Until tomorrow

Today is a gift

Today is a gift (Photo credit: wildphotons)


Sunday in a box

Kept safe from the outside world

Until tomorrow.


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  1. I’m not moving out of my house or off my couch now that my homework is done. Blissful Sunday Afternoon to you LouAnn

  2. Sunny and peaceful Sunday here. Hope yours is the same, Lou.

    • Windy here but almost 60 degrees–maybe spring is coming after all – enjoy the rest of your day!

  3. Too rainy here to go outside….feel very comfortable inside with the fireplace on, and a good book, definitely bliss.

  4. Hope you had a chilled out Sunday my friend 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

    • I did–am still recovering from a bad cold with my husband–we are keeping each other company

  5. Well said, Sunday is total bliss! Hope you had a nice one!

  6. Yes, Yes Yes – absolute bliss !!!

  7. My whole weekend was bliss because I got to see my oldest son and his girlfriend, spent some one on one time with my younger son, shopped ’til I dropped, and even did a bunch of reading. Too bad I have to go back to unblissful work now :(.

    • Oh, and I really hope you had a wonderful and relaxing weekend :).

    • at least you will go back refreshed

      • I may have started out refreshed, but I sure didn’t end the day off that way. What a zoo the office was today LOL :).

      • it is a zoo around here today–and I am not even at the office!

      • :). I’m sitting in the parking lot at work trying to force myself to go in because I know today is going to be just as crazy. How about I drive down there and we will go out for lunch instead? And then we could go and hang out in Chapters!! Doesn’t that sound blissful?

      • I would so love that and then we could go to the Casino–you could win big and never have to go to that job again–when I worked as a legal secretary I hated every moment of it–I was not trained as a secretary and got the job because my boyfriend’s (now husband) father was a lawyer–since I have been at the newspaper I have been a fairly happy camper (except for the pay)

      • Adding the casino sounds great!! Then I could win big and read every day for as long as I want :). Dumbass boss just shot an elastic at my head, so I punched him!! Could be an interesting day LOL.

      • violence in the work place, violence in the work place — you should get a day off

      • Yes, I should. It severely traumatized me!! 🙂

      • If you come now–we can have a 1:00 lunch!

      • Oh, how I wish I could!! We are going to get together really soon though. I can feel it :).

      • okay, if not lunch today–maybe drinks on the terrace in the summer (not that I have a terrace, but we could find one!)

      • Sounds great to me 🙂

  8. Love the little poem. Elusive, bliss. I hope you find it. Please let me know when you do. In the meantime I’ll look around and maybe accidentally discover that bliss has been lurking around the corner.:-)

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