Emily ~ I Barely Knew You

Emily Dickinson Poems Book Cover

Emily Dickinson Poems Book Cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Michelle, the WordPress Taskmaster has set out a prompt for those of us churning out a poem a day for April. In her inimitable style she prompted: “National Poetry Writing Month is nearly at end. To celebrate it, try your hand at some verse.” Then she suggested that it be similar to Dickinson—and at first I thought–<Angie Dickinson wrote poetry?> Then I came to the realization that, duh….. she meant Emily.

So this is me channelling Emily Dickinson (perhaps a bit tongue in cheek as I do not have her finesse). I think I should get at least a special mention for trying:

Day, Afternoon, Night

 Oh glorious morning

Thy bright warm sun

And chirping birds

Welcome us to a new dawn


As noon arrives

We nourish ourselves

No insipid day

Lies before us


Oh lovely mid-afternoon

Thy gentle breezes

Blow fresh newness

Into our magnificent day


Early evening warmth and delight

We bask in your glory

And wonder how we

Deserve such bounty


Night descends

Quietly without solemnity

We wind down from our busy day

Relax and enjoy our families.


The joy of midnight

Is upon us

We are enchanted by the dark

We rest to receive the new morrow.

Admittedly I was having a bit of fun here, but some of the things I mentioned in the poem do add up to a blissful day. Do you have anything to add?

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  1. Wow, if I can half of those thoughts today, it will be good. Love your Emily channeling.

  2. Lots of positive message there. Love your Emily channeling.

  3. Good job, LouAnn! I’m impressed.

  4. Love the mid-afternoon stanza. I am also impressed by your talents LouAnn.

    • So all those english courses at university were not a total waste! ha ha

      • haaa well as one that took many, I should say not(but really why did we think they were a good idea?)

      • you know my favourite was a course in Victorian english because the prof was so enthusiastic

      • haaa Shakespeare and Chaucer were that for me 🙂

      • I took all the Shakespeare courses there were too–even a masters course because the fourth year course I chose was not being offered

      • I simply love the language– nothing compares.sigh

      • I agree 🙂

  5. Great job filling in for Emily Dickinson! I’m filled with admiration that you’ve taken on the poetry challenge…sadly, poetry is not my thing. I think I’m just too long-winded to do it! Inspiring to see someone else try it! ~ Sheila

    • Poetry has become my thing for the month–but it is a real challenge–especially if I have real poets reading my works in progress

  6. It’s perfect without adding anything…Diane

  7. Loved it! Very well done.

  8. “Early evening warmth” –> love this phrase and it makes me feel so cozy. I wouldn’t add a single thing because it’s just fine the way it is. A slightly early congratulations on getting through a poem a day this month!

    • I think I have to write two for the end of the month as I missed Day 1 which is typical for me to not start on time!

  9. Love this one – all of the stanzas. Right now I am very enchanted with the dark.

    Will you miss this once the month is up?

    • Yes and no–it was sort of writing on demand–which is, if you are a journalist, something you are used to, but it seems wrong to write poetry on demand–though it gives your creativity quite a workout–I have been pleased with some of my poems though, which probably would not have happened without the poem a day prompt.
      Glad you liked this poem

  10. I saw a movie the other day with Angie Dickinson and she had darker hair and I thought wow, she was really gorgeous. I remember her when she was older and kind of hard looking. But as a young woman–amazing looks.

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