Shoot for the Moon

Poem One: A Missed Day

I missed the first day

Of the Poem A Day command

This haiku suffices.

Last Day, Last Poem: Day 30

Creative juices flow

Sometimes like the rapids

Rushing over rocks

Sometimes like a slow creek

Gurgling over smooth stones

There is satisfaction in creation

Forming words, constructing sentences

Inventing and fabricating

Innovating and forming a unique universe

Of words that show what you see

What you feel, taste and hear

Poetry is a form of conveyance

That shouts and whispers

And lets you touch the moon.

Day 216: Bad Poetry Day!

Last day of writing poetry  (Photo credit: -Snugg-)

I would like to complete this month of writing a poem a day with one of my favourite quotes about poetry: “Poetry is pulling images out of the sky, the air, the universe, and bringing them down to earth.” ~Marisa DeFranceschi.

Bliss sometimes comes from doing the hard thing. Writing a poem a day falls in this category. What else that is hard for you has turned out to be blissful?

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  1. Well done on the final day 🙂

    • thank you — will have to check out your last day–are you glad it is over?

      • … a bit sad and a bit glad 🙂 It’s been fun. What about you?

      • both-though I think you come to the genre much more naturally and beautifully than I

  2. You are a poet Lou….you can add that to your long list of accomplishments. Bravo 🙂

  3. Did you ever play card game Hearts ?The effort(rarely achieved) to collect all the tricks played is called “shoot for the moon.” The attempt usually results in taking all the plays except one or two which sticks you with a lot of unwanted points. But the accomplishment sticks everyone else with all the points and is a memorable feat of ultimate glory for the hearts player.

    “Reach for the stars but keep your feet on the ground.” Theodore Roosevelt

    • Roosevelt sounds like my kind of guy. I am notoriously bad at cards–except for go fish. For some reason my mind does not work well when it comes to playing anything more complicated than that–but I do understand the satisfaction of a game well played.

  4. Woooohooooooooo!!!! You did it – congrats on finishing the 30 day poetry challenge. You did awesome :).

    • I wondered there about halfway through–but I made it – thanks for being part of my cheering section

  5. Nicely done… from the looks of the picture your poetry has made you all warm and fuzzy!

    • now that it is over–I am feeling warm and fuzzy–though I must admit, it was fun at times!

  6. I enjoyed that – and the final quotation too. Thank you 🙂

  7. I’m not used to posting every day or writing this much poetry, but it was fun and I did it! That’s a kind of bliss!

  8. Congrats on completing a very creative month!

    • thanks Heidi – at least momentarily I am glad it is over–am contemplating a sabbatical

  9. This wrapped it up nicely with day one & day 30. Great job with your goal!

  10. What a fun challenge! It’s been fun reading your poems this month–and I love the creative way you handled the missed day.

    • thanks Sheryl–it had to be addressed–no matter how shortly- the haiku form comes in handy sometimes–I know it was not meant for lazy poets, but I must say it does fit the need!

  11. The first one made me laugh. And the second one was a great conclusion. Congratulations on completing the challenge! I’ve had fun reading all your poems. 🙂

    • if I can bring a little fun into someone’s life, then my mission is complete–you are one of my most enthusiastic friends–stay that way and you will succeed forever.

  12. Your best poem is the one of day 30. How about that? You’re going great guns here. I try to stop by but don’t succeed everytime you post.

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