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Technicolor SA

Technicolor SA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Warning: No one can stop following my blog—I am at 470 and if I go down to 469 again I am going to get really upset and do something radical. Like start writing with my left hand (have you noticed a lot of leaders write with their left hand?) Or wear a hat. Or not put my mittens on when I go for my daily walk today – it is only going up to 29 degrees F here today; last year on this first day of spring it was 82 degrees. Okay, I know I am Canadian and supposed to measure the temperature in Celsius but I don’t. So there. How is that for being a rebel?

I am really trying to ignore my statistics, but some people have thousands of followers, so I would really like to keep my hundreds. My goal is to reach 500 by my birthday on April 21st—what do you think–am I dreaming in Technicolor?

I think it is a “hoot” that the people who subscribe to blogs on WordPress are dubbed “followers”. I have been thinking about starting my own religion (I would be very inclusive), so maybe this will give me a “congregation” of sorts.  Anyway, I don’t think of you as followers at all. I am grateful for each and every one of you who has subscribed to my blog.

And if you are wondering–yes, this is another one of my posts asking begging, sobbing, hoping for your help. Can you help me attain my goal of 500 before April 21st—although I really don’t know how, as most of you reading this are already subscribed. If you have any ideas, feel free to share them.

English: Flowers of Crown Daisy (Glebionis cor...

Flowers of Crown Daisy  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bliss is getting to the number 500+ before April 21st. I will keep you updated on my progress……..

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  1. There you go – one more. 🙂

    • And I returned the favour – thanks so much! 🙂

      • I look forward to more of your rants, er posts! 😉

      • ha ha, I try to only rant once a week!

  2. You’re way way ahead of me.

    • Yes–but you are a big Facebook guy!

      • I hate facebook, I’m only there because my mother understands it.

      • well, that is a good enough reason if I ever heard one!

  3. You are hilarious when you are hysterical!

  4. I follow you through “blogs I follow” on blogspot, and so I receive your new blogs on my dashboard. That probably means that I am not numbered in your followers, so you could add me as an invisible follower. I am enjoying your bliss blogs very much.

    • I like invisible followers — that is very cool — glad you are enjoying my bliss blogs

  5. Ok, a few comments:
    – I will always follow you 🙂
    – your birthday is one day before my hubby’s – we should have a party!
    – I thought we had everything in common, but I’m a lefty. Does that make me a leader?
    – I always think Imperial and not Metric – 80 degrees just sounds so much better than 26 don’t you think?
    – followers sounds so much more like a cult than a religion LOL!! Damn, I have been watching the TV show The Following too much haven’t I? Creepiest show ever!!!

    • – that means you are a leader and very smart in my book
      – 80 does sound better than 26 –
      – long reign Taurus–I am up for a party!
      – I will always follow you too!

      • Ok, Mikey says he will take us to the casino in Windsor for your birthdays and buy you a few rounds of wine. Plus we’ll bring chocolate LOL!! What do you think of that idea? And he wants me to ask you how far you are from the Heinz factory in Leamington? 🙂

      • we are about 15 minutes from Leamington–I love the casino–I went on my birthday a few years ago and won $78 – I was hooked — so it is a deal –we would have a darn good time

      • Mike says, “ok, what are you doing on Saturday?” LOL!!!

      • that is when we are celebrating my husband’s birthday — he is a month older than I am and is working today until 8 so I think I am going to take a cake to his job site for a surprise–what do you think?

      • Oooh, a surprise cake sounds like a great idea and very yummy!! Will it be chocolate?? 🙂

      • it was a little chocolate cake surrounded by cupcakes — decorated quite festively, and I brought some tiny ice cream bars to go with it–easier to eat when you are taking the food –he was quite surprised – and happy

      • Lucky hubby!! Are there any cupcakes left????

      • one chocolate one — I will save it for you

      • Best friends forever :)!!!!

      • see the power of chocolate!

  6. Funny, I was having a similar thought this morning. My numbers went up and down for a while there and it was a little discouraging, but I try not to dwell on it. I’m at 96 followers and would be excited about 100. I wonder if you get one of those little award thingies when you do. I am sure you will make it to 500 by April 21st. Everyone who follows you should write a little post about what a great blog you have and then you could probably double your followers! Good luck! 🙂

    • that is sweet but I think most of them just put up with me–you did cheer up my day though 🙂

      • Glad I could cheer you up. I just checked and I’m down to 95. Better luck to you! Good thing my self-esteem has very little to do with other people’s opinions!

      • I know sometimes mine goes up and down — I just have to stop caring

  7. I show quite a number of ‘followers’ but they don’t all really follow….so I don’t know how many actually do…not near the number that it says..Diane

    • but we have our faithfuls, and that is all we really need, despite my complaining

      • That’s what I think too….numbers are deceiving…Diane

  8. Haha no one would stop reading or subscribing your blog is too awesome 😀


  9. I know what you mean! Hope you reach your birthday target! 🙂

    • thanks – really doesn’t matter all that much but 500 seems like a nice round number

  10. Lou Ann why do you need 500 followers- I mean worshipers by you next birthday which only means that you are getting older? Why not have your numbers match your age? That is sort of my mantra. Followers equal my age- well not quite. Are 500 followers supposed to make you a better woman, more popular, a better writer, boost your ego? Please let us explore the real meaning of the need for 500 followers. Deep within your psyche is the answer. Think in a profound manner.

    I deleted more than half of the lurkers that I was following. I can not possibly comment on so many blogs and feel an obligation to comment if I am going to subscribe to someone’s blog..

    Oops I just fell asleep but not at the wheel. I have many posts belonging to you which I as compelled to read. So after my little nap- I did not sleep very much last night. I brooded about this dang computer instead and in the process I raised my blood pressure as well.

    Hope you get the 500 so that you are pleased. It is bad news to have an unhappy blogger.:-)

    • oh, I am not unhappy–just needed a subject to write about today–I don’t think I have a deep seated need for 500–just sounds like a nice number–

      • I hope you realize that I was joking with you. Just some nonsense to write to you. I don’t think you get my sarcastic humor so I should probably stop doing that to you.

      • I tend not to be one for the obvious

  11. I’m rooting for you!

    BTW, my daughter’s birthday is April 21st too!

  12. Lou, you are doing great but I’ll see what I can do to boost your followers.

    • you are sweet–I think I got myself in deeper than I bargained for with this post —

  13. we’re contenting ourselves with our 10’s of followers but have no doubt you’ll hit 500

    • ha ha – I am content too — don’t think I will write on this subject again–I have people who think I need my head examined

  14. I’d follow you again if I could. If you can figure out how to attach facebook to it, each like counts as a follow, if that makes sense.

    Its hard not to take it personally when the numbers go up and down, isnt it? You wonder why they don’t like you anymore and why they started following you to begin with. And then there are the ones that hit follow but have blogs about selling stuff that make no sense in comparison to your own blog, so you figure they are just trying to drive traffic to their own blog.

    Enjoyed the rant..

    • see- now you took it for what it was — just a stupid little rant that really was not serious — must be careful about the subjects I pick after this —
      but sometimes you do wonder…….

  15. I too have you on my dashboard on Blogger, but I am not an official follower. Count me as another invisible one if you want.

  16. Oh – how I’m getting some good laughs out of this one. 😆
    And – really – I’m laughing WITH you & not at you.
    May your birthday wish come true! 🙂

  17. I am so glad I’m not the only one who gets affected when the number dips down. In fact, I took off the display of # of followers because it made me get way too worked up if it went down. It’s a little sad but hey, statistics are hard to ignore, right? You still have a month until 500 so I have full confidence it’ll happen. 🙂

    • I think I may take the display off too – then I won’t be reminded when someone (sob) leaves — thanks for your encouragement–I can always count on you

  18. I love your blog! No worries, Lou Ann, you’ll do it! You can always do what I do, and never look at your statistics. That’s always an option. 🙂
    Hav a good night!!

  19. You know I understand your despair about losing a follower!
    500 would be quite an achievement and I hope you can get there. In fact, I’m sure you can. =D

    • aw. thanks – just thought it would be a nice number but I don’t think I will lose any sleep over it (at least not much – lol)

  20. Congratulations!! I always get more views each day than I have followers…. I wonder what that means? I guess people stop by, but don’t follow? sniff sniff. That makes me sad. 500 is an awesome number!!! Good for you!

  21. I have no clue how to assist in getting to that number.. i have over 600 “followers” but to be realistic only a fraction of them comment.. I like my small group of “homies” ..you included 😉

    you could give away a new car, bet that will get them following 🙂

    • now, you’re thinking–yes I have my base “homies” too — and that is really what makes this whole thing work

  22. I love your blog. Just thought I’d let you know. I have no idea how to reach 500, but I’m sure you’ll get there…if you’re not already.

  23. You are SO funny! I loved reading this post. We bloggers can be some number-crazy. (I, too, have been wildly number crazy at different times in this whole adventure.) Do you have a Facebook page for this blog? If you do…and publicize it there…you could get LOTS of new subscribers. A lot of the people with thousands of subscribers are usually just counting Facebook and Twitter followers. (You don’t have a choice, once you publicize there WordPress counts ’em.) 127 of my followers are actually FB “likers” who liked the page and see the publicizing. It’s kinda not fair because some of the ones who liked the page are already following. Did you follow what I just wrote, lol?

  24. I wonder if I could subscribe to your blog twice! If so, you could urge your real friends to re-subscribe. 🙂 Maybe you could also put your blog address on Twitter! Good luck. And an early Happy Birthday!

    • You are so sweet — but my keeness for the number would be dampened by knowing people subscribed twice–I think that is probably why WordPress won’t let us do it–the Twitter thing is a good idea and thanks for the birthday wishes!

  25. the blogging culture is hilarious… the things we care about!!!!!
    It’s funny and it’s tragic!!!!
    I’m one of your devoted cult members or am I a devotee….?, but don’t know how to multiply myself !!!

    • after the wonderful response I got from all of my “cult” members (lol) I am now satisfied with what I have–you are right, but it is more funny than tragic in that most of us who complain about it are not really serious (I think)

  26. Not guilty, your honour. 🙂 I really don’t know how people who have thousands of ‘followers’, keep up with them all. I really battle to share myself around. I have no idea how many subscribers I have, but the last time I looked, it was around the 500 mark. Good luck, and have a great weekend.

    • I do not imagine they can possibly keep up with them – good point – you have put it in perspective for me 🙂

  27. Ah, I’d follow you but I already am. I hope you have a great birthday, whether you make your goal or not. Wish I had advice for you but I would also like to know how to get more followers 😉

    • I am just going to let go of it for now–though since I started I have gained five more people–so that is a good thing! Thanks for your support

      • Awesome, well have a great birthday either way!

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