Frankly, my Dear…………or Rhett’s Final Statement of Bliss

Cropped screenshot of Clark Gable from the tra...

Cropped screenshot of Clark Gable from the trailer for the film Gone with the Wind (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That Michelle is becoming mighty demanding. Today she told us to “Take a quote from your favourite movie — there’s the title of your post. Now, write!”

My favourite quote is this one:

“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.” Rhett Butler to Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With the Wind

Didn’t you want to stand up and cheer when he said that?

My second favourite line is in the same movie:

English: Cropped screenshot of Vivien Leigh fr...

English: Cropped screenshot of Vivien Leigh from the trailer for the film Gone with the Wind (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“I will think about it tomorrow.” – Scarlett said this many times in reaction to the various crises she faced.

I say this to myself all the time—when I become overwhelmed, or can’t do something about a problem immediately, or when I have one too many demands on my time.

Both of these quotes may be paraphrased here, but they answer the gist of Michelle’s prompt.

I think Rhett’s statement is liberating. Scarlett obviously  had gotten on  his last nerve.  He uttered the memorable statement with a tip of his hat, grin, gallantry, and finality.

I always wanted to write a sequel to the movie, where Scarlett makes up to Rhett for being so blind to all the qualities he had and the wretched Ashley did not.

Bliss is finally coming to the conclusion that some things are just not worth “giving a damn”—at least for the time being. What do you think?


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  1. Two wonderful quotations 🙂

  2. Now I want to watch that movie again!! I haven’t seen it in years, but when I think of it I also remember the Gone with the Wind skit they did on the Carol Burnett Show. Did you ever see that, where she wants a new dress and they take down the curtains for a new dress for her but leave the curtain rod in sticking out over each of her shoulders. And Vicky Lawrence plays the servant girl who screams “I don’t know nothing about birthing babies Miss Scarlett!” It was hilarious!

    • I remember that skit vividly, and the line by the servant girl has to be my third favourite quote. I loved the curtain rod through the dress–

    • My absolute favourite Carol Burnett sketch! It makes me grin just thinking about it!

      I think deciding to not give a damn about certain things can be very blissful. I’m working on not giving a damn about the housework.

      • I do that for a while, then I have to clean up after the things I don’t give a damn about–I was brought up in a very neat and clean house–my mom told me not to waste my time doing household chores–but they do not do themselves

    • That is my favorite Carol Burnett skit and she says something like “Oh this old thing, I just saw it in the window and had to have it!” If I could still roll on the floor laughing I would, but I couldnt get back up again.!

  3. What a great movie – and one of the reminders that some things truly are meant to be watched on the big screen.

  4. a lot of people disapprove of my lifestyle which is a little unusual. I spent fifty odd years doing usual. Now Frankly my dear I don’t give a damn. So there. Yah boo sucks.

    • see, now did that not sum up succinctly and neatly exactly what you wanted to say – it can be applied to so many situations!

      • I use it all the time to indicate I really couldn’t give s stuff

  5. Amen, sister. I think as I get older I see more and more that is not worth giving a damn over. I wish I understood this earlier in my life. So much wasted energy.

  6. I loved this post, LouAnn. Having grown up in Atlanta in a very Southern family, GWTW was a favorite of my mother’s. And she often used Scarlett’s quote: “I will think about it tomorrow!” It brought back memories and a smile. I think that sequel would be a great one!

    • it would be wouldn’t it — I liked Scarlett’s passion but she needed some redirection

  7. There are some things in life we cannot change, must surrender to those things or as Rhett so eloquently said, not give a damn……and I agree it really is liberating, and allows us to put time into the things that really do matter.

  8. Totally agree!

  9. You wanna know what I think? It’s been too long since I’ve stopped by and said hallllo! Not because I wasn’t interested…exactly the opposite. When I visit you LouAnn, I want to be able to take my time and set a spell with what you’ve shared. Which, means I’ve been too busy… Yes, spring is ramping up a bit and chores that need doing won’t get done without yours truly at the helm.

    Closing in on 50 years, I can say that learning to adopt the Scarlett phrase: “I will think about it tomorrow.” has been a godsend. I swear that insurance companies and bills are deviously configured to arrived in the Friday afternoon post when there’s nary a soul to call and kvetch to. Adopting that ‘tomorrow’ mentality has saved me a lot of grief…If only I’d come to it sooner, perhaps I’d have a few less grey hairs.

    Have a great day LouAnn.

    • Glad to hear from you — and yes, tomorrow does come eventually, but it gives us some time to prepare and not get overwhelmed
      I am still looking for spring here – we had one day–but we are back to winter

      • Gah, same here…rained all day in buckets then froze up overnight. DONE I say, done.

      • wish somebody would listen to us

  10. Wonderful quotes from a classic movie 😀

    Choc Chip Uru

  11. Lou Ann, the more I live this life, the more I realize just how much I like those two statements and use them frequently. I’m Southern like Rhett and Scarlett and I seriously think that bliss is not giving a damn what anyone thinks and at times – putting worries/thoughts out of your head and telling yourself — I won’t think about that today. I’ll think about that tomorrow. See, Scarlett was doing that zen, being in the moment thing before anyone really knew what that was about.

    • that is funny — Scarlett being zen – I love it –and yes, I am working toward not giving a damn, but it is sure not an easy thing–

  12. Fiddle-dee-dee!~

    My favorite line is “I don’t know nothin bout birthin no babies.”

  13. A state of bliss indeed, to be able to make these two statements with conviction. 🙂

  14. i said “don’t do a Scarlett” to my kids every time they were procrastinating. i still don’t think they know where it came from

  15. I always wanted them to get together, I love happy endings. My favorite quote from that film, was “I don’t know nuthin about birthin no babies!” too!

  16. I totally agree.
    Love Scarlett’s quote: “I will think about it tomorrow.”

  17. I remember watching this movie when I was younger and not quite appreciating it for what it was, but Rhett’s line did make me sit up and take notice. It surprised me but at the same time, it made me realize that sometimes you really just have to let things go because they’re not worth stressing over.

  18. Hadn’t thought about this movie and those lines for awhile. As I get older, I use those ideas more and more. Now, I’ll practice them with a smile on my face as I think about Rhett and Scarlet saying them. (And Carol Burnett with the curtain rod.)

    • yes, the Carol Burnett skit is memorable! and both quotes can be quite useful

  19. One of my favorite movies..I still recall when my Grandmother took me to see it… we got all dressed up.. good times..
    Lots of great quotes an the movie and like the two you chose 🙂

    • they were the two I remembered precisely because I use one all the time (Scarlett’s) and want to use Rhett’s more often

  20. Great lines and kudos to you for your clever post. I could not decide which was my favorite film so that was a show stopper. 🙂

  21. I agree. Once I let some things go my life improved dramatically.

  22. The sequel should be that Scarlett moves on and realises that she doesn’t need a bloke…oh, and pays the servants a living wage.

    • both of your ideas certainly have merit–she got along just fine without men–she just didn’t know it

  23. That is so weird…I was thinking of doing the prompt but couldn’t manage to BUT Scarlett’s comment about ‘tomorrow’ is the sentence I was going to use…and like you I always wanted a sequel too…Diane

    • It is something that gets me through to tomorrow — what do you want to happen in the sequel?

      • I wanted Rhett and Scarlet to get together…they were meant for each other even if Scarlett took a long time to figure it out…..Diane

      • I agree totally

  24. My favorite line/comeback from a movie comes from the movie White Christmas, when the General and Emma are arguing:

    General: I got along in the Army very well without you.
    Emma: It took 15,000 men to take my place!

    But as for inspirational lines, I’d have to go with Will Smith’s “Don’t ever let somebody tell you…you can’t do something.”

    • Love both – I really loved Emma and the whole movie–Will’s is inspirational — think I will send it to my son at college – he needs some cheering up today.

  25. I love both of those quotes and have used them over and over… they just fit! I always wanted to slap Miss Scarlett!

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