Can Nothing Be Bliss?

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Some days I’ve just got nothing. Today is such a day. For me. Hopefully not for you.

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  1. You’ve always got something for us dear girl, and we love it 🙂 xx

  2. I think it’s winter. I’ve had a whole lot of nothin’ lately. Brain freeze.. It’ll thaw.

  3. I love to look at my weekly calendar and find days with NOTHING scheduled. Today is one of those and I am still in my jammies at noon, pondering what to have for lunch and IF to get dressed today. I gaze out the window at the chilly day, and know there is something I could snip if only I would pull on my jeans. Relax on days we have NOTHING! Nothing can be everything! 😉

  4. I often have those days, with regard to blogging. I think it’s as much a function of not having time, but sometimes, even with the luxury of time available, I’m just empty of words…or words to share. That’s part of the rhythm of expression, so I’m ok with that! It’s a time of rest and replenishment for the brain and spirit 🙂 ~ Sheila

    • I think I got nothing left after writing up my stuff for the newspaper and once again making deadline

  5. Those days can be a blessing in disguise my friend, to let you relax and unwind 🙂


  6. On days like this – just keep it simple…
    …Waking up alive & well = BLISS 🙂

  7. Nothing can definitely be bliss. I love the feeling of knowing that I can sit and relax without worrying about anything. 🙂

  8. I think “Nothing” may possibly be the most blissful state of all! 🙂 Temporary relief from all the noise in our head.
    Enjoy it, Lou Ann.

    • I woke up worried about losing a DVD from the library as if all the bigger and badder things in my life were solved–I need a nothing day to get rid of the noise in my head

  9. My bliss today: Everyone finally went home! With my son not being allowed to drive for the moment due to his health the grand children are having to wake up extra early to pick him up from work which results in cranky children. They stopped by today to dry some clothes and while I love them, the whining gave me a headache. For probably the only time, I was glad to see them leave. I wonder, does that make me a horrible grandma?

    • absolutely not! sometimes we need a rest from everything–noise and loved ones included

  10. I think “nothing” can be bliss, Lou Ann. Normal and ordinary is a welcome respite at times, don’t you think?

    • especially if you have been through too much not normal and ordinary–we do need the down time

  11. Nothing is good. It happens quite often with me. I’ve learned to accept it, almost.

  12. I’d think you weren’t human if you were able to come up with something every single time, which you’ve been doing about 99% of the time! Nothing can be bliss. No question about that. 🙂

  13. I’ve got nothing today either because my brain is spinning around non-stop. My day was crazy enough, and then my son called me to say that he’s thinking of changing into a different program at college. Yikes!! I know it happens, but I’m so afraid that he is going to make a rash decision without enough information. I can’t even think straight now :(.

    • – I have been there – our college age kids seem to be on a real whirlwind sometimes — so far we have been coming out okay, but we have had some tense times. And there is nothing that a young person cannot change or come back from–they will learn from mistakes just as well as successes (you do realize I am trying to take my own advice don’t you?), I find if I just support Tyler then things turn out.

      • I just knew you would understand! It’s hard to explain, but I just feel totally out of sorts today because if my kids aren’t happy and comfortable with what they’re doing, then I’m not either. Ahhh, the life of a mother. It’s just that he dumped this on me last night with no warning, and I’m already busy enough this week getting ready to go away. The timing couldn’t have been worse! The funny thing was that he thought I was going to be mad, but I said how could I be when I was there once. I started out in chemical engineering, then switched to industrial engineering, and then I quit altogether because I wanted to be a mom without the pressures of a huge career. The problem is that the course he wants to switch into next year has a waiting list, so I don’t know what he would do because if he works for a bit, I guess he’ll have to start paying his OSAP loan and his line of credit. Argghhhhh!!

      • it is so hard – and I am exactly like you – I can handle my own problems, but when my kids are unhappy it kills me. You must be one smart cookie to have been in engineering – but that comes out all the time in your writing.
        I have noticed when my cup is full to the brimming then something always happens to make it overflow–wishing you a little peace today (hugs)

      • Thanks for the wonderful compliments my friend :). I heard from Bryan a few more times today, and he has been talking to staff at the college and looking into his options, so we will just have to take it one step at a time. Mike and I are heading to South Carolina for a week on Thursday, and hopefully that will give me time to clear my head and come back able to give him all of the support he needs ;).

      • It is so hard when things are not settled – Ty does not really like the course he is in, yet he continues with it trying to do the right thing–I just tell him to get through this semester and we will talk about it — it is hard but I guess that what we signed on for — Have a wonderful time and leave all your stresses behind

      • Yes, you’re so right – it’s all part of being a mom :). No wonder my hair is finally starting to go gray LOL!

      • join the club – me and Nice ‘N Easy have quite a relationship!

      • LOL 🙂

  14. Nothing is often necessary!
    Funnily enough, i’d been thinking what marvellous posts you’ve been doing, and wondering how you can keep it up….
    Nothing is your destiny today!!!!

    • Well it was a day where I had to write up a bunch of stuff for work and was drained–

  15. I know what you mean about escaping the noise in your head. Instead of a nothing day, maybe it’s a zen day, just block out the thoughts and try to relax….sounds a bit blissful, doesn’t it?

  16. We all have nothing days. Sometimes they feel bad and sometimes they feel fine and relaxing. Always remember, without the nothing’s the something’s wouldn’t feel as good. Take oyjers’ advice and relax into it (for me that’s much easier said than done!) How about for you? 🙂

    • when I heard how many people defined nothing, I felt much better and did take a few hours to just veg

  17. That should have read others! X

  18. i agree – those “i’ve got nothing” days can either get you down or liberate you for awhile.

    • so true — I choose the latter is I get to choose, sometimes though, we don’t get to choose

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