Mirth Smothered

Monas Lisas

Monas Lisas (Photo credit: Le DiNoyl)

Mysterious Mona Lisa’s

Mirth was smothered by her

Painted enigmatic smile

Who smothers your bliss?

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  1. my mac that can’t get wifi so i have to use my old pc

  2. Lately what smothers my bliss is all the snow and freezing rain and cloudy skies….a little sunshine please 🙂

    • it is about time–are you at the cottage?

      • Yes we are…..it’s been a sleepy day here, relaxing and falling asleep in front of the fireplace.

      • a perfect day in some books!

  3. In general, negative, grouchy, complaining people always interfere with my bliss. Also, I would agree with Peggy – as I get older I really feel done in by bad weather. I need sunshine like I need oxygen. I think you and I have the same exact weather Lou Ann, and right now it stinks. 😦

    • yes, it does–but Peggy (she is my sister) lives in Ottawa and she is getting snow not just rain–so I guess I have something to be grateful for
      I remember the sun–though it seems like a distant memory now

      • I guess we can be thankful for that – but isn’t that sort of pathetic. haha! I want heat and sun, like Audra, and I want it NOW! I’m glad you shared with me that Peggy is your sister. 🙂

      • it is pathetic (lol) — I am still laughing that we are happy for all the wind and rain and cold

      • haha! Glad you agree!

      • 😉

  4. Noise smothers my bliss. And I will join you and Lisa in the weather department. I NEED warmth darn it.. sunshine and HEAT. Pretty please

    • that smothers my bliss too — maybe that is why Mona could not muster more of a smile
      –spring mocketh us!

  5. My husbands unpleasant aunt Sandra – who has been staying with us for a week now (fortunately, uncle John is a very pleasant man and helps even the balance a little).

    • ha ha — oh, I am so sorry–she must be unpleasant for you to say so — put sleeping pills in her tea (did I say that?)

      • Don’t think I didn’t give your suggestion some consideration..

      • lol – hope she is leaving soon – make her do the dishes even if you have a dishwasher

  6. My boss who wanted me to come in to work at 2pm yesterday after 8 hours without power. My response – NOT!. What an ass!!!

    • some bosses are – that is just ridiculous!

      • Yup!! Instead, I spent the whole day reading and playing Scrabble with my son. It was a great day – although a little chilly :). Still much better than being at work though!

      • I love Scrabble–you are so lucky to have someone play it with you–think I will try and rustle up a game or two!

      • The only problem with playing Scrabble with Daniel is that I end up feeling really stupid because he is so bloody smart that he always comes up with these crazy big words LOL :). He whoops my ass every time! It was still fun though.

      • sometimes we learn from our children – who taught him that big volcabulary?

      • Well, I’d like to think he learned it from me, but I’m quite sure he is going to far surpass me. He was actually put in the gifted program back in Grade 4 ;).

      • because he has his mom’s brain!

      • Awww, thanks LouAnn 🙂

  7. Winter imposing on spring is smothering me & keeping me cold. Brrr…

  8. My bliss is smothered by litter boxes that need to be cleaned.

    • that is one of the worst jobs–I know because for some reason at my house, it is my job

  9. Bugs- of the crawling variety, the flying variety, and the jumping variety. I’m shuddering just typing that. The gardeners have been spraying bug spray on the plants near my building, resulting (or what I assume is the cause) of an upsurge in bugs in my house. NOT fun.

  10. I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award! Congratulations! The link is :transcendingbordersbolg.wordpress.com/2013/04/14/the-versatile-blogger-award/

  11. Rainy days when you have outdoor activities planned..

  12. LouAnn,
    Winter does. In February. At -30ºC.
    Le Clown

  13. my boss…erratic and cruel. but as soon as the keys are in the ignation at the end of the day, bliss returns.

  14. Grouchiness shuts me down. I’m sunny tempered and rarely out of sorts…not claiming that as a virtue, just the way I’m built. When people are difficult and grumpy, I just don’t do well…I don’t like to return fire for fire, so I get very quiet. ~ Sheila

    • I know- I am very affected by the ways other feel–and grouchiness does not make for a good day at all —

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