This will renew your faith–a faith that lately has been rattled. Thank you for this Edward Hotspur 🙂

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  1. Thanks for this. He’s got a nice website, too.

  2. Great reblog! “Do unto others…” It always makes the most sense.

  3. great re-blog indeed!

  4. Thank you for sharing. As a mother of an 18 year old daughter this needs to go virual.

  5. Uh YEAH. This was great. Real men are nice.

    • Yes they are– and I raised two nice young men!

      • I’m married to one. He’s the best. And of course your nice young men WOULD be nice. 🙂

      • I am married to one too — though now for a month he is a year older than me (does that make sense)–so I get to make old goat jokes until I turn the same age in April–he only gets to have a “trophy wife” for a month a year (lol)

  6. Phew . . . you had me worried there for a sec.

  7. Good reblog, and an introduction to ANOTHER blog for me to follow!

  8. Reblogged this on Crazywonderfullife and commented:
    This is what a gentleman does. Remember it. Live it. Spread the word.

    • this cannot be shown too much–thanks for reblogging the reblog

      • I agree….you’re welcome

      • 😉

      • Hey, the video didn’t show up on my reblog. What do I do?

      • I think that it connects to my blog and then people can see the video–I am not sure but I think that may be it–I will come visit and find out

      • Reply 2 – yes it takes it back to my site–maybe because you reblogged a reblog?

      • ok I’ll go with that. I’m adding two links, one to you and one to youtube. Thanks!

      • good–that should get the word out!

      • I’m such a dorfus…my links didn’t work, so I just sent everyone your way. You might get more visits than normal today. Either way the word is out. Thanks!

  9. […] Reblogged from On the Homefront: […]

  10. I believed in this kind of man. Thanks so much for sharing. It’s heartwarming.

    • it is heartwarming – though I probably would have put a garbage pail near her to throw up in

      • Haha, that’s right, I actually thought he was going to do that

      • He was being nice not practical

      • Lol.

  11. Perfect

  12. Nice! I’ve been thankful all of my life to have only known real men like that (not that I’ve spent a lot of time passed out on couches – but you know what I mean).

    • I know what you mean — it is respect for another person–is that so hard?

  13. Wow…now that is a decent young man. Thank you for sharing. Respect for human kind! Thank you Edward. You have a future ahead of you!

  14. That was awesome. The coffee at the ready was an especially nice touch.

  15. wonderful, thank you for re-blogging this LouAnn

    • a wonderful message isn’t it — though we should not be surprised at one human being showing respect for another human being

  16. The video is short and very to the point. Good find!

  17. Love this. Great that you shared it.

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