Cover of "The Emperor's Club (Widescreen ...

Cover of The Emperor’s Club (Widescreen Edition)

Here are my answers to the questions I posed to you yesterday–some of you will see that your bliss is my bliss too:

1. What is your favourite “bliss” word?

My answers: serenity, peace, love, silence, calm, abundance, serendipity

2. What is your favourite “bliss” food?

My answer: chocolate is the first thing that comes to mind, but I love burritos, chili, a medium rare steak, prime rib and gravy, pizza, Hostess cupcakes, oh I could go on and on……

3. What is your favourite “bliss” activity?

My answer: walking – not because I love walking but because of its benefits; reading; writing; having a good conversation; listening

4. What is your favourite piece of “bliss” clothing?

My answer: soft stretchy yoga pants and a big t-shirt with nothing restrictive under it; a white shirt that can be dressed up or down; jeans

5. Who is your favourite “bliss” author or poet or writer?

My answers: Natalie Goldberg, Elizabeth Berg, Margaret Atwood

6. What is your favourite “bliss” movie?

My answer: The Emperor’s Club, a 2002 movie starring Kevin Kline–everyone should watch this–it is the best on so many levels

7. Who is your favourite “bliss” person?

My answer: I have many but my two main ones are my husband and my sister—they can both calm me down and make me feel better when I am stressed.

My least  blissful words: stress, noise, discord, loud, angry and puce

What are your least blissful words?

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  1. Only one really -hate. Then intolerance comes to mind too.
    Nuff of that -have a happy day! 🙂

    • I asked–yes hate is a hateful word as is intolerance — they seem to be cousins!

  2. No. 7…If I had chosen two…it would have been husband and ‘sister’ also…Diane

  3. un-restrictive clothing! Bliss for me, too!

  4. OMG, I really really want Hostess cupcakes now LOL!!! As for least blissful words, the first one that came to my mind, along with a giggle, was one of my least blissful words when my boys were growing up – Oops! That usually meant that something had been spilled or broken, and that always destroyed any blissful moment I was enjoying :).

    • I rememeber so many oops moments–and they were literally over spilled milk

      • That made me laugh because it reminded me of so many moments when we would just be sitting down to a nice hot dinner, and one of the little goofballs would spill their milk all over everything. One time the glass even broke so the dinner was ruined because we couldn’t be sure where all the pieces of glass were :(.

      • been there done that–oh those were the days (and they are the days we miss too, aren’t they?)

      • Yes they are 🙂

  5. I can’t think of any words that are least blissful, but a sound that can change my mood entirely is a child crying that terrible cry where they can’t make a sound for a moment then that piercing cry which always means pain. Breaks my heart. Thank you Lou, you too are one of my favorite bliss persons…..nothing more fun than sitting down with a glass of persecco and having a chat with you….pure bliss.

    • I know that cry and it breaks your heart cause you know something is really wrong

      sister bliss is one of the great things in life

      • 🙂

  6. Thanks for sharing your answers! I have not seen the Emperors Club — not available on netflix or Amazon Prime, but available inexpensively through Amazon so just ordered the DVD on your recommendation!

    • I hope you enjoy it–seriously it is such a good movie I think you will be happy you bought it

  7. I love Elizabeth Berg! And Meg Wolitzer. Thomas Harris, John Grisham are good too. I knew you were a jeans kind of girl, Lou. I’ve not seen The Emperior’s Club but I love Kevin Kline. Oh, another great movie…Gone Baby Gone. Hmmm, an “un-blissful” word? I guess that would be vindictive. That’s a bad one.

    Thanks for sharing YOUR bliss. 😀

    • must check out Meg Wolitzer and Harris
      you will love the Emperor’s Club – truly
      Gone Baby Gone–will have to look it up

      and yes vindictive is a bad word–because of it I have been involved in an eight year law suit

  8. My least favourite word and current bane of my existence: laundry.

  9. I haven’t seen the movie but if it is your favorite I will make a point of seeing it sometime!

  10. I remember another blogger friend recommending The Emperor’s Club so now I’m intrigued. Also, I forgot to answer your question from my last comment- my favorite kind of cheesecake: plain but with a dollop of cherries on top.
    My least favorite words would have to include lukewarm (I’m shuddering already), cockroach, and vomit. Sorry for being gross but you did ask. 😉

    • that is my favourite kind of cheesecake too–and your least favourite words are very deserving of being least favourite words–you did good!
      The movie is excellent…..

  11. Dude I love some of your answers. Chocolate being my favorite! And I hadn’t seen that Kevin Kline movie … I’ll put it on my Netflix 🙂

    • someone else tried that and said she could not do it on Netflix–hope you have better luck as it is worth seeking out

  12. Least blissful words — hate, hungry, late, rush, panic, angst, suffering, severed. 🙂 Loved your answers! 😀 Especially your inclusion of the word “abundance”. I love that word!

    • hungry is a less than blissful word and one that stops the world from going around for so many–abundance is its antithesis

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