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Michelle, the prompt nazi said this today: “Language evolves. The meaning of a word can shift over time as we use it differently — think of “cool,” “heavy,” or even “literally. Today, give a word an evolutionary push: give a common word a new meaning, explain it to us, and use it in the title of your post.”

No, Michelle, I am not going to do this prompt—but your mention of the word “cool” hit a chord with me.

Cool City Limit

Cool City Limit (Photo credit: jimmywayne)

I love the word “cool”.  I use it all the time. I love that Abed on the series “Community” which my son introduced to me says: “Cool, cool, cool” in response to a variety of situations. It is such an all-encompassing comment in one word. Just think about how often it fits a situation.

According to my handy dandy Thesaurus mysteriously embedded in my laptop Windows Microsoft Word program, cool is supposed to be interchangeable with nifty, groovy, with-it, hip, trendy, and stylish. I beg to differ. Cool is so “cool” it is almost indefinable. The two words that come somewhere close are “excellent” and “okay”— words that seem to be on the opposite ends of the scale, yet in defining cool are not.

Cool expresses pleasure, approval,  and agreement, but at its height it represents: “an admired aesthetic of attitude, comportment, appearance and style” ~ Wikipedia (that source of knowledge I vowed never to use, but utilize unabashedly and surprisingly often as long as I am not doing serious research).

If I were ordered to never use the word “cool” again, I would be rendered speechless in many situations, particularly in commenting on blogs. I use the word often and with heartfelt sincerity. If I ever employ it on your blog—it is meant as a compliment of the highest form. It is my failsafe word, my word that seems to just fit, and even if I look odd uttering it—I will be using it to my dying day.


Cool emoticon

Cool emoticon (Photo credit: wstera2)

What one word do you use that gives you bliss?

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  1. I grew up near a very small town named Coolville.

  2. A word I use every day is ‘Wahay!’ It can be used as a word of encouragement, as an expression of surprise, or to express approval.
    But I’m with you on ‘cool.’ It defies definition, yet everybody knows what it means. And that’s cool by me.

    • wish I could hear you say the word–but any word of encouragement is a good word to me!

  3. There’s an interesting book called “The Rhetoric of Cool” which talks about the evolution of the term, and its role in changing language. It’s more smarty than fun, but it’s an interesting read. A cool read, one might even say, if one were prone to such witticisms.

  4. I like cool. I remember going from cool, to groovy, to way out, to outtasight, to awesome. I’m glad we’re cool again! xoxoM

  5. After some consideration, I’m giving my award to the word ‘why’, for its ability to take me deeper than any other. is that cool?

  6. “an admired aesthetic of attitude, comportment, appearance and style” Perfect LouAnn, just perfect! I recently wrote that I consider myself to be cool. As cool as any other forty-something suburban dweller.
    Even though our kids would disagree, I still think we’re cool in a “I Love The ’80’s”, disco ball, far out, sit on it Fonzie, cat’s pajamas kind of way. Our generation was exposed to the best of the previous decades. I think we’re too cool for school!

    • I so agree with you–and I think I have been cool a few years longer than you–almost when cool first came into being when the dinosaurs roamed (or so my kids think)–in the ’70’s, the 50’s were our retro–but I danced under many a disco ball

    • reply 2–I read your cool blog–I read your blog whenever you show up in my email–and I think you are super cool

      • rightbackatcha lady! btw that was a short sabbatical. 🙂

      • it was – I missed you guys too much–I went into a mini-funk and the only way to climb out was to come back

      • happens every time. ~~blogoholics annonymus~~

      • ha ha

  7. I love “Cool.” “Awesome” is another favorite.

    • I love awesome–but cannot quite pull it off; not that I can pull off cool any better – ha ha

      • How about visualizing the word “Panache?” 🙂

      • love that word and even the soft way it is pronounced–but pulling off things with panache is a totally different thing

      • Oh go on, LouAnn. You can do it!

      • okay, I will try–no guarantees though!

  8. This is a “cool” post. I like the word as well. In the past I thought it was just for “kids” but I have “re-thunk” my opinion of “cool.” Now how “cool” is that? 🙂 PS: I am not afraid to use slang and stupid variations of words, for that is me and if the snobs do not like it then “they” can take a flying leap. I do not “give a a fig.” 🙂

    That last sentence might be a bit much. Please delete without hesitation if needed.

  9. That’s cool
    Peace out

    In Spanish – ¡Híjole! (Kinda’ like geez – or OMG)

  10. Cool – a word that stays the same in many languages 😀
    Yep definitely, an awesome word!


  11. A word that worked its way into my vocabulary is ‘nice’. That one word has almost as many uses as cool.

  12. This was the coolest blog ever :). I have been known to frequently use cool and awesome and sometimes even totally cool!! LOL

  13. Somehow, the word ‘cool’ got shunted to the curb and other words evolved for it. (One that comes to mind is ‘sick’…. don’t ask. I don’t use that one.) So when I hear people use it, it almost feels like something rare to be valued.
    I like words with lots of snappy syllables so I often use fantastic, fabulous, and ridiculous. The first two are always used in utmost sincerity (they often appear in my comments as well), the latter as a sort of all-encompassing refined insult. 🙂

    • ah, the art of the refined insult–I like it
      I never updated Cool–and now that Abed is using it I feel vindicated

      • I disagree that it’s been shunted to the curb. Abed’s rejuvenated it – it was almost old school enough to be in danger of attaining that rare hipster status of being ‘retro,’ much like ‘rad’ or ‘tubular.’

        I, for one, am glad that it’s back in the common vernacular. So daggy and so chic! It sounds equally great coming from the mouth of a two year old or an eighty two year old! It also makes complete sense to associate good things with colder climates- especially when you live in the desert!

        cool cool cool

        PS: my housemate changes her ‘bliss word’ nearly each week. Last week it was ‘Yiieeeeeeewwww’ and this week it’s ‘KAAPOW!’

      • I agree with you that cool has received new life–though it has never been gone–and anyone can use it–yay Abed!
        I like that your roommate changes her bliss word every week– keep me up to date

  14. I think beautiful is my most used word but serendipitous is my favourite. 🙂

  15. I use, cool, beautiful and love in ridiculous amounts. Apparently I have yet to come up with a better word than LOVE to express how I feel about people, places and things! Haha! Nothing else seems to cover all the bases and express that depth of feeling for me.
    Cherry pie – I love it!
    The beach- I love it!
    My oldies music – I love it!
    see what I mean? LOL!
    You, LouAnn, are a cool cat, like Honie. No wonder you love that word.

    • I love being called a cool cat–as for the word love–it does cover a lot and explains why you are the person you are–I love cherry pie too!

  16. While Cool is cool, I trend towards Sweet. “That’s sweet!”, I catch myself saying when I find something I like.

    I can not spend as much time as I want, as I used to, doing blogging activities but it is pretty sweet when I get the chance to pop over here and see how you are getting on. 🙂

    • I think it is pretty sweet too — you are a busy girl–I will be dropping by later 🙂

  17. I do use the word. ‘cool’ occasionally, but feel a bit self-conscious doing so. My bliss word which I use very often, is ‘Whatever’. 😀

    • I should, but I don’t feel self-conscious using cool
      –whatever also covers a lot of ground

  18. I love the word “cool” too. I especially love using the word “coolio” with certain free spirits. This post was coolio, LouAnn.

  19. Cool is my go-to word too. It’s so versatile. 🙂

  20. I probably use “great!” or “wonderful!” most often…can’t say I use “cool” too much. But I think these and many other single word responses…Perfect! Wow! Amazing!….communicate the same thing…bliss?! ~ Sheila

    • yes they most definitely do communicate the same thing as cool–I really like wow

  21. I’ve enjoyed the comments as much as the post.. just saying hello. I;ve got nothing to add 🙂

    • hello back — sometimes the comments are so much better than the post!

      • not in this case.. a perfect post that induced fabulous conversation

      • you always say the right thing! you are cool!

  22. I have to admit in your first line I was a bit confused wondering if you were talking about a Nazi who was always on time. But then I figured it out. In my defense, I was awakened abruptly this morning so I am not functioning well yet.
    Weirdly enough, I was facebook messaging with a friend when your blog popped up. We were discussing the use of pronouns by the transgender population ( a subject that is near and dear to my immediate family at the moment) Language is a funny thing and very changeable.
    Cool has always been a favorite word of mine, too. It seems to have lasted for quite a while!

  23. I sometimes use “Awesome” but always feel a little fake with it, like I am trying to act like a younger generation. Cool, however, is a definite boomer term.

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