Challenge Met Again

Day 14 of Write a Poem a Day Month:

Newspaper colour

Newspaper (Photo credit: NS Newsflash)

Day Breaks

A quiet Sunday morning

Punctuated with crisped sausages

And pancakes drowned in syrup.

 A second cup of coffee

Poured to enjoy with yesterday’s paper

That we were “too busy” to read.

A lovely start to a day that promises not stay quiet~

But the tranquility has not been broken


Do you find your bliss as the day breaks?

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  1. Nice!

    We still have house guests, have had one neighbour drop in for coffee, another friend stop by for straw bales and a load of manure, the husband has left for the hospital to visit his dad and the whole fam damily is coming for dinner. Peace went out the window this morning at 8:00. Sigh.

    • Well, my day is about to take a turn for the turbulent–but it is nothing like what you are facing — Monday can’t come too soon for you this week.

  2. Oh for sure! Enjoy your Sunday 🙂

  3. That’s a lovely way to describe a day break on Sunday morning my friend 🙂
    Especially that image of pancakes…

    Choc Chip Uru

    • they were good and I did not even have to make them–which made them better!

  4. I love day break. I get up at about 4 am, so it’s lovely to see that sun come over the mountains (with my second cup of coffee!) 😉

  5. I stopped reading after “pancakes drowned in syrup.” LOL!! Just kidding. I love this poem because I feel like I’m at the kitchen table with you — okay, so I’m at the stove getting some more pancakes, but in general. 😉

    • I wish I were sharing my pancakes with you–although I have to admit that starting my day with syrup is not a really good idea.

  6. Love the mornings, they hold such promise.

  7. Actually, I prefer to be in bed when the day breaks. 😉 On Sunday I’m usually too busy feeling miserable about Monday to really enjoy my time!

  8. For those of you who work and so must look forward to the weekend to not have to hustle and bustle…it’s got to be nice…. For us being retired it’s easier and normally I do like the mornings…alas with sleep issues at the moment I am so tired I can’t enjoy them…but to coin a fellow blogger’s phrase…’there is hope’…. Diane

    • sleep issues are no fun–I have had to endure them in the past and they can colour your day grey

  9. Although I’m not usually an early riser, I do enjoy mornings where I’m up early for whatever reason. That second cup of coffee sounds fabulous. It feels so luxurious, knowing you have the time to have another cup. Especially if you know the day is only going to get busier as it goes on.

  10. I love getting up early any day of the week to have my coffee and my quiet. Whatever is going on as the morning progresses, I need that soft launch! Something magic about warm deliciousness and quiet. ~ Sheila

  11. I love waking up, checking in with the day ahead, and discovering I haven’t got to be anywhere early, so I can take my time with that tray of tea in bed, meditation and gentle entry into the day…
    I think that following it up with pancaked and maple syrup actually would be bliss!!!! My mouth watered as I read your lovely words….

  12. As I read your lines and allowed myself the luxury of visualisation, I could almost smell the coffee!


    • that is what I am doing right now–waiting for the coffee to run through and smelling it–soon I will have the first coffee of the day

  13. early morning is indeed my bliss

  14. Early morning, Mickey (the 16-year-old Jack Russell), Chi (the kitty), and I are like a well-oiled machine, going through our routine of washing up, taking a walk, breakfast for Mick, treats for Chi, and then a quiet moment with a fragrant cup of decaf for me. Bliss! xoxoM

  15. I’m late to your lovely poetry. Didn’t even get on yesterday! But I am loving your skills as you stretch your creativity with these daily poetry posts! I find my bliss works best in the a.m. I love the quiet and the whole thing about the world waking up with me doing the same thing.

    • I find early morning a great time for creativity — there is always great energy and hope for the day!

  16. Lou Ann you ask some of the most perplexing questions. 🙂 There is no bliss in morning. Never has been since I can remember. 🙂 Note my use of “smilies.”

    • there was a time when I was younger and morning did not enter into my thoughts as I stayed up late and got up late

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