Simply True


Truth (Photo credit: d4vidbruce)

As this month of writing a  poem a day winds down, I am both going to be relieved and miss coming up with something that does not have paragraphs and specific rules. Of course I will continue to write my rendition 0f poetry, but not so on demand. My offering today is simple ~ it came out of nowhere ~ but I hope it goes somewhere:

Simply True

revenge: forgiveness

jealousy: trust

greed: generosity

for every bad

there is a good

Bliss comes from the realization that bad stuff has as its opposite, good stuff. It may not be profound, but it is true–do you agree?

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  1. Great attitude LouAnn!! That’s what I like to hear :).

  2. I participated in a Poem-A-Day challenge through Writer’s Digest online a few years ago. It was fun to do as part of a community, but once it was done, I’m not sure I ever wrote a poem again.

    Hope you had fun with it!

    • I have grown to like poetry but it is a form different from that I mostly work in–but it is admittedly fun

  3. Flip sides of the same coin, LouAnn. xoxoM

    • can we like one side better–or do we need both?

      • I think it’s more like: we can like one side better, AND we need both. Perhaps having both sides on the same coin reminds us we have the choice to go either way at any time. I don’t believe either side is intrinsically better, or worse, than the other – that’s a matter of perception. Interesting bit of mental gymnastics you provide, LouAnn – as you so often do! xoxoM

      • you have nailed it once again–I love your thought-provoking and wise comments

      • Ah, mental gymnastics for you, too. Nice to work out together! lol xoxoM

      • 😉

  4. I most certainly agree… and when the bad stuff comes if we can switch to remind ourselves of all the good stuff… it somehow lessens the burden…. Diane

  5. I love this simple yet meaningful poem LouAnn.

    • thank you – simple is my middle name (since my mom and dad did not give me one)

  6. I think your poem shows that for every bad, there is a learning opportunity or a chance to start again.

    • I think you are right — How are you doing by the way–you have been in my thoughts

      • We are doing ok – it’s a busy time with lots of people coming and going around here. It keeps you focused.

      • ((hugs))

  7. The Bible says “We were created in God’s image.” Your thought provoking poem is a refection of that image. 🙂

    You have well expressed poetry here on your site Louann!! Thanks for sharing it with Us all. 🙂


    • Sorry for the miss-spell I meant reflection not refection. 🙂

    • thanks so much — appreciate your encouragement a lot

  8. I so agree with you, LouAnn! Bliss seems to come from that realization, and for opening to allow both in our lives without pushing away one or attaching to the other. Thank you.

    • I think it is how we deal with it that counts–it takes a lot of work to turn one into the other

  9. Definitely true my friend, thank you for bringing it to the light 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

  10. Absolutely true!
    What is the saying…? Something like for every action there is an equal but opposite reaction? Your post reminded me of it.

  11. I totally agree! 😉

  12. I completely agree. I think I’ve mentioned this a couple times in my comments, but I think it kind of comes down to your perspective in the end. Bad things happen all the time but we can make a choice as to how we react to them. Positive thinking will usually result in positivity.

    • I agree – perspective is the key–sometimes it takes time to get the right perspective though

  13. Ah, I’m way behind in my blog reading, and reading in reverse order…this poem is perfect! Just what I was writing about yesterday, and you found a way to say it with a lot fewer words! Must be the sign of a skilled poet! Love it! ~ Sheila

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