Too Normal

William Blake's "The Tyger," publish...

William Blake’s “The Tyger,” published in his Songs of Innocence and of Experience is a work of Romanticism (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Just because you haven’t seen something—doesn’t mean it’s not there.” ~ Narrator from movie “Epic”

One would think I would not go near the genre of poetry after last month’s demand of one a day, but this “poem” is one I wrote a few years ago and it reflects the fact that I want to live a more fanciful and magical life.

 I am a believer, I have faith, and I have hope, but none of these things come easily—hence the poem. I think by now you recognize me as a prose poet rather than one who follows rules, or writes pretty verse (though I would like to make that rise).

Here is the preamble I wrote to the poem “Too Normal”. Note to readers: you will not recognize this type of poetry. It is from the school of fractured thoughts, lack of discipline, metreless cadence, and incandescent whimsy:


Too Normal

My feet

are planted solidly on the ground

mired in the mud of

my own disbelief


My brain

will not accept

what it cannot explain ~

and it cannot explain a lot


I say I am open to the

spirits, the muses

the fairies

and the hobgoblins


But I am only of this physical world

Aware of what I can see,

feel, smell, hear

or taste.


Blind to anything I cannot see

Oblivious to everything but the obvious

I still have hope

that something will sway me

Move me

Make me believe

beyond a shadow of a doubt.


I want to believe

there is something



I do.


Bliss is being sure of what you believe—I have not achieved this totally yet—have you?

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  1. Oh heck … the only thing I’m sure about is my uncertainty! heh-heh 🙂

    • I like that– something to be absolutely certain of — you always know how to put things in the right perspective!

  2. What a great poem you wrote! Love it!

    • I have a feeling you do not find believing as hard to do as I do–glad you liked the poem!

  3. It is a wonderful poem. I love it.

  4. It sounds to me like the seeds of belief are trying to grow into seedlings through your words. Lovely poem.

  5. words are magick you know..
    you have called the veil….the mist to lift
    as you wonder through your day change your thoughts on what certain things are…
    perhaps you feel like you have walked through a spider web…though there is no place for one to hold onto…could be? you have just encountered faeries trying to get you attention….
    when you look at a tree…or any plant…do you see what you think is a heat wave like a hood of a car on a hot day?
    spirits of trees and plants are showing you something of themselves…
    do you hear your name but when you look around and there is no one there? pause a moment…usually you can feel the energy of the one who called to you….
    I think you do see.hear….feel beyond your mortal 5 just don’t realize it for we get stuck in “normal thoughts and definitions” of how the world is suppose to be seen…
    look for the face in a’s the spirit of the tree trying to get your attention…..
    yes you see Lou….your writings show it to us not so normals
    Take Care…

    • I think you are right–we get so caught up in normal that we do not see and hear beyond those limiting five senses–thank you for this–you are inspiring

      • you a very welcome
        and the same goes for you in inspiring…
        you make me wander in thoughts
        that make me so grateful I see the unseen and hear the whispers on the wind, and I like being different again….
        Take Care

      • I think different is the only way to be

      • me too!

  6. This is your best poem, that I’ve read, thus far. But I am sure that I have missed many more since I only discovered your blog 5-6 months ago but maybe it has been longer now. “Time keeps slip sliding away.”

  7. Nope, not there yet totally either. On the one hand I can be fairly easily convinced of anything but I also have a very scientific mind which makes me question a great deal. There is no question about this poem though. It is my favourite so far of all your poems!! 🙂

  8. This is my type of poetry – very nice.

    I am lucky to have Cody and Carter around to remind me of the non-normal all around us. The white suds found on the creek on our way to the bus stop is really troll soap, for they are known to bath in that creek, and the dandelions in the field – provide little parachutes for each and every seed. 🙂

  9. I like your poem – I’m a sceptic who is open to someday being surprised. 🙂

  10. On this one, I don’t agree. I don’t believe bliss is being sure of what you believe.

    • I think you may very well be right! Bliss comes from looking, from learning, from the journey–not necessarily from reaching the destination

      • I was too short and blunt with my reply. I did like your poem and the searching that went into the thinking of it. There is great bliss in reaching a destination, but here’s a question…Why do you give your brain so much power? It can’t explain everything the imperfect senses deliver, which you agree with. Really, this is a friendly, not fire-powered question. And it’s my bet that being in touch with the fairies and hobgoblins is truly only handled well by very, very few.

      • never thought about it that way–the brain is not always all-powerful and our senses do not always stand us in good stead–you have provided some very good food for thought here

  11. The poem was wonderful! I am sure of what I like and believe today, but that could all change tomorrow. 🙂

  12. I think believing is overrated. All I know is what I see. Then again I do “believe” in the reliability of scientific measurements and devices such as radio receivers, telescopes, electron microscopes, gamma ray detectors, geiger counters and the like, so I “believe” in things that I cannot see too. To quote Isaac Bashevis Singer: “Something is out there”.

  13. Love your poem. I’m sure you have echoed what most of us feel.

    • confused–I have echoed confusion–but that is not the worst state to be in 🙂

  14. There are things that I am sure especially in relation to my faith…but I’m not always sure of the reasons why some things are as they are or happen as they happen.. I guess though that maybe I’m not meant to ….but just to believe that there are reasons and some other things are beyond reasoning… if that makes sense… Diane

    • I think that you have found the perfect way to “believe”–knowing that there are some things that are not within human reason

  15. I definitely have not achieved bliss in this aspect yet but I do agree with the sentiment that just because we don’t see things doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Sometimes I think as humans, we get a little ahead of ourselves, thinking we know everything about the world and society. But that kind of makes me feel like we’re just being arrogant because really, how can we know everything about the world if we’re only here for a finite amount of time? (How’s that for an existential question? 😉 )

    • that is perfect reasoning–with your help and that of some of the other comments–I am coming to a better sense of what belief is

  16. I love your poem! It is my favorite of yours that I’ve read!

    Did you know that there is a verse in the Bible that says much the same thing? Look at Mark 9:24…”I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” This verse has always been meaningful to me as it is a frequent cry of my heart. I realize you didn’t reference a specific belief in the supernatural, and I am making a leap to a belief in the Christian God…just where my own journey of belief has led me.

    I hope you find your bliss in a belief that speaks to you. ~ Sheila

    • I have read that verse many times–and maybe it was in the back of my mind when I wrote the poem–it tells us that we are not the only ones who struggle and that is comforting in a way

  17. Wonderful poem, right from the heart.

  18. I believe there’s a lot to this world, but what that all includes is a mystery. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

  19. “It is from the school of fractured thoughts, lack of discipline, metreless cadence, and incandescent whimsy…” This is why I adore you. I graduated from the school of fractured thoughts! I majored in Lack of discipline! A day has not slipped by that I haven’t used my degree to the fullest. LOL! What a coincidence. No wonder we like each other!

    This is my favorite type of poem because I can really feel the author behind the words. 😉

    • so what year did you graduate? I graduated in 1977 and have been fractured ever since–I got straight A s!
      I am glad you liked the poem — it is very me

  20. A grand poem in your own style and it says who you were when you wrote it. It also speaks of dreams and yearnings I hope you have since fulfilled.

  21. Delectable poem. I believe in what we can’t see!! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this with Us.


  22. You, my dear lady, are not a good critic of your own work. I read this and wanted to believe, too. When you write a poem and it has an almost “tactile” affect upon the reader…you then, are a poet of some substance. I know this was something you wrote years ago. Keep writing…some of us who know a thing or two about poetry know a good poetess when we see her.

    • what a lovely critique — you make me want to keep writing poetry — thanks so much for your encouragement

      • Well then…get to writing.

      • alrighty, then….. (channelling Jim Carrey)

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