My Street


Silence (Photo credit: requiemm)


Dog barking

Motorcycle revving

Grass growing

Refrigerator humming

Phone ringing

Water running

Toilet flushing

Radio blaring


TV off

Blinds drawn

Lights dimmed

Clock set

Book retired

Sleep calls

Blessed blissful silence…………………

Arf, arf, whoof, whoof ~

Stupid dog!

What breaks up your bliss?

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  1. Husband snoring 😉

  2. weed whackers
    blog hackers
    next door neighbor’s yapping crapper
    on my street – bliss zappers
    **I like how you are incorporating poetry into your bliss theme.

    • thank you – two birds with one stone–a poem a day and my year long journey to find bliss–even if I do kind of stretch things sometimes–ha ha — I think it is called creative licence and I may have mine taken away from me soon!

      the weed whackers and lawn mowers have not make an appearance yet

      we have some huge dogs in the neighbourhood with some big voices!

    • hey, you created a poem and a rhyming one no less–have to take notice of these things

  3. Cat puking…

    • yuck — or peeing where they shouldn’t (we just took ours to the vet–will not be eating for awhile to pay the invoice)

      • Fortunately, ours don’t pee where they shouldn’t, but they do like to unload a good puke in the middle of the night every now and then.

      • so much worse than peeing! I am sorry for you — we love them, don’t we?

  4. Absolutely loved this!! You made me laugh out loud :). Stupid dog!! What breaks up my bliss is when I am reading quietly and my hubby puts on CNN, and I have to hear the same depressing news over and over and over!! Yuck 😦

    • I understand — I cannot read with other noise–I actually have a CD for reading–there are no words to the blissful music! Give your husband some ketchup and tell him to go find some french fries when he turns on the news!

      • Great idea!! I also totally agree with the snoring comment above. And by the way, I really like that picture you used too :). There’s something about it…..

  5. My own stupid anxious thoughts!! They’re louder than any motorcycle engine. 🙂

    • I hate those thoughts – worse than any dog or motorcycle–I don’t know about you–but I need to learn to meditate

  6. I like your lists!
    Stress from work breaks my bliss…thoughts of what needs to be done the next day…family distress, seeing elderly family in failing health and no hope for getting well…the unknown of trying to reroute life and not knowing / seeing the way clearly….good to escape to reading/music/a good movie! ~ Sheila

    • thank goodness you have your escapes — each one of the stresses you mention need mitigating — I would give my eyeteeth to know how to eliminate those things from our lives-or at least deal with them

  7. heh-heh 😀

  8. Clearly you don’t have a cat. they tend to have a mad half hour bang on the stroke of midnight. That makes a mess of your slumbers.

    • our cat stays in the house and is neutered so has never partaken

      • House cats are the worst. Lock the fridge, and hope it never learns to operate the microwave. They can’t do that at the moment, they have no thumbs.. If they evolve to get thumbs we’re all doomed.

      • We are doomed even if they do not have thumbs

  9. This is so funny. I’m such a light sleeper, so even the air con switching in and out can wake me. I wear earplugs, but my hearing is so acute, I hear every sound. 😦

  10. Actually our dog barking very suddenly when he hears something outside…when we’re not expecting it.. it jars us….Diane

    • I can see that that would be jarring and concerning because you wonder what he is barking at…

  11. Chickens clucking despite the time 😉

    Choc Chip Uru

    • I live in town so that should be one thing I do not hear–that would be annoying — I am not all that fond of chickens

  12. Oh doggie!
    Geese poopin’ in my yard break my bliss.

  13. 🙂 our streets are different, but the dog is the same. Ours barks at the coyotes outside.

    • I think that if it is your dog it may not bother you as much–or maybe not–there are no coyotes in town but just a few miles out there are

  14. Cats yowling and mewing suspiciously (cats mating?? oh boy.)

    Occasionally, I get dogs barking too. It sucks a lot because I’m a very light sleeper.

    • used to be bothered by cats yowling–but the dogs barking probably scares them away

  15. I enjoyed this very much. Car alarms going off are the worst for me. The sounds from today I enjoyed included: geese flying over the building, crows cawing, neighbors laughing during a Frisbee game, wind rustling the dead leaves from last fall.

    • I like how you added sounds you enjoy–gives this post a better perspective! Car alarms are the worst though!

  16. I also have a dog barking break up my bliss & my sleep which is a hard pressed event anyway..but I love that I can hear the early morning song of the birds right out side my bedroom window. A blissful way to start any day.
    Lovely poem Lou~

    • Thank you, glad you enjoyed it — being greeted by birds helps make the day go better doesn’t it?

  17. My cat bites me when he gets hungry. He likes to eat early

  18. our dogs!

    • wish they knew the “Sounds of Silence”!

      • Amen!!

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