A Littered Mind

My Messy Desk

not my messy desk–but close enough (Photo credit: born1945)

Day 5 of Poetry Month reveals a truth:

A Littered Mind

My desk is littered with scraps of paper

Scribbled notes, phone numbers

Reminders of things I do not want to


But sometimes I cannot remember whole blocks

of time……………

Where did they go?

Are they in the recesses of my mind

At a depth  only an archaeological dig can extract ~

Or are they gone forever?

Sometimes people will tell me that I have been


And done


that I do not remember.

So now I keep scraps of paper

that litter my desk

in a valiant attempt not to forget.

I know it will not work.

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  1. Oh my … your study could be mine!

  2. We are twins! It’s as if you came over to my house. This speaks to who I am and my mind set. Maybe this is just the way we all start to operate, think, feel? I love this because it rings so true.

    • so you have a few lost memories too? I am constantly trying to keep up, but it is not working–maintaining is about all I can pull off

  3. Me too!

  4. Boy can I identify..if it wasn’t for my husband’s memory …great memory I would not know so many things of the past….some is I guess just the aging process…some the m.s. …some the ECT but like most I would guess it is troublesome…Diane

    • I have actual lost years–or at least I do not remember when things specifically happened

      • Exactly and to me it is quite disturbing at times when I draw a complete blank….Diane

  5. me too 🙂 you are amazing. Thank you, have a nice weekend, love, nia

  6. My lists have lists. But I still need a way to remember where I have put those lists…

    • I know – I put things in such good hiding places, then I am in danger of never finding them again eg. presents, chocolate

  7. I have notes all over the place too, but I always say it’s because we as women have to remember everything, not just for ourselves but for the whole family LOL!! We are quite amazing actually when you really think about it – superwomen :).

  8. I want to see YOUR messy desk!

    • if I ever figure out how to put pics on my blog I will show you–I am a slow learner

      • Are you kidding me? Is that why you never do it? It’s so easy. When you’re ready I will give you a tutorial ;).

      • sounds good — thank you 🙂

  9. I have so many childhood memories but the 80’s and the 90’s???? not so much.

    Next photo challenge: We should all post our messy desks!

  10. Love the comment “my lists have lists!” That’s how I feel some days. I am anchored by lists! I used to keep a paper planner, but now I keep my lists in digital form. Not as soothing as the actual writing of things, and checking them off, but probably more efficient. No sticky notes, no bulky planner to wag around!

    But to your greater point, memory, I have a mind that can recall detail but often I forget bigger events from the past. When my husband or a family member references something from long ago, I remember…but often I think without someone else to jog my mind, I never would have. I think this is because I’ve put so much detail in my head, something has to give… Maybe that’s true for a lot of women? ~ Sheila

  11. That’s sounds exactly like my life, but my papers aren’t confined to a desk. They are pretty much all over the house!

    • well, if I were honest, mine are scattered here, there, and everywhere–sometimes I use creative licence

  12. I think we all suffer from this. I seem to be going through it a lot this week.

  13. I share your pain at the power of chaos.
    Wonderful piece.

    • my mother gave me no middle name–if she had, I think Chaos would have been apropos
      thank you Le Hook

  14. I really hate not remembering things that have happened in the past, and sometimes sit and rack my brain trying to recall people and places. Photos do help immensely though. 🙂

  15. Now you got me thinking…My thoughts are wondering all over the place. My filing system up there can be out of sorts. Some areas have cobwebs 😆

  16. I rely on family and old friends to help me remember….we all help each other out. That’s why I love getting together family, we each have different memories and it’s fascinating hearing all the recollections.

    • it is fascinating that sometimes we recollect about the same thing differently

  17. I started using digital notes on my computer and keeping them on my desktop. Unfortunately, once I get going on them, I then forget where I wrote all the important things amidst the less important ones….. Forgetfulness and messiness is definitely not an age thing. 😉

    • That is good to know — I try to keep digital notes too–but I find they do you no good if you do not look at them after you have made them

  18. If I misplace a list I’m in trouble! 🙂

    • I make grocery lists all the time and then leave them home–it is always interesting to come home and see how much I remembered from just making the list–I do pretty good most of the time

  19. I am disorganized or is it unorganized- what ever. I consider my problem to be a character flaw. Really! I can be neat only so long and then everything falls apart and it is all a mess again.

    • I do not look at it as a character flaw–I call us creative

      • Oh you are so smart. Creative huh? Well you are I know for sure. But I (create) messes.

      • but we create creative messes–now I just have to figure out how to clean up the uncreative ones

      • You are good, Lou Ann. Your answer made me giggle. 🙂
        I must say that you are whippy. I’ll explain that someday or maybe you can figure that out. It might just be an American or maybe regional expression. I have only heard 2 other people use that coined word.

      • I have been called many a thing–but never whippy–coming from you I am pretty confident it is not a bad thing

      • I am finally seeing some replies that I have not read.
        Whippy means quick witted, quick thinking, smart. You are all of those things and more. 🙂

      • oh, then I like being whippy – going to tell my husband

      • Good. Now remember that is a good thing. I learned whippy from a nurse that was from Nebraska. She would say sometimes, “I’m not feeling very whippy today.” Or she might say, “gee you’re whippy. Where did that come from?”

      • I have a new expression – thank you 🙂

  20. Lists are how I manage my life! 🙂

    • Lists have gone by the wayside here for the last two weeks–hence the littered mind (and house)

  21. Ooooh I know the feeling!!

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