Dear Universe

Dear Universe,

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The answer to life, the universe and everything: The porch.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I thought about writing a pro/con list…..

All the good things in life

Counteracted by all the bad things

Or, on a more positive note

All the bad things in life

Counteracted by the good.

But I decided not to write a con list

I know those things backwards and forwards

I know them too well

They keep me awake at night

And apparently giving them life on paper

Would just give them more power~

So I am just going to write a pro list

And see if the universe responds.

Do you think leaving it up to the universe is a way to find bliss? I am of two minds on this………..

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  1. I think that concentrating on the positive only increases the positive so that’s what I do. 🙂

  2. Lou, I think we have to ask and then wait to “hear” something maybe? I think we get very impatient and during that frustration, we sometimes miss what we’re supposed to be hearing, if that makes sense. I do know, as you do, worry is pointless and most things you worry about never happen. It’s that faith part — that’s the most difficult — the letting go. But I do think the Universe wants to give and give abundance. I try to say I AM…followed by a positive affirmation. That may sound hokey but it makes me feel better and improves my mood. When I’m in a good mood, I think clearer and perhaps make better choices. I watched a program the other morning where a motivational/spiritual person said those “I am’s” follow you, so make them great ones. 😉 Hope you are doing well, my friend!

    • my sister talked to me about the same thing–maybe I should be getting the message as it as comes from two great sources now– my new mantra is I am abundant and I share my abundance–let us see if it works–thanks for taking the time to share such a wonderful comment and advice–I feel very cared for Brigitte

  3. The Universe always, and only, sends us blessings. Sometimes, no, MANY times, it doesn’t feel that way, and how it feels does not negate the blessings, just makes it a little more complicated to appreciate them! That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it! xoxoM

    • I like your story and would like to adopt it as my own–thanks Margarita! 🙂

      • We can share over coffee, LouAnn. Make use of that half & half you’ve got in the fridge for me! lol xoxoM

      • it is a deal!

  4. I think it is all attitude and how we choose to view the world. You can made a lot of positive thing happen by working hard and positioning yourself so that you are ready when opportunity knocks.

    For example our truck broke down last week. That is very bad, BUT – it broke down near the dealership and wasn’t that a good thing because it was fixed quickly. The truck could have broken down this week when on a long trip away from home and any help. It could have been much worst.

    • I think you know how to give and receive and that is important – I am so happy you did not get stuck on your trip!

  5. The answer, dearest LouAnn, is 42 🙂

  6. I think the best approach is to turn it over. And then rest, knowing that it’s taken care of. And also to be open to what comes – all prayers are answered, just not always in the form that we expect.

    • Okay, I will do that–I am serious–thank you for this–sounds simple but I know it wil take some work

  7. Stick to the positive. Chocolate is for the negative that’s how you turn it into a positive.

  8. I have to say I don’t leave things to chance or the universe but instead pray to God and I know the answer will come …not always as I expect but it comes. Somehow I would guess you knew that ‘s what I would say…. Diane

    • I loosely use the word universe to represent God–so in essence I am agreeing with you

  9. I’m not ‘too quick’ sometimes …I should have added that if I think I need to be pro-active while I wait…something I need to do…I do.. (sometimes I’m wrong though…I should have waited)…..Diane

  10. We can’t control everything my friend. There will always be good and bad, so we have to try and focus on the good and make the best out of the bad. And I really believe that it’s ok to have some days where the bad just takes over and makes us feel like crap. Not everything can be perfect and those bad days just make us appreciate the good days even more :).

    • thank you for that–sometimes we do have bad days and do not give ourselves permission to have the bad day– you always seem to understand

  11. My husband has taught me to be more of a “whatever happens, happens” kind of person. I try not to worry about the future or the past and just go with the flow..

  12. I’m hardly the one to be doling out advice, much less opinions on this topic! lol! It feels to me that there are some things that just render us powerless, try as we might, we can’t turn things around. Do you remember those Chinese finger puzzles? You put your two index fingers in the little straw tube and when you pull to get them out it just gets tighter, and you’re more stuck…? The trick is to do the opposite, which is to push in, and that’s how you free your fingers. I often think of that because it’s tricky and goes against conventional wisdom. I think you and I are dealing with a tricky time in our lives. Maybe the answer is for us to push in, or lean into the discomfort rather than continually pulling? Maybe we have to do the thing that’s outside of our comfort zone? Maybe we need to play a role we’ve never played before? (Okay, at this point I clearly don’t know what I’m talking about… but it started out good, right? haha!)

    Well, at least I tried! xoxox

    • I feel understood and that is powerful – thank you– I feel better–and am going to give this push thing a try–because God knows, the pulling is not working. Thank you for this — it made perfect sense to me my good friend

  13. I try not to let myself swell on the cons, In general I just accept what’s happened. No point fretting about it. It’s happened, it’s gone. If I didn’t adhere to this I’d go mad. OK, Even madder than I am already.

    • Okay, I am going to come back from the edge of madness and try acceptance — wish me luck

      • Of course i wish you luck. But really there is no mileage at all in the ‘What if?’ school of thought. My life would surely be different if some of the ‘What ifs? stuck, But they didn’t. That’s the end of the story, I’m afraid.
        Would my life have been different? Of course it would.
        Would it have been better? I don’t know, I cannot know, and I just refuse to waste time and energy speculating.
        Does that help? Probably not, but I did give it my best shot.

  14. I think life is sort of like that AA Serenity Prayer. Knowing what you can affect, and letting go of the stress associated with the stuff that you can’t.

  15. I do believe that positive energy is a powerful force. Having said that, it is not always easy to muster up positivity.

  16. Given the choice between Deep Thought or the Universe….nah, I’d still rather chart my own way…

  17. Positivity will create universal positivity my friend 😀


  18. I think the keyword in all of this is patience. Something that I’m not very good at (which you probably already know). That being said, writing things down can definitely be powerful but I find that even with more negative things, if I write them down, I can at least clear my mind out to make room for more positive things.

    • that makes total sense–you and I both find patience a chore, but we keep trying

  19. I definitely think it’s better to stop worrying the bad things. “Que sera sera” is a good philosophy to go by. 🙂

  20. The only list I make, are shopping lists. 🙂

  21. LOVE it!

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