An Easter Prelude Recipe

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I am making this as a prelude to Easter dinner tomorrow. It is delicious and easy peasy which are two of my criteria for a recipe. The others of course are that a recipe have five ingredients and only three steps. While this has a few more than five ingredients, it makes up for it by being simple to put together.

This is another “Debbie” recipe—my fine gourmet friend who is the inspiration for a lot of my cooking ventures. She encourages me by telling me that “even Dave (her husband) can do it”, although if you remember from an earlier post, Dave, it turns out, is a great cook in his own right.

Hot Crab Spread

1 – 8 oz. package of cream cheese at room temperature

1 – 7 oz. can of crabmeat

2 tbsp. of chopped green onions

½ tsp. of jarred minced garlic

1 tbsp. milk

Dash of pepper (I love recipes that call for a dash—brings out my creativity)

1 tbsp. lemon juice

1/3 cup of slivered almonds

Combine all ingredients except for almonds. Mix well! Garnish with almonds.  Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. Serve with crackers.

Kudos to my friend Nancy for making hot cross buns from scratch yesterday—they were delicious and provided just the right note for Good Friday.

Next week: a recipe from my sister Peggy for a great pork chop dinner.

Bliss: Easy Recipes that taste good–what tried and true recipe do you keep returning to that never disappoints?

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  1. I love your recipes because they’re never intimidating and sound delicious! This sounds like something even I can do. 🙂

    • that is the only way I cook — easy peasy – glad you like my choices–they were made for you and me Missy Lisa

  2. WOW. This sounds delicious. I’m making this.

    • It is so good and impressive–at least I was impressed when I was served it!

  3. Bliss is easy recipes that taste good! And this one looks especially good, LouAnn.

  4. This sounds wonderful, and so easy peasy too. You’ve just reminded me that we haven’t had a hot cross bun yet. I must go out and look for some at the store. 🙂 Happy Easter.

  5. This is the dish my neighbor always brings over when we have a get together. It’s always yummy!

  6. Ooh, I love crab and I love hot dips! Well I know this is called a spread rather than a dip, but it’s basically the same thing isn’t it. Sounds good anyway!

    • I wanted to call it a dip too–maybe it is too thick for a dip – not really sure what the difference is – Happy Easter Vanessa

  7. Sounds good Lou….I would make it for our Easter dinner today, but I don’t have crab here at the cottage. Will make it the next time I entertain. We’re having mom’s deviled eggs for an appetizer and tiny skewers of tomato, basil and bococcini, drizzled with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

  8. Looking so delicious, LouAnn. I could use a bit right now! Hope you have a wonderful Easter, my friend. Am going to be off line for an extended time soon…wishing you a wonderful springtime, too!

    • I will miss you – but hope it is for a good reason. I always look forward to your posts–:)

  9. That sounds utterly gourmet and delicious 😀


  10. Yummy! Happy Easter.

  11. YUM- I bet that is quite a delight to the taste buds!
    My pumpkin cheesecake & rum cake are always a hit.

  12. […] An Easter Prelude Recipe ( […]

  13. I’m impressed…for someone who doesn’t like cooking much you’ve been doing quite a lot recently…My old standby dessert is apple pie like my mother taught us how to make..We like the apples inside to be soft instead of chunky…but it’s all about what you like..Diane

    • my friends encourage me, and to be truthful — I have to cook or my family would die (lol)–but I am trying to learn to like cooking–

  14. Oh I love crabmeat and it’s ironic because I am actually making crab cakes for dinner today (here in Florida we do things a bit different).. Yummy recipe!
    Happy Easter!

  15. Sounds yummy

  16. That sounds delicious and I will certainly be trying it.The slivered almonds are a great addition.

    We make something equally easy and with even fewer ingredients that I think you might like. Whizz together a packet of softened cream cheese with about 4 ozs of smoked salmon trimmings, a little lemon juice and a bit of dill to taste. That’s it! We call it Smoked Salmon Pate and it’s great for lunch on toast! 🙂

    • that sounds wonderful – thank you so much — I love smoked salmon, so will most certainly love this!

  17. baked pineapple – a staple at Easter at my mothers table. one can crushed unsweetened pineapple, 3 eggs, 1 tablespoon cornstarch and 1/2 cup sugar. mix together and back until set. delish!

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