A Little Introspection on this 1st Day of May

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Michelle’s Prompt: To what extent is your blog a place for your own self-expression and creativity vs. a site designed to attract readers? How do you balance that? If sticking to certain topics and types of posts meant your readership would triple, would you do it?

This is a good prompt for the first of May, as I am rethinking my blog’s raison d’être.  I consider this blog both a place for my self-expression and creativity, as well as one that attracts readers ~ as what writer does not want their words read? If you have a blog, opposed to a journal you keep for yourself, then naturally it is open for people to read. The two oppositions that Michelle seems to have set out are not opposites at all—but counterparts that complement each other.

I could not stick to topics that would mean that my readership would triple (though that would be a good thing) because it would be like writing on demand, and I already do that for my day job. Being a journalist means getting the facts, getting them straight, and not putting yourself into your writing. My blog posts put me into my writing—and give me the freedom to voice an opinion or two.

I am a notorious fence-sitter, probably from my years of trying to be – what the heck is that word – unbiased – in my reporting. But I do have the occasional opinion, nay, actually I have lots of opinions—but I keep the controversial ones to myself.

One of the reasons I like my blog is that it is neat and organized and I think kind of pretty. It is how I would like my life to be—neat and organized—so I figure this is a start on getting the rest of my ducks in a row (whatever that means—I hope it does not mean to get them in a row to shoot them!).

Blogging has made me braver—I wrote poems for the whole month of April—who woulda thought? I have completed a number of challenges, and am planning on turning some of the posts into a book on bliss.

Blogging gives me a place to organize some of my thoughts, a place that hopefully produces some smiles in my readers, and a place to visit every day. Blogging is more than just getting my “lonely voice in the wilderness heard”— I have found a community here that loves to share—and is that not what it is all about?

I have found bliss in blogging—what about you? As a blogger or a reader, are you glad to be part of the blog world?

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  1. I do find ‘bliss’ in blogging as there are so many diverse topics but mostly it’s the ‘people’ that I have met. My life would be lacking if I had not decided to blog… Diane

  2. I prefer to think of my blog as my ‘creepy online diary’ although I do tend to write about my passion for living a simpler life.

  3. I can’t imagine my life now without blogging :). I may not have the time to post as often as I would like, but when I do the comments from my fellow bloggers always warm my heart, keep me smiling and often laughing, and boost my confidence like nothing else has ever done in my life. I love blogging amd the new friends I have made!!

  4. This is a great post. I think you are right that too often we think of things being either for ourselves or for others, when something like blogging can be for both. Often it is when bloggers stray from their usual subject, or their brand, and get personal that I get really interested in them.

  5. Today is May 1, a day where workers traditionally proclaimed their right to organize and work for a better world. As bloggers we hope that our contributions are not only satisfying expressions of ourselves and of our art (??), but also make a contribution, shed a little light, and somehow strike a blow for justice and human decency.

  6. When I first started my blog, I really wanted to get more readers. Now I am just happy to write about the things that are happening in my life, plus record anything new that I try and works for me. I guess I try to gauge whether or not someone else might find something that I write interesting, but I am moving more toward the blog being a family record with a few extras thrown in.

    • I was the same way–now I have such a nice community that I want to keep them happy–but I am also using my blog as a record of sorts.
      I love your blog.

  7. I can say that I love your blog – of that I am unequivocal. As I ponder the ‘next steps’ for my own blog, I am not sure I can articulate my motivation. I certainly appreciate the readership tremendously and have developed some friendships which are inestimably valuable gifts. I enjoy the effort of writing; I don’t yet consider myself a writer. Long way of saying, I agree – I do this for myself and for the enjoyment of others. And beyond that, well…I’m still thinking. 😉

    • Consider yourself a writer–I love your blog too–and as we consider where to go with our blogs, I am sure we both agree that it is the community that has been built up around our blogs that has proved satisfying and surprisingly important–I had no idea when I started this blog the friendships that would develop

      • Me neither – it has been the most wonderful of gifts!

  8. This is a wonderful world! 🙂

  9. “One of the reasons I like my blog is that it is neat and organized and I think kind of pretty” –> YES. This. It feels like a lame reason (or one of the reasons) why I enjoy blogging so much but when I go through my posts and see them all nicely stacked on top of each other, I get irrationally giddy. It’s a little pathetic, to be honest.
    I agree with you completely though about not wanting (or being able) to write just for the sake of gaining readers. I want people to connect with what I’m saying and/or to be inspired. The biggest thing I’ve learned is to go in without any expectations. The rewards I’ve reaped have been so much more than I could’ve imagined.

    • that is the key–not to have expectations, then we are rewarded–you and I are both a little pathetic, but we are sweetly pathetic and like to have some control over something in this crazy world

  10. My goodness, what a thoughtful topic (which interests many of us tremendously, I’m sure!) I think I go between writing for self and writing for readership. It’s a dance. A balance. Sometimes topple over too much toward one perspective, and then topple back toward the opposite. I am thinking that balance is not stagnant, but always moving. Sometimes we simply get too far in one direction and then need to return to center…

  11. […] mom sent me a link from HuffPostBooks on tips for authors who blog. On the Homefront also posted about the struggle between self expression and attracting […]

  12. Yes I love blogging about my niche which is Cooking and Baking. I started last Oct 2012. I wish I would have done it years before. It is a stress reliever most of the time.


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