Free Fall Saturday or How I Would Like It To Be


Reading a book

Reading a book (Photo credit: Ed Yourdon)

Starts out slowly

Rising from bed

Finding no reason to hurry

Luxurious time to

Sip a coffee rather than gulp it

Read the paper rather than just glance at the headlines

Eat something that takes time to prepare

Rather than another bowl of instant oatmeal

The day to don old clothes

That are good to putter in

Maybe make a list or two

A run to the grocery store

And certainly a turn at the liquor store

For that libation of choice to end the day

Pet the dog, stroke the cat

Meet with friends or read a book

Listen to music


A day that does not demand much

A day to replenish

Replete with a night of slumber unfettered by worry~

That is the Saturday of my dreams

The Saturday of my bliss…………….

What blissful thing are you doing this Saturday?

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  1. Sounds like a perfect Saturday. I’ll be baking cookies and working in the yard. Also pretty darn good. Have a good weekend!

  2. A good saturday indeed,, mine is also this with the added bonus of sitting quietly in my bedroom at night and play a few quiet tunes…:)

    • if I could play a few tunes other than on the radio or my CD player, I would do that also — sounds blissful

  3. I’ve just been to take some photo’s of friends getting married today – she’s wearing the most beautiful red dress – they are clearly blissful 🙂

  4. I have to work and take my teen beast shopping. I guess my bliss will be spending time with her, at least that is what my mantra will be when my patience is wearing oh so thin 🙂

    • not the makings of a blissful Saturday–but think about when it is over–and sometimes when I do not look forward to something–it is better than I anticipated–today my Saturday will not be all that blissful as I am going to a memorial for a friend who passed suddenly–so maybe we have to take our bliss in little pieces today

      • I’m sorry to hear that LouAnn. I will most certainly be grateful for my day and the small things– like the vast blue sky and sunshine. Be well

      • those are the things we should be grateful for aren’t they

  5. It is Saturday now and my blissful task today is treat myself to some new clothes.. although I have to do battle with traffic to get to the mall, it shall be nice to come home with gifts for me instead of everyone else.. your day sounds like a full yet wonderful one..Enjoy!

  6. Sounds like a Saturday I would enjoy, instead of pet the cat or dog, I would insert a cuddle with my grand daughter. I look forward to your poems……..thinking of you and your family today as you say goodbye to Johnny V.

    • nothing better than a Sophie cuddle–thanks for your thoughts — not looking forward to what promises to be emotional

  7. I love your ideal Saturday. It sounds relaxing.
    Today I will exercise at 8:30- not because I want to, but because I have to. Then I have an ultra sound of my foot because I have a neuroma- -my toes feel like they are experiencing electrical shocks when I step down. Good times!
    Lastly, I have an appointment with a napropath to work the kink out of my neck.
    As you can see all the stress is making me physically fall apart. Then I will go home and clean up the house, and by “clean” I mean veg out and watch some TV! 😉
    There is nothing ideal about my Saturday. I want the one you conjured.

    • Stress needs to be countered by something good– find something nice to end your day with–and on your journey today remember that you have done some good things for yourself–exercise is not my favourite thing nor is going to doctors etc. but at least you are taking care of yourself. If I had a wish, I would eradicate stress–it is something I am all too familiar with, and know that it brings nothing but bad news. Here is hoping you can find something today that saves the day–and know that this is my ideal Saturday–not my real Saturday. (((hugs)))

      • Thanks, Lou Ann. I hate stress, too. Prolonged, chronic stress is even worse, and ravages not only the heart and mind, but the body as well. (I’m sorry that anyone has to experience it – especially my friends and myself!) I’ll have you on my mind today – your encouraging words and hugs close by. xoxo

  8. That is my ideal Saturday too. Today we will try to unwind a bit – its been a long week here. My father in law is in hospital slipping away. Today he is still hanging on, so we may have a little recouperative rest in between visits.

    • I am so sorry–you have spoken fondly about him–this is me thinking of you and your family–I hope you get in some rest to face the days ahead

  9. Sounds wonderful!! My Saturday this week will involve shopping in Kitchener at a “real” mall (because I live in the boonies where there are no big stores) and enjoying a family dinner at The Mandarin where I will stuff myself to the max :). I hope your Saturday is just the way your poem described it my friend! Enjoy :).

    • that is my ideal Saturday which will not be happening today as we are going to a memorial for a friend–but it will happen–have fun shopping and eating young lady!

      • Oh ya, I forgot about that :(. Big hugs to you today!!

      • I was right–I was finally right– I feel like Sally Fields! so what if I had 14 answers–I was still right! Now I must go try and look respectable.

      • I am so proud of you!!! And if you look at your list of answers, “cat” was your very first answer, so I was going with that. The rest of the answers were just for entertainment!! See, I knew you were smart!!

      • well we won’t go quite that far…(lol)

  10. I’m doing ‘all’ of the above…’I’m retired’ every day is Saturday..age does have it’s privileges ..Diane

  11. Some of the above, plus a trip to the theatre to see The Sunshine Boys tonight! Maybe some Thai food first.

  12. Beautiful, LouAnn. I’m spending the day at a jazz festival in Colorado Springs. May go for a bike ride later. Love your idea of the perfect Saturday.

  13. Perfect and blissful Saturday. I woke up after sleeping so long my back kinda hurt! Delicious! As I rolled over and debated getting up I texted my sister, “Coffee?” And the day has only gotten better from there….I hope yours is as good!

    • glad you had a blissful start to your day – my stupid cold/flu came back with a vengence and I had to go to a friend’s memorial–so maybe next Saturday………….

  14. I like your Saturday. May I borrow it? xoxoM

  15. High noon & I’m still in my pjs…I best get movin’ along… 🙂
    Enjoy your weekend!

  16. My thoughts and prayers are with you, Lou. My stress has caught up with me in the form of being sick but my Saturday is blissful anyway. Take care of you and yours.

    • I really do think that I get sick after I have been dealing with stress–take care of yourself Brigitte (((hugs)))

  17. That’s definitely my kind of Saturday! I spent mine this week holed up at home since it was raining buckets outside. Luckily that gave me a good excuse to finish reading a book and watch a movie. Doesn’t take much for a Saturday to become blissful, I think. 😉

    • Sometimes being “holed up” is what the doctor ordered–you have an excuse to do the things you like

  18. That’s a good easy Saturday. I spent much of yesterday embroidering a baby blanket, visited the sea and had lunch out – all lovely things to do!
    But as I read through the comments I realise that your day will not be all bliss. I send you my love and condolences for the loss of your friend and hope that bits of bliss did find their way into your day. 🙂

    • Yes, there were bits of bliss–but I guess we do need to grieve and celebrate–two things that are hard to do at the same time–yesterday was a real roller coaster

  19. Weather was actually sunny in London. I went for a stroll through Holland Park.

  20. […] believe this post from On the Home Front and Beyond shows me someone wants to be a minimalist, if not in material things in how she spends her time, I […]

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