Not one to back down from a challenge–here is my offering for Day 4 of Poetry month:


POETRY SOCIETY POSTCARD (Photo credit: summonedbyfells)


Poetry takes a fragment of life

And makes it live.

Words give meaning to

the steaming cup of coffee

charged with starting another day;

the newspaper unfolded and read

dispersing knowledge needed or not;

to the wash on the line

soldiered together with clothespins;

the tomatoes on their vines

climbing to reach the sun;

the work day with its busy-ness

and camaraderie;

the evening closing in

to end another day.

Resting our weary bodies

For tomorrow–

Fragments of life.

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  1. this one had such a rhythm as i read…
    I like it
    Take Care…

  2. mundane fragments made glorious in a poem. very nice LouAnn

  3. You just painted a picture of a beautiful life using fragments. I love this!

  4. Love the travel through the day. Resting my weary body and nodding yes. Nicely done

  5. It’s very good ….Diane

  6. You could make the phonebook come alive Lou. Very good.

  7. This is my favourite so far. You have painted pictures with words :).

    • why thank you -btw my son put a pic of me on Facebook–I know you have been curious–he took it by surprise so I look a little strange–that is my excuse and I am sticking to it–so when we meet you will know what I look like

      • I noticed that today, and I love it!! Daniel says you look like you’re a lot of fun, and I agree :).

      • tell Daniel I will try to live up to that assessment

      • Told him :). By the way, Mikey wants to know when we are all having our date at the casino??

      • We are going to have to work on that–but I warn you, I usually stay away from gambling–I think it is in my blood, and unleashed I would become a monster

      • Then you and Mike will get along famously!! LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I already knew that!

      • :). Hey, hurry to the mystery photo!!! I made it easy for you :).

      • I was just therr– not so sure about the easy–I made five guesses!

      • LOL!!!

  8. The best one yet!

    • thank you so much — means a lot coming from you my friend–see you later at Ms.Loony’s

  9. I like these snippets of life composed in a poem.. nice!!!

  10. Interesting and very nice.

  11. Love this one!

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