The Bliss of Stillness

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“Stillness has been an acquired taste.” ~ Sheila from Grace and Space

Time is a precious commodity and is the subject of Sheila’s post today. She says she is a doer, a list maker, someone who likes to accomplish things—and that stillness has been something she has had to learn to consciously appreciate.

I have always loved stillness—I need it to replenish my stores. In stillness my imagination is given free rein. Yesterday I complained that I had “nothing” to say, but in response many of you advised me to enjoy it and use it, and once I took in this wisdom I had peace.

Do you find bliss in stillness, or is it a hard thing for you to achieve?

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  1. Often referred to as ‘peace and quiet’ ~ I adore it.

    Your post yesterday was excellent in that you shared your experience ~ we all get days like that and they hold something for us even if we can’t see it at the time ~ so glad you found peace in some of the responses

  2. I am very much like Sheila in that I am a doer, a listmaker, and when I have something to do I don’t stop until it’s done. My mom says it makes her tired watching me whiz around. However, I am also a person who gets stressed very easily, so I also thrive on stillness because that is how I am able to rediscover my inner peace or bliss at the end of a crazy day. And to achieve my stillness, there is nothing like a great book to escape into :).

  3. Stillness has always been difficult for me but I am learning to accept and enjoy it these days because it seems to be in my life a lot right now. Why would it be unless it were here to teach me something? And there is something beautiful about it. I am making an effort to enjoy it — enjoying life in any capacity is indeed — bliss! Wonderful post, Lou Ann.

    • we have to almost talk ourselves into stillness don’t we? enjoying it is the next level…..

  4. I’m glad you found some peace yesterday and that the wonderful world of bloggers helped.

    Love to you today in your stillness. I find it very hard to be still – always have to be doing and often exhaust myself in the process! I think that’s why our 5 hour journey to babysit appeals so much. I can do no other than ‘be’ 🙂

    • you are forced into stillness so you make peace with it — I glad you have these moments (hours)

  5. I’m a solitary person by nature, so being alone and still is relatively easy for me. Although at times it’s hard to shut off that noise in one’s head (you know, the list of chores, work stuff, etc).. I’ll keep working on that!

  6. I adore stillness ~ it’s where my best ideas come from usually! 🙂

    • they do come to the surface when all is still–all we have to do is capture them!

  7. Not sure if I need stillness as much as solitude once in awhile? The solitude can enjoy curling up with a good book or movie, getting some favorite food to enjoy while doing so, or doing a deep clean of some forgotten closet in the house, or digging in the dirt of the gardens. But it is my time to be alone with my thoughts, and without it I would go mad!

    • you hit the key ingredient “my time to be alone with my thoughts” – perfect definition of stillness

      • LouAnn, your “bliss” series has been wonderful! Lots of food for thought!

      • you don’t think I am stretching it some days? (ha ha)

      • Heck, if you weren’t honest, it would come off as stilted and contrived — love the honesty 🙂

  8. I could use some stillness today. Carpenters are tearing out a wall in my kitchen! Davy 2 😦

  9. Not Davy 2…. Day 2

  10. Totally love & embrace stillness. It’s a nice break from the hustle & bustle of every day life.

  11. The older I get, the more I enjoy the stillness, especially the early morning with a cup of coffee and the quiet that helps me ease into the day.

  12. First, thank you for the kind reference to my post. I’m honored that it spoke to you! As a lot of the comments on your post yesterday noted, peace and quiet is a wonderful thing! For me this a two-sided experience. There are times when I am quiet and still out of emptiness, perhaps what you experienced yesterday. And there are times that I am able to still myself and choose to take time for reflection intentional being. Probably I experience the forced stillness when I haven’t been voluntarily doing it often enough! Either way, the spirit is nourished.

    I saw an interesting talk on TED that discussed the importance of introverts and their gifts to society…Maybe you’re an introvert? I definitely am! Here’s the link: Susan Cain: The Power of Introverts
    ~ Sheila

    • Thanks Sheila, and you are right, yesterday when I say I had nothing, there was a bit of emptiness and not stillness and that did not come until others suggested that I not stress about it and make it something good — like a rest–I will go to link–and yes, I most definitely am an introvert

    • I have her book but have never heard her talk– this was truly wonderful – I cannot thank you enough — and her parting words “I wish you the courage to speak softly”

      • Yes, good to feel that validation! I’m like she described…often putting myself “out there” to feel like I fit in, when I really want to be curled up on my sofa at home! But you know…you don’t want to seem a recluse, or unfriendly, or boring…so you (I) try to make up for it. I think I’ve hidden it pretty well! I’m excited to get her book, just ran across this video last week. ~ S

      • we make ourselves do things, and many times, I find I enjoy myself if I will just get out there–but I tend to get overwhelmed if there is too much going on

  13. the above comment is very interesting ~ because over the years i have found that stillness and being quiet in the company of others is very healthy for me. i used to feel the need to occupy space with nervous chatting which must have been very annoying to those around me. i have come to realize that at heart i am an introvert and was trying to be more “interesting” by talking and doing.

    but regarding emptiness versus stillness, i think we all feel empty sometimes, i know i do. i guess that’s one of the reasons why artists are often struggling internally…

    • that is very astute — maybe we need the struggle to create

      I always feel most comfortable with people who can have a comfortable silence

  14. Oh yes, I love stillness. I love peace and quiet and solitude. The stillness is one of the things I love so much when you wake up and there has been a big snowfall overnight.

  15. It’s a taste I acquired long ago. I was a quiet kid and remain a quiet adult (when allowed to be). I love to have still and quiet to myself. It’s rare now, so I enjoy it more.

    • sometimes we are not allowed to be ourselves on the surface–but we always go back to our true selves

  16. When you’re my age ‘stillness’ is easier to find…not so much to do…That’s one of the perks of getting older….Diane

  17. I’m also a doer and sitting still with nothing to do can be difficult for me at times. Even when I’m not moving about, my brain is often whizzing around on its own, making it difficult for me to achieve “true stillness,” if that makes sense. I’m definitely still learning to step away and take a breather but like Sheila, I kind of have to make a conscious decision to do it and remind myself from time to time.

    • sometimes it is not easy – I have had to learn to compartmentalize or I would have gone crazy – stillness is my go to when I am stressed – though sometimes it is hard to achieve as my brain “is often whizzing around” too

  18. I always have to have something to do, or at least to think about and plan. I do love my own company once in a while. 🙂

    • I like that “love my own company once in a while”–I feel a post coming on

  19. I crave stillness and solitude at the end of every day. I need to sit in my room in complete silence. So much noise in my day–everyday.

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