april showers

April showers (Photo credit: ginnerobot)

It is just fitting

that in the month

that a poem a day is


I start on day two.

Bliss is not always following the rules.


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  1. Rules? Pfft! I laugh at rules!! They’re totally overrated. LOL!!

  2. I like it! (thanks for the link to

  3. It is very, very important to know the rules, LouAnn. That way you know exactly what you’re up against and you’re free to go over them, through them, under, around them, ignore them, to get the job done! Well done! xoxoM

    • I like you point of view– have to know the rules to get around them! (or at times follow them – all rules are not bad)

      • Exactly! It’s the mindless use of them that can be harmful! xoxoM

  4. I’m usually a day late on everything.. except work 😉

  5. OOOh I’m going to enjoy reading your blog this month. Quite the challenge. Too bad you didn’t try this in February. (hint – 28 days)

    • that would have been smarter — but apparently April is poetry month or something — should find out why I am doing this (lol)

  6. At least you knew you were supposed to write a poem a day. I didn’t even know. And I’m going to pretend that I don’t know. I’m not a poet.

  7. Bliss is never about following the rules…(or almost never)

  8. I saw this challenge and I have to admit, didn’t even consider taking it on. I can be disciplined about tasks, but I don’t need timelines imposed on me for something that I do for pleasure! I write a lot in my work life, and that type of writing has deadlines. Writing for enjoyment and on my own schedule is off limits to deadlines. But good for you if you’re taking it on! I’m always a fan of those who accept the challenge. ~ Sheila

    • yeah, but see what I have turned out already–I am not really meeting the challenge perhaps as seriously as I should — maybe I just have no pride when it comes to poetry — I call myself a “poet of little merit”

  9. Just last week – I broke a rule & got a ticket for it.
    The bliss part- I don’t have to pay anything because it was on private property – so turns out to be a warning. 🙂

    • warnings are better then paying a ticket — so the new rule is break rules on private property but not public

      • 😉

  10. Don’t belittle your poetry Lou….I like it. I also like a little rule breaking now and again.

    • I belittle my poetry to ward off the poetry purists, but thank you for liking it

  11. Some rules are meant to be broken – how would life be fun otherwise? 😉

    Choc Chip Uru

  12. You rebel!

  13. Touche Lou Touche!

  14. Rules were made to be incinerated with a giant blowtorch.

  15. Poetry isn’t about following rules anyway. Maybe. I guess some forms are rule driven. Oh, ignore me..

    • I agree with your first statement — although I had some haiku Nazis after me for awhile

  16. A little rule-breaking never hurt anybody. And yes, it can be just the way to find bliss sometimes. 😉

    • I think you are right — when I speed I go less than 10 above the speed limit thinking no police person would stop me for that– I am such a rebel

  17. rules? what’s that? 🙂

  18. As a contrarian, rules usually get me in trouble.

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