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These double pink tulips have nothing to do with this post but I thought they were pretty. My business cards are pretty too.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When I was a novice blogger in May of 2011, I did not have the “following” I have now (lol). I wrote a blog that asked the question: “Have you ever received something for free that was not really free?” My sister Peggy, (who has been a faithful follower since the beginning) said: “I  get lots of free advice and I don’t even ask.” At first I missed her witicism, but then I thought her observation was hilarious.

Here is the post many of you did not read because you were not around then:

“The writer experiences everything twice.”  ~ C.D. Bowen

This is the quote that appears on my “business card” which I designed myself for free. As we all know there is no such thing as a “free lunch” and this pithy piece of advice was proven (unfortunately) correct in this instance as well. I had to pay for the shipping, which was reasonable, but on the back of each of my lovely mint coloured cards is an ad for the business that printed the cards. Had I known that this was the cost of “free”, I would have paid for the cards, or at least saved my pennies up until I could afford them sans advertisement.

Perhaps I overlooked the important (but non-existent) sentence that stated: “You can have these cards for free, plus shipping, if you agree to have an ad for our business on the back, thus spoiling them.”

Perhaps I was so taken with getting something for “free” that I was not careful enough.

Perhaps I should charge the company for “free” advertising.

Whatever the case, I now have about a zillion of these cards (which are quite lovely by the way) that I have to “make do” with. I do this by applying a label on the back and writing in my email address and a little “check out my blog: onthehomefrontandbeyond.wordpress.com”. The labels probably cost more than paying full price for the cards. Oh well, live and learn.

Have you ever received something for “free” that was not really free? Or, on the other hand, have you ever received something for free that was blissful?

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It’s okay and so are you

This was my question I am not too embarassed to say and it was answered perfectly — Read on

Joy and Woe

Earlier this week I asked readers to send me a question, as part of this week’s writing challenge.  My favourite question, and my answer, below:

Dear J/W:

Is it okay to just ask people over for coffee and dessert when you know you owe them a dinner but for good reasons cannot do it?

~ Genoise’nt Sure

One of the reasons I chose this question for a response is because of its brevity.  Of course, lack of a backstory makes providing useful advice a bit of a challenge, so bear with me while I walk through a few different possible scenarios, based on some key words …

I’m starting at the beginning of the question, so have a feeling I’m going to want to say “this is the crux of the matter” about a dozen times more, but I genuinely do think the “who” is key here. …

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