Inca Trail 06

Inca Trail (Photo credit: Pedro Martino)

What is that

Sneaking in through the slats

Of the shutters on my dining room windows?

My cat found a place to sit in its slanted presence

In front of the open door~

I am feeling more cheery, zesty even

Could it be?

Tell me it is so—

Has the sun finally decided to show its shiny face?

I am almost afraid to utter its name

Afraid it will be scared away

To hide behind the clouds again


Sun (Photo credit: DBduo Photography)

Its rays lost in the mysterious ether.

I understand the Incas now.

Is the sun showing its face in your neck of the woods–sometimes bliss is just enjoying the sunshine.

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  1. Here yesterday, gone today. Sigh……..

    • Here today, for a minute or two anyway…..

      • Well, if it’s my sun from yesterday, it should last all day. Go out and Worship!

      • sorry to take it from you

      • It’s ok. I’m going to go to my craft room and make some of my own sunshine. 🙂

  2. Bliss really is found in the things we often take for granted. Life has the meaning or interpretation that we give to it.
    Lovely post!

  3. I quite agree, it’s wonderful to see it and in certain parts of the world, including where I live, you have to make the most of it when you get it. Here’s hoping for a long sunny summer to come for both of us!

    • my fingers are crossed-though where I live July and August are sometimes so hot and humid we have to stay in the AC to survive–

  4. The sun came out yesterday and it was glorious! Now today it went back into hiding. 😦
    The sun has probably provided me with some of the highest bliss levels in my life. I know, a bold statement, when you consider that I have children! hahah! (Let’s be honest, though, children are not always great providers of bliss.) LOL!

    • children are a lot of wonderful things- and provide us with a lot–but I must agree the bliss is more than sprinkled with worries
      hope the sun comes back out for you and gives you some more bliss–you deserve it my friend

  5. Not today, LouAnn – more snow! But It’s supposed to be nice this weekend.

    • supposed to be nice here today until this afternoon–then more rain–but no snow in our forecast – hope you get to enjoy the weekend–though it seems far away at this point

  6. No sunshine, just dreary clouds. But no matter, we make our own sunshine don’t we? ♥

  7. For me, it’s always easier to connect with bliss when the sun’s rays are caressing my skin. xoxoM

    • yes, especially at this time of year when we are expecting warmth —

      • Yes, just like that!

  8. We’ve had a gloriously sunny day today … spring is really here! Hooray! 🙂

    Smashing poem, LouAnn.

  9. It showed its face yesterday here too. Still a bit chilly – but – we managed to make our way to the park & enjoy some of the fresh air after work & school. I’ll take anything above winter weather any time now – even if a jacket is required. I’m cool with that 😉
    It looks sunny today too. Hope it’s nice when I get out of work. Sometimes the sun can be deceiving. Or – a winter schill shows up with it. Thinking spring! 🙂

    • that is what we have to do–think spring–although today we are actually having spring – almost do not need a jacket

      • Well the – I’m on my way…LOL

  10. Alas, it is another cloudy, damp and cool day here! I never had a Vitamin D deficiency but I do now. Perhaps it will come out tomorrow. But I’m very glad you and your kitty are enjoying some sunshine, Lou. 😀

    • We are enjoying it– and I have started taking a mutlivitamin that has D in it
      –sorry you are not having a sunny day today–but they are coming

  11. Yes we’ve had a taste of spring the last few days…and I realize how much I need it….Diane

  12. It’s amazing how the sun can lift our spirits. 🙂

  13. That was a beautiful post of the sun, really makes you appreciate how happy it makes you 😀


  14. I would like to come back as a cat so that I can do like the cat – follow the sun from window to window. It was beautifully sunny here today too.

    Thanks for the kind words today, too. My kids enjoyed reading through the comments that people left behind, but I am at a loss when it comes to responding to them.

    • I know, that is tough, but people do not expect someone who has lost a person close to them to be witty and carefree–go to your cat place when it gets to be too much–I hope your girls get comfort from all the people who really care about you

  15. I went for a long walk yesterday and the sun was dim, but still warmed my soul…the birds chirping certainly helped too.

  16. Sun is shining today although it looks like it’ll be gone by tomorrow. What a tease, that sun. I love the lines “Its rays lost in the mysterious ether.” I sincerely hope May will be more sunny since April hasn’t been turning out to be very spring-y in any way, shape, or form…

    • it hasn’t — it is raining today–maybe I will write about the rain and it will go away

  17. Beautiful day here today….sun was shining, birds were singing, I think spring has finally sprung. Love your poem.

  18. LOL! I love your poem, and yes, the sun is shining here and I too now understand the Incas! 🙂

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