Bliss: the Search for the Infrangilble

  “All you need in the world is love and laughter.” – August Wilson

   “What is sacred…Only love.” – Johnny Depp

    Sacred.  A word that has religious overtones, and in those overtones there is comfort. But the sacred I am talking about today can be aptly described by the word revered, and the meaning I will be using is one cobbled together from many found in the Encarta Dictionary: worthy of regard; not to be challenged or disrespected.


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 A book that was given to me by a friend that makes me feel smart (as opposed to really being smart) is called “The Thinker’s Thesaurus” by Peter E. Meltzer and is subtitled “Sophisticated Alternatives to Common Words.” It synonymizes sacred as a being “infrangible” and suggests I go to the word “inviolable”. So I went on a little journey to find “inviolable” and find the word infrangible again. This somewhat circuitous route leads me to believe I am not smart or sophisticated enough for this book, so instead I consult my in-computer thesaurus and it tells me that infrangible means “unable to be disregarded or violated” (hence: inviolable).        

I hope I have not lost you yet, but words and their meanings can be flexible, and in order to talk specifically about something, you need to know the precise meaning that is being used.         

There are certain things that are sacred to me, or to use a lovely word: sacrosanct. These things cannot be questioned, they just “are”.

Some of the most unlikely sources define the word sacred the best.  Johnny Depp, an actor I consider of great depth, but not a recognized philosopher or great thinker, said: “There are four questions of value in life…..What is sacred? Of what is the spirit made? What is worth living for, and what is worth dying for? The answer to each is the same. Only love.”

 At one time I liked to think that one could survive without love—that one needed no outside source to depend on, and that you could pull yourself up by your own bootstraps. I was wrong, and the reason I could be so wrong is that I had love. It was not a missing element from my life—my parents loved me, my brothers and sister loved me, and to an extent my friends loved me. Sometimes you do not realize what you have because you have the luxury of taking it for granted. It is when something is missing that you notice it.

After 31 years of marriage (another anniversary celebrated last week), I no longer take love for granted—though it is

Sacred Kingfisher

Sacred Kingfisher (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

offered to me unreservedly and sometimes undeservedly. Rainn Wilson (of The Office fame—another unlikely sage) said something that resonates with me deeply: “The bonds we create in the household are the most important and lasting. Savour them; they’re sacred.”

 Writer and director, Tom Shadyac (Bruce Almighty) has another take on what should be revered. He says: “I think laughter is a sacred act.” And if you really think about it, it is. Laughter is the realization of happiness; it is mirth and enjoyment and amusement.

So what do you find sacred? What is it that you can unquestionably depend on? Love and laughter are certainly two high contenders, and they are my choices. They are both sacred in my life. Love can be affection, or passion; it can be fondness, or devotion; friendship, or lasting marital commitment; enjoyment, or total ardour.

There are degrees of love, and it is in those degrees that we define ourselves. There is love between (or among) siblings; love of your children; love of your spouse or “significant other”; love of your family; love of your friends; love of your animals; and love of life.

 Laughter is the icing on the cake of life—or as Pulitzer Prize winning playwright August Wilson, said: “All you need in the world is love and laughter. That’s all anybody needs. To have love in one hand and laughter in the other.”  I think love and laughter are sacred, to be revered;   neither should be challenged nor disrespected. Or, to use my newly discovered word of the week: infrangible.

Bliss is the infrangible–the sacred. What do you find blissfully sacred?

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  1. I love, love, love this!!!! Wonderful post!!!

  2. I adore Johnny Depp, he lives by his values no matter what anyone thinks. As for Tom Shadyac, have you seem his documentary? He suffered post concussion symptoms after an accident and learned much about what was important, the result was to sell his mansion, move into a mobile home, and donate much of his money to charity.

    I believe everything good in life stems from love, of one type or another and laughter makes everything challenging bearable. I don’t want to live with out either one now that I have found them.

    • I agree with you on all counts–and I will look for Shadyac’s documentary

      • Love to hear what you think of the documentary

  3. Johnny Dep is one of my favourites – even more now that I’ve read his quote. Love, frienship, companionship – all similar and all worth living or dying for.

  4. Blissfully sacred… hmmm … how about wonderful words beautifully written (like these) 🙂 Good post!

  5. First ones that come to mind – peace, happiness, laughter, family, friends. Oh, and of course, books and chocolate – can’t forget those LOL!!

  6. Laughter is definitely a big one in my book. I didn’t use to be one to laugh much but over time, I found that laughter (especially shared laughter) can provide bliss in a lot of ways that you wouldn’t think it can. Food is another thing that’s sacred to me…. although that might be pushing it a little. But we are only human after all so I don’t see why I can’t relegate food to that level. 😉

    • I agree that shared laughter is the best bliss–and I agree with you that food is sacred–without it where would we be?

  7. No one is wiser than Johnny Depp for me, when I see him quote, I feel the depth!

    Choc Chip Uru

  8. It took me a while to get through this post. I was kinda’ stuck at Johnny Depp 😉

  9. You gotta love Johnny Depp. He always knows the right things to say! 🙂 But I also do agree with Tony; I can’t imagine life without laughter. You could be feeling unbelievable stressed, then something comes along to make you laugh and you feel all those worries slipping away… even if briefly.

    • sometimes if the worries slip away briefly, when they come back they are not as bad

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  11. Love the quotes! Like you, I do not take love for granted at this stage of my life. It can be strong and resilient, but also fragile…and like anything of value should be cared for…you can starve love to death or feed it and it will flourish. ~ Sheila

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