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Imagining myself walking on this path gives me bliss. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1. What is your favourite “bliss” word?

2. What is your favourite “bliss” food?

3. What is your favourite “bliss” activity?

4. What is your favourite piece of “bliss” clothing?

5. Who is your favourite “bliss” author or poet or writer?

6. What is your favourite “bliss” movie?

7. Who is your favourite “bliss” person?

Answer 1 or 2 or 3 or all the questions and you will give me bliss.


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  1. LouAnn,
    Because you ask so kindly…
    Annie Hall must be the movie that brings me bliss, each and every time I watch it.

    And my fedora hat, which covers the mess that is my hair…
    Le Clown

    • ah, a fedora–my favourite too–though mine is straw and falls off in the slightest wind
      I know you will not be able to believe this but I have never seen Annie Hall–though I have been known to dress like her (when I was younger)–a gap I must fill

  2. My bliss movie is either of two,, Ben Hur or The Alamo [John Wayne preferable] my favourite author is Terry Brooks.. 😉

    • Thank you – John Wayne was one of a kind–and the more I learn about him, the more I am impressed
      Will have to look into Terry Brooks….

  3. Bliss word? Calm. Bliss food? Italian. Bliss activity? Reading. Clothing? Pjs. Author Vonnegut. Movie that’s a hard or I have several: Sleepless in Seattle, Blues Brothers the original, of course, person: my hubby

  4. 1. chocolate
    2. saffron cream gelato
    3. eating chocolate & saffron cream gelato
    4. my “don’t touch me” plaid pajamas
    5. Kipling
    6. My Fair Lady with Audrey Hepburn
    7. my loyal follower

  5. 1 serendipity
    2 dark chocolate torte
    3 reading / knitting baby clothes / blogging / cuddling Grandbabies
    4 my saucy red and black choir outfit!
    5 Dylan Thomas ‘Under Milk Wood’
    6 Amelie
    7 The lovely Mr S

    This was fun! Reading the other too. What about you? 🙂

  6. Lou, it’s impossible for me to narrow down writers, movies are book to just one, but here’s a couple. Ralph Waldo Emerson — one of my bliss writers. Love Actually and Boys on the Side — two of my bliss movies and my bliss person, well that’s hubby. (bliss clothes — jeans, tee shirt). Bliss activity…painting, reading, writing….see what I mean? 😉

    • you are much like me–I can never narrow down books or authors but I agree with you about Love Actually–it is one of my favourites; jeans usually but I need to lose about seven pounds and they will be comfortable again–thanks for playing along–my bliss person is the same as yours–but my hubby not yours (though from your description yours sounds pretty darn good!)

  7. I meant “movies or books…” sigh. I wish WP would give a commenter a way to undo stoopid grammar errors. That would bring me some bliss. Jeez.

  8. 3. My favorite “bliss” activity is listening to John Prine while taking a walk.

    Thanks for asking.

    • and thank you for answering — now I better find out who John Prine is

      • If I have inspired just one person to find out more about John Prine, I count this comment worth posting.

      • I Googled him and listened — I will go back–thanks for introducing him to me

  9. Bliss food: vanilla ice cream with salted caramel sauce
    Bliss person: my grand daughter Sophie. What about you Lou?

    • I like both of your blisses–must try that salted caramel sauce and Sophie is a good choice all the time–tomorrow I will blog about my favourites–but you are my favourite bliss sister!

  10. 1. I have several, but the first one that comes to my mind today is “home”.
    2. Easy – Chocolate cake with chocolate icing (not surprising right?)
    3. Hands down – reading!!
    4. Any pants that have Lycra in them LOL!! ( sooo comfy)
    5. Can’t pick just one – Deborah Harkness, Diana Gabaldon, George R.R. Martin, Ken Follett….I could go on and on and on.
    6. Definitely can’t pick just one – I just love movies!!
    7. Why you of course 🙂

    • boy, I like the answer to number 7–all the others too of course–I could guess number 2 and 3 and I love your choice of home–it is absolutely one of my favourites
      Lately my jeans are getting a bit snug–I should look into that Lycra thing!

  11. bliss food- cheeseburger and fries
    bliss activity- peaceful solitude/quiet/no talking–coffee,donut and bugs bunny at 6am
    bliss person- depends on the mood
    bliss movie- Rock Hudson/Doris Day Romance Collection
    bliss clothing- jeans and t-shirt

    good post.. loved reading everyone’s answers. When do we get to read yours?

    • I will do mine tomorrow–I am surprised by the Rock and Doris answer–I went through a phase where I could not get enough of Doris Day
      and your bliss activity–absolute heaven
      and as I told someone else–once I lose about seven pounds I seem to have put on, jeans will be bliss clothing for me again

      • Not really a movie person. But I’ve if Doris is on the turner classic movie channel , I’ll watch.

  12. Bliss food – Pancakes with butter and syrup and a glass of cold milk or Mocha cake from my local bakery
    Bliss activity – ahem… oh, and eating chocolate
    Bliss person – I’m with Audra depends on my mood- probably my children
    Bliss movie – Shadowlands, About A Boy, Brigitte Jones Diary, In America, The Red Balloon, Pride and Prejudice, and anything with Colin Firth haha!
    Bliss author – John Steinbeck, Jane Austin, Ken Follett, Tracy Chevalier, Wally Lamb, My brain is dead I can’t think…
    Bliss clothing – pajamas, anything cosy

    This was fun! Now I want to see yours, please

    • I promise–tomorrow
      Love your blisses–particularly ahem (lol); and About A Boy, and Colin Firth, I agree, is no slouch
      Now I am going to have to have pancakes and syrup tomorrow morning–cannot get that bliss out of my mind–and I love a cold glass of milk with them

  13. Hi.. No. 1…. ‘kindness’ 3, activity…’spending time with family’ 7. Bliss person…has to be my husband…we have shared so many memories and now spend our ‘senior’ years with all it holds….Diane

    • kindness–what a wonderful word
      when I do my list tomorrow you will see I agree with you on another count too

  14. 1. What is your favourite “bliss” word? be

    2. What is your favourite “bliss” food? pasta

    3. What is your favourite “bliss” activity? hiking or running

    4. What is your favourite piece of “bliss” clothing? the Steger mukluks I splurged on this winter — toasty toes of bliss on a cold day!

    5. Who is your favourite “bliss” author or poet or writer? Mary Oliver or Anne Morrow Lindbergh (she just happens to be top of mind currently!)

    6. What is your favourite “bliss” movie? It’s a Wonderful Life

    7. Who is your favourite “bliss” person? little Atticus comes to mind from Tom Ryan’s book and Facebook page, Following Atticus

    • great answers – those mukluks sound wonderful and I love your bliss word–there is so much to be
      It’s A Wonderful Life is a movie I never tire of
      tomorrow I will share my answers too

  15. My bliss food, the high indulgence version: cheesecake and coffee. The healthy version: apples and peanut butter. My bliss activities would include losing myself in a good book, going to the beach (or anywhere near the ocean really), and spending time with family/friends.

    • what kind of cheesecake? I love losing myself in a good book–one of my favourite gifts is a gift card to a book store

  16. What fun to sit here, riffling through all the possibilities !!!
    bliss food – creme brulee, solitude is bliss, as is reading a good book… bliss book – hardest of all.. Annie Dillard’s Pilgrim at Tinker’s Creek… film – Greta Garbo in Camille… bliss person – all babies, and my grand-children…

    • babies are blissful — creme brulee and solitude–both answers I find more than appealing–must look into Dillard;s book

  17. favorite bliss words–peace, tranquility, happiness

  18. I like this (and so do many others from the response rate!)
    1. holiday
    2. cookies & cream icecream, and salmon roe (not in the same bite!)
    3. getting hugs from my girls
    4. a frivolous furry vest thing…its like wearing a blanket to work
    5. Tracy Chevalier
    6. Under the Tuscan Sun
    7. my girls & my parents

    • holiday–good answer and I loved Under the Tuscan Sun too–my parents were my bliss but they have departed this earth, so they are my heavenly bliss I guess now-
      -will have to check out Chevalier
      a furry vest that is like wearing a blanket–definitely bliss

  19. My bliss activity is watching movies – I love them all, though my favourite of all time is Harold and Maude. Chocolate is blissful, my husband is still my favourite and most comfortable person to spend time with, author is WO Mitchell or Bryce Courtenay and word would be quiet. Combine all of those and it would be a very blissful day.. possibly boring to others, but perfect for me.

    • I love your day and your choices–they sound like bliss to me times two

      • Ive been home sick this week, so am indulging in a bit of quiet, movies and chocolate. Its been nice.. but Id actually prefer to get back to work.

      • I am so sorry you are sick- (((hugs)))

      • 🙂 Thanks – Im on the way to feeling better. The kids brought home the plague last week, which has unfortunate side effects when coupled with the MS. Ive got a bit of a speed wobble, but it gets me out of housework. Theres always an upside. 😉

      • I am glad you can see the upside–now take care of yourself 🙂

  20. bliss clothing-a soft expensive black handmedown sweater from my daughter – i’d never have spent the money-that is so ratty when i walk little black fuzzies fly everywhere but its warm and comforting. bliss activity – canning. bliss person-my kids. bliss movie-right now my guilty bliss pleasure is secretariat-silly and i know it will move off the list but for now. bliss word-serenity

    • I like your blisses- particularly serenity–and I love other people’s canning – Secretariat–must look for it at the library

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