Enjoy the Rest of May

 “The world’s favourite season is the spring; All things seem possible in May.” ~   Edwin Way Teale

May is a lovely transitional month—not too hot, not too cold, much like Goldilocks’ favourite bowl of porridge—it is just right.

Over the long weekend my family, like thousands of others, planted their gardens as this is the weekend it is considered safe—there should be no more frost or cold threatening our delicate plants. As foretold from my crystal ball, which is really just learning from experience, half of my vegetable garden is taken up with peppers—most of the hot, hotter, and hottest variety, as the avid gardener in the family, my eldest son has a penchant for peppers. We do have four green pepper plants for my more mild taste buds. We planted a row of radishes, a row of carrots, two rows of onions, tomatoes (a few yellow as I just love these) as well as some lettuce and chives.

And, we planted Swiss chard—that most prolific and hardy of vegetables. In fact, we had Swiss chard from last year come up in the garden this year—now that is my kind of plant! Now I just have to learn to like it a little better. I kind of like it—but do not love it.


English: Geraniums, Omagh Still in bloom along...

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As I write this, I am multi-tasking (which may explain a lot)—because I am trying to come up with a plan to plant some flowers that take little care, yet are pretty. So far I have come up with geraniums, which are the Swiss chard of flowers–hardy yet always impressive, and my go-to flowers– Impatiens. I do think I should step out of the box a little and get something different this year, but I am not sure what.

Do you have any suggestions for easy and pretty flowers–remember I am not much of a gardener. Bliss for me is an easy care garden–how about you?

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