Is Bliss the Whole Truth?

Holkham Hall - the rooms inside - The Old Kitc...

The Old Kitchen clock (Photo credit: ell brown)

Cause to celebrate: we change the clocks this weekend and “spring forward” to satisfy our urge to save daylight. We have no control over this—it is ordained.

Why This is Cause to Celebrate: my kitchen clock will now not be an hour ahead—for the next six months it will be the right time. Even if something is ordained it does not mean that we cannot rebel just a little bit. By not changing the time on the kitchen wall clock, I am not being controlled by that effervescent Big Brother.

The Truth of the Matter: The kitchen clock is really high up on the wall in the kitchen – you need a ladder, or at the very least a chair to reach it, take it down, and change the time. In the last six months I did not have the will to change it. And no, not once did it fool me into thinking I was late for something.

My little rebellion was really just laziness. And Seinfeld is right, everyday life is all about nothing.

Bliss is somewhere between the truth and a good story. What do you think?

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  1. he he he, you rebel you

  2. I’m sure the only reason they keep me around at work is to change the clock on the wall because I am tall enough to reach it! LOL

    • I doubt that very much — but will you come to my house in October and change it when we “fall back”
      -hey I thought you were on vacation–you better leave us a mystery photo and take your laptop to respond to us

      • Yup, we were on the road at 5am (yuck!) and I have a mystery photo set up to automatically publish tomorrow morning :). And don’t worry, I don’t go anywhere without my iPhone, my laptop, my iPad, my camera, my GPS, and my ereader. Oh ya, and Mike’s with me too LOL!!

      • as a second thought–oh yeah Mike is with me too – how does he like that order of things?

      • He’s used to it LOL!!

  3. I have a clock as well that is too high for me to change so I don’t. I don’t think anyone but me even looks at it so to me, it matters not that 6 months out of the year, it’s wrong! So I understand! 🙂 Blissful!

  4. LuAnn, I have a similar rebellion…my car clock is always two minutes fast. I know I should correct it but I kind of like knowing that I am really “not that late” and doing the simple math to get the real time. I get a feeling of bliss knowing that I know better than my clock. Do I need therapy?

    • no, there is so little that we have control over, we should be allowed these things — you are funny

  5. I tried this at work once, I didn’t change the clock to see if I could go home an hour early. I swear my boss, who I didn’t get along with, sensed I didn’t correct the clock right away and before she took her jacket off and was yelling at me to change the clock. Why was that my job?! I refused until she went to lunch.

    • annoying — I have had good bosses and bad, and the bad make life the pits
      I have also been a boss and tried to be a good one

  6. I never have understood the whole “daylight savings” thing. Aren’t there still the same number of hours of daylight no matter what the clock says? And why does this spring’s need to be the weekend that we are moving? UGH!
    It would be really cool if the batteries on your clock died just in time to switch the time. Of course it’d be really cool if anything in life worked out that perfect….
    Thanks for the packing-break laugh! 🙂

    • someday, something is going to syncronize and work out right–good luck moving –

  7. Ha. I have a few clocks like that, too. 🙂 One of them is just a simple desk clock, but i have to take the back off with a screwdriver, and it’s just tooooooooooo much trouble. 🙂

  8. My car clock, same thing, never did figure out how to change the time…..German engineering!

    • now you are going to be good for six months — your husband is German engineered and you haven’t figured him out yet either (ha ha)

      • Lol, I’ll have to tell him you said that, and report back.

      • ha ha — tell him I said it with love to my favourite brother in law

  9. I wish we could just stop this nonsense. There are a few states that ignore this here: Arizona and Hawaii. I like the spring forward time best because of the daylight thing but I think it’s not the real time, is it? Which one is the real time? See how stupid it is?!! There are always some clocks in my house that never gets changed and you’re right, it doesn’t make a difference! ha.

    • what really throws me off is the one in the livingroom which is set 10 minutes ahead — I kind of like it cause I always have 10 minutes banked
      I do not know which is the correct time–good question–I bet someone who reads this will know–anyone out there–Brigitte and I need to know which is the real time…

  10. I had completely forgotten that DST would be this month! You’re such a rebel… totally unlike me. I know I rush to fix the clocks as soon as the clock strikes twelve.

  11. We don’t change our clocks until the end of the month – you are lucky, your days will seem longer sooner! I, too, have the German clock thing! Soon my car-clock will be right again.
    All the best

  12. I love your rebellion. I have a tree of rebellion. It’s a good story, but telling it would be as long as an entire post. Suffice to say, I planted a tree in defiance of what was ordained by my HOA and not long after, was asked to select trees for the entire neighborhood.
    As Martha would say, rebellion: it’s a good thing.

    • ha ha — I live by that — good old Martha, she rebels all the time and gets away with it (except for that little stint in jail)

  13. I think my wall clock might be the only clock that tells the right time.. the clocks on the stove, radio, microwave and in my car are all wrong because I can’t for the life of me figure out how to change them. I should probably just ask the 9 year old to figure it out.

  14. I love that you rebel against the little things in life. Why not? Whenever someone tells me to do something, I want to do the opposite of it. My brother does it too. My mom tells us that it’s called demand resistance. Heh.
    Great post!

  15. 🙂 ha ha!
    I drive my husband crazy because 6 months out of the year the clock in my car is an hour off, too! I can never remember how to change it; it’s much simpler to just adapt than finagle that electronic doo-hickey twice a year!

  16. Haha as long as you know the truth, do you really need to show it? Let the rebel in you live 😀


  17. All of my clocks HAVE TO read the correct time or I go nutso. My microwave is above my oven and if the clocks don’t read the same time, I spend twenty minutes trying to fix it. Argh!

    • I would not have guessed — you seem so easy going

      • Not when it comes to my clocks being correct. In everything else, yup, pretty easy going.

      • I will remember that –it is precisely 8:34 p.m. according to my laptop

  18. 😆
    Love Seinfeld – That show about nothing is really something else!

    I would say so. You need the story to begin with & the rest comes in how that story is told/shared.

  19. Daylight Savings was only a matter of celebration for the first day and when I was still in school because that meant I could sleep an extra hour. Otherwise it’s a hassle and it confuses me. I’m glad no one here in Taiwan follows it. Makes me feel like we’re on the “right” time. 😉

  20. I love the extra light but I hate springing ahead. I’d much rather “fall behind.” Lily is right, you have a little ‘demand resistance’ – the very best people do. 😉

  21. My clock on the cooker is stuck however many hours that the last power lasted, and my car clock is stuck for however long the battery was flat the last time I left the headlights on….I manage !!!

    • I depend on the digital time down in the corner of my laptop or i check the weather station when I am in doubt. I think you “adapt” very well

  22. Much of life is just taking it in stride with a laugh … cheers to your bit of rebellion. Meanwhile, things returning to more normalcy soon … well, at least I hope.

    • good advice– life it taking all in stride with a laugh–better than crying

      • Yep … but crying is real and necessary too.

      • most assuredly — crying serves its purpose

  23. Totally smiling. Bliss is somewhere between the truth and a good story. I can’t seem to write “the truth” no matter how hard I try. It’s so elusive. Truth seems to be one thing today and another thing tomorrow. Even that thought isn’t true. There is a truth that seems to exist at the center of us. It’s no-thing and every-thing. But you can’t say anything beyond that, if even that. Enough thinking! Time to change clocks soon!

  24. I have a clock in one of my spare bedrooms that I never remember to change. My mom stayed in that room at Thanksgiving, and thought the time was correct when she came down the morning after she arrived…not a big deal as we were in casual mode that day with no particular schedule. But it was a funny moment when I realized what had happened. I hardly ever go into that room except to freshen it when we have guests. It’s the “room that time forgot!” Happy spring!
    ~ Sheila

    • we all need a room that time forgot — it just shows us how time really is a manmade thing

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