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This is the first of my dedication posts. I will choose one lucky recipient a week to receive one of my fractured haiku.

Dedicated to Ms. Loony:

This delicate and highly philosophical  haiku is dedicated to my friend Cindy of photosfromtheloonybin. Needless to say she loves chocolate cake. And is a great photographer. Check her out on Fridays–she has a mystery photo post she submits every week that is designed to stump us. I think I have guessed correctly twice–and that is only because I looked at the other comments.


The very essence

Of my being calls out for

More chocolate cake.

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  1. Love this haiku, LouAnn. Made me smile!

  2. I think that works for her! I hope she shares.

  3. This is a fun idea!

    And I wholeheartedly agree with your haiku – not any cake will do, chocolate it must be.

    • absolutely–as I chow down on my hostess cupcake (chocolate with that white evil stuff in the middle)

  4. How to comment on a philosophical blog-post? I simply Kant say that I like chocolate too. I just say – and here’s some fine philosophy – that you have to eat everything that’s on your Plato.

  5. Oh LouAnn, you have just totally made my day!! It has been so busy at work this morning that I haven’t had a moment to breathe, and you have no idea how much I could use some chocolate cake right about now. I say we have a chocolate cake party with extra large slices for everyone and lots of cold milk. I’m quite willing to share TBM :). I love your haiku, and I am totally honoured to be the first recipient of your dedications. Thanks for making me smile my friend :).

  6. Can’t go wrong with a poem about cake! 🙂

  7. Did someone say cake? Never met a cake I didn’t like.

  8. Cake and I have a lopsided relationship. I LOVE cake, but it doesn’t love me. 😦

  9. I really feel like I could live on cake and never want for anything else. Of course that’s because I’d be in a sugar coma, but still…
    Chocolate and cake – to glorious words when coupled.
    Love the Haiku. 😉

    • Cake is one of those things in life that is necessary–especially chocolate, though carrot with cream cheese icing is in the running

  10. YEs, Yes, Yes… I can feel a cake coming on !!!!

  11. Love the photo and the haiku 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

  12. Enticing both!

  13. Nice idea!!


  14. Yummy looking cake & a tasty dedication! 🙂

    • if you can’t dedicate food to someone, what can you dedicate?

      • True dat!

  15. Lord have mercy must you post a photo of something that I love but can no longer eat? That is one beautiful cake. No, I’m not diabetic nor do I need to watch caloric intake.

    • sorry – what can you eat and I will post a pic of that 🙂

      • I don’t think you’ll find much to post. Gluten free, lots of rice, soy- fresh veggies, apples, no lettuce, peppers, tomatoes although I grow and eat a few tomatoes and fresh garlic. Just too many food allergies. Could be worse in my view. I was just kidding about posting the cake. I love the stuff but it does not love me. Not to worry, Lou Ann about posting something that I can eat. I look in my cupboard and drool, since I keep things for my son.

      • food allergies – that has to be hard, but it sounds like you have a handle on it – at least you can eat garlic–it is one of my favourite additions to food

  16. love the idea and the haiku. it used to be chocolate cake but now it’s lemon-lemon is the chocolate of menopause!

  17. This is a lovely idea LouAnn 🙂


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