered taking my laptop to meetings I cover for the paper, but I am always afraid something will happen and I will be left without a quote or a motion that was carried, or miss some important drainage or sewage issue.

 What reminded me of this is the fact that I still have one of those writer’s bumps on my third finger and have had it most of my life. It is referred to as a callus in some circles, but I consider mine a part of me that I am, if truth be told, proud of. Over the years it has shrunk somewhat because I do most of my writing on the keyboard now—but every other Monday night finds me in Council Chambers making notes like a house on fire, and when I am not taking notes I am doodling to keep myself awake until the next item on the agenda.

It is interesting to see how school used to be.

old school  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 My note-taking writing is very different from my usual handwriting which is very precise and neat, though I am losing that talent as I do not use it much anymore. When I take notes my writing is back-handed, barely legible to anyone else reading it, and contains numerous short forms I have come up with over the years. I tend not to dot my i’s and cross my t’s when I take notes. Though I took one year of shorthand (instead of taking Latin) I remember none of it—and it was the lowest mark I ever got in a subject. (It was a business subject they let some of the academic students take—and it was a huge mistake for me as I hate memorizing).

LL Cool J has a definition of “old school” that I really like. He calls it “classic”: “I’m not trying to be new school and I’m not old school – I’m classic…..I’m just classic in doing what I do.”

I think I will adopt his way of thinking and call myself classic instead of old school—it is so much more charming and sophisticated. Not, of course, that there is anything wrong with being old school (I am channelling Seinfeld here).

Sometimes bliss is the “tried and true” or classic—what do you think?

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  1. I’m old school all the way. I’d like to think of myself as classic – able to stand the test of time. Never trendy. LOL!

  2. Still need to watch The Emperor’s Club!

    • I have to get myself a copy–I have taken the one from the library out one too many times–I can watch it over and over–and I usually do not do that

  3. Classic or old school…either way, I’m in.
    It appears that without actually meaning to, I’ve made bucking the trends part of my life work 😉
    Not a cell phone carrier, don’t watch the TV…aside from my foray into blogging (does that make me trendy, ack!) I don’t do much w/ the computer either….Keep on being Classic LouAnn…when the power is out or the batteries die there’s always a good ol’ pencil and paper.

  4. I like to be current but sometimes things just go smoother with the tried and true method. I love technology but sometimes it doesn’t work, so the classic method is always there as back up. Maybe bliss is a combo of both.

  5. Bliss is old school to me: sharpened pencils. A fresh tablet of paper. The smell of ink on the page. Whenever I feel writer’s block, I get out the paper. A blank computer screen just isn’t as inspiring.

    • I agree with you–though I am finding I am not as patient as I used to be and the keyboard is faster than my “good” handwriting

  6. I own a giant writing bump too. Just think…the next generation of kids won’t even know what a writing bump is. Maybe I should blog about them.

  7. Haha comparatively to my friends, I am all old school 😉
    Computers sometimes do not offer everything! Nothing like the smell of fresh ink!


  8. Classic sounds…..well, classy. It fits you perfectly :). As for the writer’s bump, even though I’m a total geek and have something electronic in my hands at all times, my writer’s bump is still there too! It constantly reminds me of all of those years of hard work in school when my hand would cramp up from taking notes for so long LOL.

    • the compliments just keep on coming–thank you so much–we wear our writer’s bump proudly–and I wish I was a geek

  9. I don’t mind being old school – but being called a classic makes me feel like an antique.

  10. I use index cards when writing my research.. old school it is. But I love technology.
    I have to say I have a 15 year old that writes and she prefers pen and a hard cover notebook. She fills them all. Old school carries on with the younger generation too. She is an old soul my gal :0)

    • so glad to hear the tradition continues — index cards are tactile and sometimes we need to have something in our hands

      • I can’t seem to move to an electronic calendar either.

      • I have tried but it just does not work–I like my big on the wall calendar, and my little “fit in my purse” calendar–over the years I have had day books and they work well too

  11. I’m definitely old school, especially for my generation. Seeing as how I had a big bulky laptop, I remained one of the dwindling few in my college classes who still brought out notebooks to write notes in. And even now, I find that my brain seems to work better when I physically write things down as opposed to typing them. Even as a blogger, I still keep a physical journal (though I’ve been writing significantly less in it). Nothing wrong with being old school (or classic 😉 ).

    • I think we may remember things better when we write them down as opposed to tapping them out

  12. I made a nice commnt or I thought that I did. Maybe it was mistaken as sarcasm. I could have sworn that it published. But maybe not. Classic is great and so is old school. I think of it as being an individual with how you want to do things. Nothing wrong with being old school. I like that way of doing various things.

    • I have made wonderful comments only to lose them when I forgot to hit reply–
      I agree that it is a very individual thing

  13. I love taking notes. That’s why I end up buying way too many notebooks…. most of which lay unused because they are just too darn pretty, haha. There’s nothing wrong with being old school! Actually, there’s a kind of cosy feeling about it. 🙂

    • I don’t like to mess up my nice notebooks either –we must find a way to get over that!

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