Correcting Your Mistakes Is Bliss


photo038 (Photo credit: delboy1203)

English: Coat of arms of Tabasco

English: Coat of arms of Tabasco (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 The Food and Wine Hedonist responded to my blog post “There Is A Reason Why I Have  Not Been Freshly Pressed” last week and I thought it would only be fair to let you hear what he had to say. I complained that he had not responded to my smart mouth answer of what three things were always in my fridge. If you read it, you know that I said: crumbs, mold and mildew. It turns out that the post that was freshly pressed was not his, but instead by occasional contributor, The Sicilian.

Here is John’s (thefoodandwinehedonist) response, and I must say I think he is the best sport ever and I am now one of his faithful followers.

“Ha! And you didn’t think I’d respond… Clarification, it was The Sicilian, my occasional contributor to my blog that got FP’d. I have a post coming shortly on why it’s a big deal – mainly because of pride in work and wanting recognition.

But I agree the FP thing is very, very frustrating because there is some absolute crap that gets FP’d. It seems like you have to have some heartstring-pulling post or be a professional photographer with pretty pictures. BUT a lot of times, there’s just crap. I think a big reason I haven’t been is that a lot of my posts aren’t vanilla enough. I tried making them more so, but it’s not as fun. Thankfully The Sicilian got FP’d so I don’t have to try anymore!

BTW – your comment was hilarious…”

I then asked him what was in his refrigerator and he responded:

“1. Local, cured, hand-picked, organic, free-range, sustainable, non-GHO modified, free-trade… darn, I forgot what it was.
2. Body Parts
3. Rottweiler Tenderloin, because it’s a lot more flavourful and earthy, than Poodle (aka the canine equivalent of boneless, skinless chicken breast)

Seriously – Tabasco, sparkling water, garlic. But the first list was wayyyyyy more interesting.”

Me again: He is without a doubt, hilarious. And I just wanted to clear things up. When a mistake is made in the newspaper, there is a little out of the way article that explains the error. Well that is just not good enough–a whole blog post is what is deserved here.

Correcting your errors is bliss is it not?

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  1. LouAnn,
    You know you have my support when it comes to being FP’d, as futile the nod might be for some. You have it in you… I see it more of a question of time (Weebles will back me up on this one).

    Thanks for sharing A Paler Shade of Beige.

    • happy to share such worthy posts
      have given up on being FP’d – if it happens great, if not, I will not fret

  2. LouAnn, this is terrific for several reasons. I’d like to share some relevant links. One to my own lament about FP’d crap, also my own FP’d post that was a total bilge water rant that should never have been FP’d, and lastly, my post FP, um, post that was the impetus for a blog partnership with one of my favorite bloggers. ( Yes, we purchased that URL which now sits silently awaiting further…brilliant contributors.

    Here are the links when you have time to check them out. I hope you’ll let me know what you think.

    • I checked out your suggestions and find that you have given a fine perspective of being Freshly Pressed–I have heard so many people who have achieved Fresh Pressdom say that the post was not the one they would have chosen
      Having said that–I find you refreshingly honest–moreso than I could ever be on my blog

      • Well, THAT, my dear LouAnn, is the nicest thing anyone has said about me all day.

    • LouAnn,
      I share your sentiments on Honie.
      Le Clown

      • You are too sweet, Le Invisible Clown. Honestly.

      • Le Clown –then we both most certainly have good taste-Lou

  3. I used to obsess about being FP, but I’m writing a book so that’s taking most of my energy. You’ll get there eventually!

    • I am done with it – if it happens, it happens

      • good attitude, smart approach.
        I’d be more jazzed about it if being FP held some sort of cache–like a book deal or a job, you know?

      • I know–then it might be worth chasing

  4. Aw, thanks for the correction.. BUUUUUUTTTTT, there’s one more to be made: My name is John, and I’m a “He”. 🙂

    Don’t worry, it wasn’t the first time. Better get a new Gravatar…

    You did stir up memories of some other head-scratching FP’d posts –
    – a graduation speech that was copy/pasted from a news article
    – someone re-blogging a post of theirs from 3 years ago

    For a while I tried to be really careful and try to appeal to the FP choosers, but now I’m back to writing what I feel. I think it’s much more entertaining for readers and a lot more liberating for me.

    • I know where I went wrong – is The Sicilian a she? When I wrote the first post I went back to see if the writer was a he or a she–I will correct my mistake again 🙂

    • Reply number 2 – the phone rang so I did not finish – I tried writing stuff that might appeal too — seasonal stuff then I too decided just to write what I like. Now I must go and correct my correction

  5. Now reading these comments are way more fun than reading some of that FP stuff. You guys crack me up and that’s what I like!
    “freshly depressed” doh! Why didnt I think of that!?

  6. (Someone design a badge for that) I would but I don’t know how.

  7. I love his response – I think I read it in the original article, but didnt at the time realize it was his. I like his sense of humour.

    I think I am probably much to vanilla myself to ever be freshly pressed, so I will stay permanently wrinkled..

  8. Nice correction there!

    I think if we didn’t know any of the bloggers that had been FPd then maybe we would just feel it was this elusive thing and wouldn’t worry about it, but because we regularly see those bloggers that we interact with getting there, it feels more like “Well WHY not me then!” I need to adopt your attitude of giving up on worrying about it!

  9. I get to say it again here . . . It isn’t about the mistakes you make. It is how you recover from them. Well done here in that regard.

    • thank you Robin — appreciate this — if you read the comments you will know that I thought hedonist was a woman and he is a man by the name of John –so I had to correct my correction

  10. Being FP is really just a fleeting thing.. I was FP had no clue and I’m still the same.. To many, it is their sole purpose for blogging.. You are not one of them .. I’m cheering you on but if that blue badge does not come, it’s the WP editors mistakes not yours.

    Loved the bloggers response because I see some FP things (no names mentioned) that causes me to say “WTF”?

    • I was once like that — now I am pure of heart and mind and soul (LOL)–but I no longer care as I love my blog friends–and the wonderful feedback

      • That mind set is wonderful.. No expectations allows for greater freedom of writing, friendship, etc. You are really good people and I enjoy your blog!

      • And I yours — we seem to have a lot in common 🙂

  11. I remember I had said that John didn’t seem to have a sense of humor but obviously I’m proven wrong here by his response. Just brilliant.
    As to FP, you know my thoughts on it. 😉 You are one of my many blogging friends who deserve to be FP-ed and even if it never happens, that doesn’t mean anything. Just look at all your friends here! 🙂

    • That is exactly what I look at — and that is the reward–good and compassionate friends like you.
      I know when I wrote the post about John he got some bad feedback so I thought it was important that I correct my mistake and make it clear that it was not his post that was FP’d.

  12. I LOVE people who can stand up and say, “Yeah, I got that wrong,” and then laugh about it! Awesome!

    • thank you Katie–I thought it was only fair that it be cleared up and I not leave an incorrect impression of John and his blog

  13. Great post, great comments…great fun!!!

  14. Good for you. I have to say sorry a lot myself since I have a quick temper. It usually takes me a day or two to get around to it since I’m also stubborn and think I’m always in the right. I’ve been trying to be better.

    • I don’t have a quick temper, but I am stubborn and have a tendancy to think I am always in the right — obviously I am not

  15. Fair play to him. and he’s right about the fluffy kittens and homespun philosophy. After my post this morning I can’t see me being FPd for a while. If ever.

    • well, that is intriguing — I will just have to check it out

      • Bloody hell, what time of day is it there? Are you and Audra insomnia buddies?

      • we must be –been awake since 2 am –tried to go back to sleep but it was futile

      • I thought it was just me. I had a sleepless one too

      • makes for a not very productive day –so I will get as much done as I can now —

  16. He had me at eating poodle. lol.

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