It’s okay and so are you

This was my question I am not too embarassed to say and it was answered perfectly — Read on

Joy and Woe

Earlier this week I asked readers to send me a question, as part of this week’s writing challenge.  My favourite question, and my answer, below:

Dear J/W:

Is it okay to just ask people over for coffee and dessert when you know you owe them a dinner but for good reasons cannot do it?

~ Genoise’nt Sure

One of the reasons I chose this question for a response is because of its brevity.  Of course, lack of a backstory makes providing useful advice a bit of a challenge, so bear with me while I walk through a few different possible scenarios, based on some key words …

I’m starting at the beginning of the question, so have a feeling I’m going to want to say “this is the crux of the matter” about a dozen times more, but I genuinely do think the “who” is key here. …

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  1. We’ve done this many times – and I never saw anything wrong with it. R and I love to entertain, but sometimes there isn’t the time or energy for a meal, but drinks or dessert and coffee fit in perfectly and give everyone a chance for a visit. Nobody ever complains, especially knowing that there will always be another time in the future.

    • the visiting part is the important thing–although dessert is a nice pleasure too

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