Melancholy Bliss?

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Candles on Good Friday, at the Church of St. Cyril and Methodius (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good Friday brings with it sombre introspection. For some of us, it is a sad day. In an effort to not eradicate this solemn day, but to lift it out of its melancholy grasp, I give you this quote by someone wise, but Unknown:

Easter is not a time for groping through dusty, musty tomes or tombs to disprove spontaneous generation or even to prove life eternal.  It is a day to fan the ashes of dead hope, a day to banish doubts and seek the slopes where the sun is rising, to revel in the faith which transports us out of ourselves and the dead past into the vast and inviting unknown.”  ~ Author unknown, as quoted in the Lewiston Tribune.

Have you ever noticed just how wise Unknown is? I think I will claim that moniker as my nom de plume.

Bliss is finding something that lifts us out of the melancholy, while at the same time giving Good Friday its due. What do you think?

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  1. Yes, and Anonymous, too. Are they related, do you think? xoxoM

  2. Some of my favorite childhood memories are the Easter rituals. Time slowed for prayer, sacrifice, and reflection. My father always bought my mother and me a corsage of lilies. It was my bliss. I think small things, when we pay enough attention, are worthy of “fanning the ashes.” Thanks for the reminder.

    • what a lovely reply — my commenters add so much to the original post – thank you for this

  3. I’m so naughty. Those are blissful thoughts–treating Good Friday as it ought to be treated. I’m not good. I worked my tail off this week so I wouldn’t have to trek to work and be all lonely in an empty school building (because they are kinda creepy like that). Somehow, during the week, Good Friday became a goal. A prize. And as I wake up far too early to the hammering of my neighbors getting a new roof, I’m afraid I’m not thinking of fanning the right kind of ashes. I’m glad I visited your blog this morning. I think I need a wake up call. I’ll work on that.

    • some days we need a reminder — I needed to remind myself–but when you work, you need time off and not to listen to someone putting a new roof on –Hope you have a Happy Easter and get some R & R

      • It’s ok. Needed to get up. Their roof is looking good. I’m happy for them.

  4. Ah… the Great Unknown…. we finally meet.

  5. Mr. or Mrs. Unknown is well-versed on so many topics!

    • it is unbelievable–wish I had some a modicum of their knowledge

      • Anonymous is a smarty-pants too.

      • She is–just can’t keep up with either of them

  6. I am bad, I treat Good Friday and the Easter holiday as just another day for the most part.

    • I think it is from my years of going to church–which I no longer do–but I still get a sadness hangover on Good Friday

  7. I agree…we went last night to celebrate at our church with pot luck supper and then communion as Christ did on the night he was betrayed ..but like our pastor said we needed to celebrate as Christ did on that last night…today is a more sombre day but as many have said before me …Friday’s here but Sunday’s coming….Diane

  8. I am feeling pretty melancholy today, Lou. That’s a nice quote and it makes me feel better. Thank you. Happy Easter.

    • Happy Easter Brigitte–just came from my Writers’ Group meeting so am energized–I know what Good Friday does to me and I have learned to combat it

  9. Melancholy bliss is a perfect way to describe today. Glad your writer’s group energized you. My grand daughter,Sophie is coming to the cottage today and staying through the weekend with her parents, and my younger daughter is here too. It’s all about family this weekend, and family is the antidote to melancholy.

  10. On Good Friday I like to listen to the musical Jesus Christ Superstar. It IS melancholy bliss. Thank you for sharing that. It’s a perfect way to describe this energy.

  11. I love Unknown’s constant wisdom!

  12. I’m going to try and spend this weekend reveling in faith. There is a higher ground that I wish to be on… if only I could mentally and emotionally get myself there and STAY there. I think I’d start to feel better. There are such wonderful blessings that come with the atonement… we have much to be thankful for. This is a wonderful post, Lou Ann — reverently up lifting.
    Have a beautiful Easter. xoxo

    • You have a lovely calming effect on me–I want to reach that higher ground too–I think just trying to achieve it is something we should be happy about — have a lovely Easter weekend Lisa!

  13. Unknown is almost as good as Anonymous, but I suppose that is a matter of personal preference. We need all kinds of bliss, even melancholy bliss, so that we appreciate each and every one of them.

  14. I agree.

  15. This is a lovely post – filled with wisdom and serenity.
    Though I’ve never been someone who does the Good Friday religious rituals, I respect and welcome the solemn beauty of this day. I always celebrate it with hot hot cross buns for breakfast and by playing Bach;s St Mathew Passion all the way through – nearly three hours.l No-one is allowed to speak ! At the end, I’m drenched in beauty and goodness…

    • what a lovely tradition — hot cross buns and music–you have a great grasp on bliss

  16. Have a lovely Easter !!

  17. I think, the quote is quite appropriate. Really very nice. How do you find all of these? Do you have a book of quotes? I’ve been promising myself that I will get one before my demise so that I can enjoy reading the very good ones.


  18. Yes, I agree with you…time to lift out of the melancholy! It helps that we know the outcome of Sunday! ~ Sheila

  19. Lovely post. I hope that I am not duplicating this comment. I’ve scrolled through the reader and clicked on two different posts when I thought that I had clicked this one.

    Oh well. I don’t care for the way that WP has the reader setup.

    • thank you – appreciate your comments, no matter how weird WordPress is set up–sometimes I do not understand what they do and why

  20. My favourite Good Friday activity is to partake in the Way of the Cross. That way I can participate in the day with action and meditation.

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