Poetry Day Two for Me; Day Three for Those Who Started on Time ~ OR ~ Procrastination: My Friend

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Warning: This is not a work that has deep meaning—it treats its subject matter with barely a nod to metaphor, simile, or some of those other devices you are supposed to employ if you are a true poet.  And I am not sure why I made Procrastination male and not female—this “poem of sorts”  just chose its own gender.

Yes, I am an apologist for my work. I am a writer–if we did not apologize for our work then we would have to take criticism to heart. It is a defense mechanism and without it, most writers would be weaponless in a world without heart (not really–I just wanted to use a bunch of Ws). Without further ado, or apology (well there may be one more)–my poem du jour:

Procrastination: My Friend

I have fought with procrastination

All my life

I have fought him with every fibre of my being

I am tired of fighting

And have decided to make him my best friend.

At times he has been the bane of my existence

A nuisance, a blight, a curse, and a pest

Saying: “I do my best work at the last minute”

Or: “You cannot rush perfection”

And even: “We are not here for a long time; we are here for a good time”.

I have taken his advice on too many occasions

To my detriment for sure

But I am seeing that Procrastination is not all bad

He may taunt me, cause my hair to turn grey, and give me hives

But many times when I procrastinate

The problem goes away on its own

Or I come up with a better way to deal with it

And I am saved wasted time and effort.

I know that procrastination and I will always do battle

But I am at peace now, and our battles will be short

as he whispers in my ear: “We are not here for a long time; we are here for a good time.”

A timeless if seemingly frivolous message

That  makes traversing this “vale of tears”  a “walk in the park”.

Again apologies for the clichés—but they just seemed to work. And that is what a cliché is all about when you write a poem in less than half an hour.

Can procrastination be bliss, once you have come to terms with it.  Or is it always a blight?

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  1. wonderful writing… made me to think on this “Procrastination”… because I haven’t thought this before… Thank you, love, nia

  2. Great poem, LouAnn. Procrastination comes and goes for me. For me, there’s usually a reason why I procrastinate – self-doubt or avoiding a confrontation. And when I get clear about that, the procrastination goes away. But then it can and does come back depending on the circumstances.

    • make friends with it like I have–(lol) – there are always reasons why we procrastinate–and most of the time they are darn good ones!

  3. I think that you describe the love-hate conflict for most of us. I’m somebody who loves to clear the deck, clean the plate (much to my figure’s chagrin), and check it off the list. I think too much hanging over my head starts to weigh me down. I’m not equipped to procrastinate and yet, I’ve been forced lately to let go, to be patient, etc. It kills me, but like you said, I’m learning that some things resolve themselves, or at least with extra time, provide me a chance to see things from a different perspective.
    Great poem, Lou Ann. Hard to believe you just scribbled this down in such a short amount of time. Amazing. 🙂

    • you are sweet–but procrastination and I have been companions for a long time–now we have made friends.
      I know what you mean about things hanging over your head, but sometimes we have no choice but to be patient–not a word I do well

      • Patience is not my friend. Let’s just leave it at that. 😉

      • mine either – it is my new bane of existence since I have now made peace with procrastination

  4. Procrastination walks with me all the time. In fact I thought about putting off this comment till later, but this time I won. Great poem.

  5. Blight or bliss? Seems you have come to terms with it Lou. You have surrendered to it’s charms but wary of it’s wily ways(wanted some w’s too,) love this poem and all the cliches, great writing!

    • thanks so much Peg — love your description of procrastination — its charms and wily ways–perfect

  6. Well . . . you procrastinated getting started on the poem a day thing and it worked out just fine!

    • that is true – though my readership is really down–don’t think others are as enthused about my poem a day

  7. I could write love sonnets to procrastination.. Though I’d probably never get around to it. Why do today what you can put off until tomorrow?

  8. Very well done…..did you procrastinate before you wrote it ? just kidding … btw no need to apologize for it …but I understand because when I attempt poetry I realize how many know so much more than I when it comes to writing it…Diane

    • I am a bit of a rookie when it comes to poetry–though I did start writing it for a creative writing class in unversity because it was shorter than a short story

      • Well it seems you remember quite a bit from university..Diane

      • Why thank you Diane 🙂

  9. Love it 🙂

    • thank you my friend who does not procrastinate

      • Oh LouAnn, you never fail to make me laugh first thing in the morning. That’s what I love about you. Don’t worry – I’ve been known to procrastinate too, especially when it comes to paying bills or doing housework :).

      • housework–ugh! paying bills – double ugh!

  10. It’s definitely a love-hate relationship but I think for the most part I’ve found that we can come to a compromise. Procrastination to a mild degree is healthy, I think. People who get started on things much too early don’t seem natural to me. 😉

    • I agree – they are a little too “eager beaver”–I always found at university that starting my papers late meant all the books I needed as resource material were back in the library because everyone else had completed their projects (this was obviously in the dark ages)

  11. I’ve never had hives. Doesn’t sound pleasant. As for your question, I need more time to procrastinate, I mean think.

    • I think I took a little poetic licence with the hives, but I have had friends who were struck with them and it was not pretty (as in I am not a doctor, but I play one on TV)

      • bummer that your friends had hives, but glad you didn’t. Sounds yucky. That’s as technical I can get.

      • yucky is a term I understand

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