A Day in the Life ~ Or My Last Birthday Post Until Next Year–I Promise!


Casino Velden Panorama

Casino  (Photo credit: geek7)

  I do not have a gambling problem. But I have got to say I just love playing the slots. In the past ten years I have been to the casino three times (big spender, I know).  And I have joyously bet my $20, five dollars at a time—first on the penny slots, then the nickel, the quarter, and yesterday I went all out—I tried the dollar slots.

            I could be wrong, but is there any rhyme or reason to the slots? I just sit there and hit the buttons—but I have noticed that if you hit the higher buttons you tend to win more. Now, let us be clear here, you are not going to win a lot with $5 bets but the dollar slot machine actually had one of those arms you could pull—seriously, I had me some fun. Yesterday, I ended up winning back all my $5 bets.

            I did notice that a lot of the people at the casino were a lot more serious than I. They seemed to concentrate on what they were doing, and I am sure they have some method to their madness. My madness is my method when I play the slots. Now, you can laugh all you want, but when I won $20 on the quarter slots, I was happy as could be. But it really doesn’t take a lot to amuse me.

            To be honest, I understand how enticing gambling can be—but I am no high roller. I find I am not attracted to losing money. Nor do I have any talent when it comes to any kind of gambling other than pushing buttons, or in the case of the dollar slots—pulling the arm of the one-limbed bandit. The casino is colourful, noisy, gaudily classy, and a fun place to be if you come out ahead (or even).

            Yesterday was the end of my birthday celebrations—which were numerous and fun. So what do I do to celebrate my birthday? Well, I eat cake—and right now I think I am in cake withdrawal. You can never have too much cake. Well, actually you can—I am finding my jeans just that little bit harder to button up lately. What do I do on my birthday, besides spending (and winning back) $20 at the Casino? I go to bookstores. How boring is that? Actually for me, not boring at all—I have always loved books—and they are just about the best gift anyone can give me—so I always end up with either a gift card or a little gift money with the stipulation that I must spend it on me. So I do, and generally it is at the bookstore.

            So yesterday, I bought three books—a writing book, a book about prayer, and a book just to read—covering the gamut of what I am interested in. Now, this was a big birthday—one I was not looking forward to as I am a bit reluctant to admit that I am 29 now for the 31st time. But hey, the cat is out of the bag. The eagle has landed. The cows are out of the barn. And you know~it is not that bad.

            I have finally started reading Zoomer magazine, and it is actually a great mag (it is geared to people 45 and up). The first article I read was written about people like me who do not feel or act their age (I have always been a late bloomer, and ever so slightly immature). I have now embraced my age—and as many have pointed out to me, the alternative is not all that attractive (well, it might be, but I am not ready to call it quits quite yet).

            I have not received a discount because of my age yet—but I remember a woman in a writers’ group I belonged to writing about her “first time” getting a discount. She was not ready for it yet, but when she started to see the dollars adding up—it became a “good thing” as Martha would say. So as I continue this journey called life, I am thinking that any discounts I get I can use for my next trip to the casino—where I intend to take life by the horns and play the dollar slots—this time with a ten dollar bet!

This was my newspaper column for this week–I promise not to talk about my birthday again until next year. Bliss is accepting your age at any age – what do you think?

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  1. Cake AND books?? Ahhh lucky lady. Zoomer Magazine. I’ll enjoy the very brief fact that I am not old enough to subscribe…. Yet. ( grin)

    • you are a young’un! some day my sweet, some day….

      • Someday indeed 🙂

  2. The best way to celebrate a birthday is by getting cake and books. 😉 Also, I think age is just a number. You may say that you’ve been 29 for 31 years, but my initial impression of you was that you were in your early thirties!

    • I knew I liked you before, but now you have gone to the top of the heap–ha ha. I am still in my thirties–but only in my mind–I had my kids in my thirties, so I think I have always felt young–they keep me young

  3. You are young at heart, LouAnn. I’ve always thought that. As far as cake goes, I say eat as much as you want. We only live once, might as well make it sweet!
    Happy post Birthday!! 😀

  4. No choice but to accept it and for the most part life gets better, although I could do without the aches and pains after a day of gardening.

    Slot machines are fun….gotta get to a casino soon, you’ve stirred the gambling beast in me, maybe I’ll advance to the dollar machine too, so far I have only played quarters.

    • seriously the dollar machine is fun–but when you win–print out your ticket and then go back to it–that is my new strategy

  5. $5 the only way to go. I like Stinking Rich, Zeus, Sea Monkeys and Bombay are all I play. If I win I few thousand I head over to the 3 card poker table. I have wagered a great deal of money this month. Tonight there will be 5 winners of a $2,400 Apple computer and another $1,500 of hardware included. There seems about 300 tickets in the bin. Half are mine ! 50/50 odds with 5 shots – good odds.

    • so, unlike me, you know whereof you speak–I have no idea what I am doing but it sounds like you do. Good luck–hope you win!

  6. It sounds like you had a great birthday, which is good because you deserved it!! Going to a bookstore sounds like the perfect way to celebrate your birthday. I would have joined you if I lived closer! When I walk into a bookstore, a grin slaps itself on my face and doesn’t disappear until many hours after I leave the store :).

    As you know, Mikey’s birthday was on April 22nd, and we ended up going to the casino too. He lost at every machine he played, and we thought it was going to be a very short and depressing night, but then I saved the day winning almost $200 at one machine and then almost $300 again at the same machine. Now that really turned the night around :). I keep my bets low because I want my money to last a while, and it’s so much fun people watching at the casino. Some of them are downright crazy, rubbing the machines and talking to them. I usually end up struggling not to laugh out loud at them.

    As for your cake eating, all I can say is YUMMMMMMYYYYY!! Cake is good! We are all on a diet here, so I didn’t bake my usual birthday cake for Mikey, but I didn’t want his birthday to pass without any cake at all, so I bought one of those McCain’s cakes, and so that we wouldn’t be tempted for days afterwards, Mike, Daniel and I simply cut it into 3 pieces and ate the whole thing!!! LOL

    Finally, age means nothing! It’s how we feel that counts, and I’m all for acting a little immature now and then. It keeps me young :).

    • we sound so much on the same wavelength–a little gambling is good, especially if you are winning
      the cake frenzy is over–I have to stop or I will have to get my big pants out
      so when you come down–we will hit the casino, the bookstores, and a restaurant or two!

  7. I do agree! Each age that you are is the best one to be! 🙂

  8. I USED to enjoy the slots, too. We would take a ride to a casino several times a year. Atlantic city, maybe or the Poconos. But then …. the Sands Casino built one in my backyard. Well, not literally in my backyard, but almost. In my town, about 2 miles from my house. We found ourselves stopping in more and more often… it was just too easy! I never bet much, a $20 limit, BUT if you do that once or twice a week it starts to add up. So we stopped going. Can’t afford that fun too often, and having a (really really nice) casino right down the street is just too much of a temptation!

  9. I haven’t understood slots since they took the handle off the side. My nana was a demon for them, bless her heart.
    As to acting my age? Well, I’m 60, so I guess strictly speaking |I must be acting 60. The fact that it’s much the same as it was when I was 19/20 is neither here nor there.

    • I love your response to 60 – it is a fine age–and we are acting 60 as we see it

      • What can a poor boy do? (Street Fightin’ Man, Rolling Stones)

  10. I guess as entertainment I go to the ‘slots’ only ..as you….2 or 3 times a year with a set amount of money. I too am a people watcher and notice how seriously some take their time there to be. You know you’re out of your element when someone has to explain how the game works, as you sit there pondering the instructions and mainly how and when you win…though in the end I still don’t quite find the way. Most times I lose but on occasion I have won and quickly make it to the exit before being tempted to ‘win more’….Diane

    • I know what you mean–and that is the trick–leave before you lose everything!

  11. Oh..p.s. and the age thing… I’ve been through each decade and what it brings and I don’t want to again…I quite like the age I am in at the time….Diane

  12. It looks like it was a blissful month, LouAnn! That “act your age” command has always baffled me: what other age would I act? lol xoxoM

  13. Books, slots and cake sounds like my version of sex, drugs and rock and roll..

  14. A great way to continue your birthday celebration! Let’s celebrate our age & the numbers as they add up. Not everyone has the chance to see grey or proudly wear those wrinkles that bring lots of character to ones beautiful face 😉

    • I so agree with you–I am embracing the years now and celebrating the fact that many do not get to see the decades (OUCH) that I have

  15. I left a comment and it didn’t stick. But in essence, your method of celebrating your birthday sounds just the way I’d like to celebrate mine. Spending well-earned money from the slots at a bookstore? I’m there with you. See? We’re about the same age, soul-wise. Does that make me old or you young? Let’s just say we’re comfortable in our skin. 😉

    • makes us both youthful – and proves that age means nothing when like minds meet–

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