Animated milk carton from Coffee & TV video.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Anxiety takes over

Will it be there?

Will there be enough

To sooth the soul?

Or will it be lacking

Missing, as it were, in action?

Will I come up empty

Will there be sorrow?

I open the door

Reach in

Feel its heft

And know……………

There is enough milk for my coffee.

Sometimes bliss is as simple as having enough milk for your coffee. What simple thing gives you bliss?

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  1. Aw … I love the image of the little milk carton … and yes, I can identify with the sentiments in your poem 😉

  2. Poached egg on toast! 🙂

  3. I’m with both of you ladies, cream for my coffee is always a joy, and every morning I eat a poached egg, well, maybe two poached eggs and rye toast. 🙂 I might also add that car with gasoline is a blessing, too. How many times have I gotten in the car to find that my children have left me fumes to run my errands on! LOL!

  4. bliss is stumbling into the kitchen, scratching my ever growing big butt and finding that my husband has pre-made the coffee so all I have to do is press the button..ahhh. I drink it black so no anxiety over cream or milk. And then if I see that last powered donut still hanging around– ohhhh boy. Good morning 🙂

    • there are few things more blissful than pre-made coffee–I envy that you do not need milk

      • I’m a real woman. Haa

      • you are one hardy soul

      • Haaa not really

      • well, for today

  5. Good one. Sounds like me. 🙂

  6. I take my coffee black, so no worries there. 🙂

  7. Happened to me the other day….just enough milk for one cup of joe.

  8. Usually, I drink my coffee black, but every once in a while, I put a big serving of whipped cream on top. Definite bliss.

  9. Make that half & half and I’ll sip my decaf with you! xoxoM

  10. Oh LouAnn how I have lived these words…but no more. I’m a ‘black’ drinker these days. But sometimes….when I’m feeling the NEED I will indeed add a splash of 1/2&1/2 😉

    • my goal is to become a black drinker but it is doubtful I could ever give up milk and sugar–I am a black tea drinker though

      • I’ve learned this trick: Must be really good coffee and french press is best for black coffee. I got used to is surprisingly fast…surely you can too. Don’t bother w/ weaning….cold turkey is the way to go.

  11. Ha – so true. Just about everything in my daily life is simple. And – any one thing missing can mack ever thing seem out of sorts…Just like not having enough milk for coffee….or my tea.

    • I stopped and got some milk tonight after my evening meeting–don’t want to start my day on the wrong foot tomorrow

      • 🙂

  12. Thankfully I never acquired the taste for coffee.For me my morning is complete if the sun is shining.

  13. I don’t drink coffee, but I am always relieved to find that there is enough milk for my cereal because my first waking thought every day if FOOD!! LOL

    • Mine too–but since I have had this cold my taste buds are dull

      • Cold?!?! My buddy is not allowed to be sick. I strictly forbid it!! Eat lots of chocolate and get better quick :).

      • sounds like a good prescription to me!

  14. I understand totally. I need milk for my coffee too. Can’t stand cream, can’t drink it black. Those mornings when the kids put the milk pitcher back in the fridge empty are devastating.

  15. This made me smile and I can definitely relate. Last weekend, I was delighted to find that I still had one bag of instant coffee left (better than nothing, right?) and spent the morning in peaceful bliss. As coffee people, it doesn’t take much for our mornings to become bliss I think. 😉

    • I have two cans of coffee “in waiting”– have to buy it on sale now or the cost is just crazy — so I should be happy for awhile

  16. Loved this, LouAnn! And bliss for me is having enough Half & Half for my coffee. My husband, bless his heart, also takes it as an important job to be sure my H&H doesn’t run out – and that is bliss!

  17. So funny….now I can go to bed with a smile…. …watching the birds at the feeders gives me ‘small bliss’…..Diane

  18. A freshly tied fly is my bliss… Or taking my daughter to the lake to use it… (But you would probably need to follow my blog to full understand!)

    BTW: The music video that milk carton is from, Coffee and TV, is one of my all time favorite songs!

    Thanks for the read!

    • I think I have followed you long enough to understand your bliss–thanks for the info re the milk carton–I have never seen that video

  19. coffee is indeed a simple but lovely thing, and so is the milk for it!
    Lovely post – you hit the nail on the head… it’s the simple things that give us quality of life = Bliss !!!

  20. Ha, I won’t mess and steal your milk.

    • I appreciate that very much — and I remembered to buy more on my way home from work last night (had to cover a council meeting)

  21. I’m like you.. I don’t use sugar but gotta have the cream or milk for my coffee or it’s just a blah cup of nothing.. love that little milk carton picture 🙂

    • I wish I did not need sugar too but I do–maybe someday–but we are getting our calcium from the milk right? so that is a good thing!

  22. Great poem – much ado about nothing – but then again, missing milk can equate to a catastrophe so it’s much ado about something. Funnnny but true! 🙂

  23. Too many things to mention. But- I love my coffee and I must have the unsweetened organic soy milk to add to the coffee. I make sure that I never run out and so I suppose bliss in the morning is that first cup of coffee and then about 2-3 more.

    Loved your poem.

  24. So my vice is cream. I don’t even like milk in my coffee, I like cream. I figure since I eat very little meat and don’t smoke that I can splurge. No cream, no coffee! Like your poem! When my kids were at home, they were such milk-a-holics that “keeping milk in the house” became my phrase for the routine of life. I still use that expression. ~ Sheila

    • I am still having that problem when everyone is home–it is funny but I do not like cream in my coffee–I think it is all what you are used to

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