My Family Loves Our Cat

I am thinking about writing a book about the like/dislike relationship I have with the family cat. I got the idea from Richard, Meredith Viera’s husband who just wrote a book called  something like “I Want to Kill the Dog”.  (They were on Dr. Oz  and I did not take notes, thus I may not have the exact title). The dog loves Meredith. The dog does not like Richard. And Meredith admits that the dog has “barking issues”. Richard says the dog never stops barking. So I was inspired. The following offering was written quickly and just off the top of my head and digresses, but I am thinking that part of the  charm of the book will be its digressions. This is just to give you a laugh or two, and is not even in draft form yet.

Tell me–would you read a story about a cat, but really about my family? So here goes nothing:

My family loves our cat. I mean loooooooooves the cat. I do not. Sometimes I like the cat. Sometimes I do not. Like. Him. Much.

Pretty Cat

Not Kitty Bob but close (Photo credit: katsrcool (Kool Cats Photography)

This morning, for example, after everyone had left the house, the cat wanted to play. Or kill me. I am not sure which. He kept pouncing at my legs and lightly plunging his little sharp cat teeth into my calves. He is “cooling his jets” as it were, in the basement right now. I did not like the game, or the attack. I am still trying to decide which it was.

We named our cat Kitty Bob. Not because we are from the southern United States and like names like Bobby Jo, Jim Bob, or John Boy, though they do have a certain rhythm and lovely cadence. Quite simply, we thought the cat was a female so we named it Kitty (original, right?). Once it was exposed as a boy though we added Bob, so he would not get a complex (you know, the boy named Sue complex). It used to be embarrassing to call the cat from the front door. Now, I don’t care.

Naming things is not something I do particularly well. None of my dolls or stuffed animals that I owned or parented as a kid had names, because I could never decide on a name that was good enough or descriptive of their characteristics. I had a big blue bear and a pink and blue poodle—they were known as Bear and Poodle. I had a teenage doll (my mom never bought me a Barbie or it would have been easy to name)—I called her my “teenage doll”. The only doll I had that had a name was Betsy Wetsy because she came with a name and rather dubious habits of hygiene (she wet her diaper). My sister had a doll called “Tear Drops”—I think she cried (at least she didn’t wet herself—though as a kid I liked feeding my doll water and it leaking out of her.)

English: American television journalist and a ...

American television journalist and a former political advisor, George Stephanopoulos  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: George Clooney at the 2009 Venice Fil...

English: George Clooney at the 2009 Venice Film Festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Both of my sons have the name George, the youngest as a first name, the eldest as a second name. I do not like the name George particularly (except for George Clooney, George Stephanopoulos, George of the Jungle,…okay so I do like the name George–just not when it is applied to my boys). I call the boys Adam and Tyler. (Both their grandfathers were named George, except my dad went by his second name because he did not like his first name, so it is his fault I do not want to call the boys George.) You would not believe how hard my husband bartered, begged, cajoled,  lobbied for the name George. And I was being just the tiniest bit stubborn. I thought we were going to go home with no name kids. Anyway, the crux of the matter is I have trouble naming things, people, and animals.

Okay, that is it — doesn’t sound like a barnburner best seller does it–oh well, sometimes bliss is going back to the drawing board…………

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  1. I dunno – maybe give it a try. People love animal books. The posts that have gotten the most views and comments on my blog have been about my dogs. I sometimes think about writing a whole dog book but I think the market is saturated. Maybe not?

    • there are so many animal lovers out there — and all dogs have their own personalities — as you said: maybe give it a try:)

  2. Hey I’m enjoying it! So write on LouAnn and let’s see what develops! Either way, I like hearing more about you!
    As for your cat, we have 2 whom we adore ~ and one does play that same game that Kitty Bob likes ~ it’s when she’s aggravated with me. I find that if I walk backwards and stare at her, she won’t dare to rush me from behind, grab my leg and give me a nibble. It doesn’t happen often, but you’re not alone. 🙂

    • it is a little disconcerting — they are docile most of the time — but sometimes I just don’t know

  3. I would love to read more about Bob, the poor misunderstood cat.

    • ha ha ha ha hahahah okay I am falling on the floor now–oh to have that cat’s life

  4. I want to know where Kitty Bob sleeps at night. If attacked your calves as you were standing up, I’d worry about the throat when you are laying down!

    • I sleep upstairs with the door to the upstairs closed tight – he gets the ground floor — no chancing night attacks!

  5. I kinda like Kitty Bob, LouAnn. lol xoxoM

    • you like that Kitty Bob attacks me — maybe I deserve it!

      • Whenever I walk past her without paying attention, my Chi zaps my butt, then looks at me and meows. When her water bowl is empty, she sits patiently next to it, waiting to catch my eye, and meows looking from me to the water bowl. When she thinks it’s play time, she, again, meows, catches my eye, and starts walking in the direction she wants me to follow, looking back to make sure I’m following her lead. She is an excellent communicator, and a patient, though stern, teacher of her language. I think, like Chi, Kitty Bob has much to communicate! lol xoxoM

      • He does communicate much like Chi – but will not drink water from his bowl – he likes to drink running tap water from the sink.

  6. Really funny this time. You should write more stories in this manner. I loved it, although I had to read hastily. Still using the library computer. Mine is, according to HP and FedEx due to arrive on Tuesday. I have so much to do this month and not enough of me to go around. I need surplus energy.

    • if I had some surplus I would lend you some – glad you found it funny–that was the intent

  7. John Grogan made a fortune combining his columns into a book about his beloved pet, Marley. Maybe you should start writing about Kitty Bob in your columns, develop some cliffhangers, get the locals interested.

  8. Do you call him Robert when you are mad at him?

  9. Yeah, I think you could turn this voice into a book. I would buy it if it turns out you secretly like Kitty Bob, but if you’re a KBob hater, no way. I love me my kitties, and I’m a sucker for sweet animal stories like Marley and Dewey.

    • no I think I secretly love the cat–and my sons and husband not so secretyly love the cat

      • OK, then I will buy an advance copy when it hits Amazon.

      • I will let you know….

  10. Oh you made me laugh… You know I am a cat lover but I don’t know what can I advise you… My cat is not same with me as being with my husband or my son… She loves them so much… She never acts same with me as with them… I am used to have her like that because I love her so much… What is the secret in this relation really I don’t know… But I enjoyed to read you 🙂 Blessing and happiness. Thanks and Love, nia

    • thank you for taking it the right way — it is meant to make you laugh — my cat and sons and husband have a wonderful relationship – the cat likes me cause I feed it

  11. Oh Lou Ann – this made me chuckle. I can see you takin’ this on. It would make for a fun read! 🙂

  12. haha! I LOVE THIS, LOUANN! This is the kind of thing that I would pick up in a minute. I so appreciate your sense of humor, it rambles along and each digression makes me laugh. Bill Bryson writes this way, too, and I adore his books.
    I too had a Betsy Wetsy doll. I also had a Chrissie doll with red hair- remember, you had to pull her hair out of the top of her head to make it longer? I loved to give my dolls water to drink, only to see it come dribbling out of their joints! Lol! You and I have so much in common!!

    George is one of my favorite names. It might have started with George of the jungle? It’s solid. Didn’t George Foreman name all of his children George? Seriously, he did.

    Funny post, lady. I love Kitty Bob, even if he gives you a hard time – he’s quite a handsome fella. 😉

    • So someone has me beat in the George game –wonder what would have happened if I had girls.
      Glad you appreciate my sense of humour — now I can go to bed happy tonight.
      So you had a Betsy Wetsy too — that is so cool!

  13. i don’t know about the ‘cat’ but I love your name fettish…so funny ! Poor dolls and animals no names…ha!..Diane

    • I know — think of the trouble we went through naming the boys–now I understand George Foreman naming all his boys George!

  14. I had to laugh at the part about bringing home no name kids. I actually really like naming things so when I was a kid, every single stuffed animal had a name that fit their personality.
    And for the record, I’d totally want to read more about Kitty Bob. Maybe you both are just two beings that seriously misunderstand each other. 😉

    • I just could not decide on names when I was a kid–I tend to gett overwhelmed and this was just another case
      I think Kitty Bob and I come to the best understanding when we know our roles–I feed him, he eats

  15. Didn’t seem weird at the time, but kinda strange come to think of it that you didn’t name your dolls and stuffed animals. Love the idea of a Kitty Bob book. You are funny, this post made me laugh. Btw my doll was Tear Drops, you had Tiny Tears.

  16. Definitely give it a go. There are masses of animal lovers and they read their antics. 🙂

    • There are masses of animal lovers – some think I mistreat Kitty Bob and I really don’t

  17. I loved this… hope you stick at it!
    You have a lovely writing style

    • Thanks Valerie – that means so much coming from someone whose writing style I admire

  18. We have the house of fur and chaos with 2 teens, 3 dogs (I always swore 2 black labs was more than enough, but then this poor old 11 year old lab needed a home . . . ), and 2 cats. This morning I seriously was considering downsizing to a one-cat household after retrieving my computer mouse for the third time within as many minutes from the floor, after one of my cats found it incredibly entertaining to repeatedly knock things off my desk and keyboard try (akin to am infant or toddler throwing things off the high chair tray just to watch them drop). 🙂 Naming pets in this household has always resulted in quite “engaging” discussions . . . for one of the labs we had to resort to perusing a website of “names for black dogs” when consensus among family members could not be reached!

    • I am glad to hear I am not the only one who has trouble naming things! So what names did you end up with?
      Our cat likes to knock things off, then is amazed when it hits the floor!

      • I lost the naming battle with the mischievous cat — Dexter was named by my husband and sons, and yes it is after the character in that serial killer television series! Sheesh!

      • I hope he does not live up to his dastardly name

      • I think only the mice that try to take up residence in our home need to fear 🙂

      • my cat makes friends with the mice

  19. P.S. Kitty Bob has a nice ring to it . . . Travels with Kitty Bob, Life with Kitty Bob, Chats with Kitty Bob . . .

  20. I think you should write that book. You have an engaging style, and whether you wrote about Kitty Bob (I like the name, by the way!) or your family, I think you’d do well with the readers. 😀

    • Thank you for the encouragement — I think writing about Kitty Bob just gives me an excuse to write about my family

  21. Miles was named Miles since he traveled a lot of miles to reach his new home. I have to say this has potential. I was sucked in right away. Give it a go.

    • Miles — what a perfect name — I could have named Kitty Bob–cat who followed me home
      Glad you were sucked in–that is a good thing!

  22. Hi I have awarded you The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. For rules see my today’s blog post. You really deserve this award! 🙂

  23. I’d definitely read it. Love your “name rant!” I have a car named Bob Wally…couldn’t decided between Bob or Walter. Now it just sounds like a car from Bollywood.

    • love Bob Wally — if we every get another cat that is what we are going to name it — or Bob George, as seems to be a tradition in my family

  24. I’ll admit, I love all your stories…but I’d tune in for more of this particular one LouAnn. My mom was a ‘namer’. I grew up with a car named Betsy, a dishwasher named Burt, and a garbage disposal named Gus. I’m not so much a namer… my two most recent additions, brother and sister cats are “click & clack” only because my daughter loves the radio show car talk. The last kitty was unfortunately named by me, and goes by kitty.

    • Kitty is a good name, our first cat was named that but she was a girl. I like Click and Clack–that is kind of cool–glad you liked my story so far..

  25. Maybe if you call Kitty Bog “George”, he would play nicer games? This is a very funny post! 🙂

    • now there is an idea – I think he used to playing a little rougher with John and my youngest son than me–I think he just got confused

  26. Ooops! I mean Kitty Bob. 🙂

  27. I once had a male kitty for 10 years who liked to attack me and draw blood. He would be sweet one moment then when I least expected it, he would bite down or assault from behind. This was totally unprovoked behavior too. After consulting vets and animal therapists, I resorted to a spray bottle filled with water. Any time I saw the look, out came the bottle and psst went the sprayer. Turned out this kitty was orphaned before 8 weeks of age, (found wandering on the side of the road during rush hour traffic in DC) and when I adopted him at the shelter, did not know this until blood flowed, months later. I was told that kittens separated too early always have behavioral problems–for life. I did not drug him nor euthanize him, shed blood for him, and we managed 10 years together. Months later, when I moved to the country, the most dearest, sweetest kitty (Miss Kitty) adopted me–check out my blogs about her by typing cat into my search bar.
    Good luck with KB. I am sure he has toys he can beat up on, so perhaps those and the water sprayer will help. Diane

    I am pet-less right now, as I still mourn MK, and wonder who my next love will be.

    • aw, so sweet — Kitty Bob usually knows not to “play” with me in a rough manner–maybe he was just having a frisky day and his usual playmates were not around–thanks Diane–so sorry about your Miss Kitty.

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