Is Bliss Not Having the Answers?

Darkness and Light

Darkness and Light (Photo credit: true2source)

Ever had a quote that haunted you? One that made you stop and think? I came across such a quote attributed to seventeenth century Christian poet, Henry Vaughan. He was quoted by Eben Alexander in the Neurosurgeon’s book “Proof of Heaven”.

Alexander said that he found the quote after coming out of a coma induced by an illness. While in the coma, he experienced heaven, but found it very difficult to describe it. He struggles in his book to come up with the right words, the best words to describe his experience. No words seemed to suffice, but the closest he came to being able to describe the “vast, inky-black core that was the home of the Divine itself”, are these words from Vaughan:

“There is, some say, in God a deep but dazzling darkness. . .”

Dr. Alexander said that those words were the ones he was looking for. The heaven that he experienced was “an inky darkness that was also full to brimming with light.”

Enigmatic description. As it should be. As it is.

Exodus - from Darkness to Light, from Slavery ...

From Darkness to Light (Photo credit: zeevveez)

I am only 58 pages into the good doctor’s book, but I am fascinated by his journey. It was a journey taken by someone who thought  that everything had a  logical explanation, but to his own satisfaction he proved himself wrong.

Is true bliss not having all the answers and being open to something bigger than ourselves?

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  1. I seem to love questions more than answers for the simple reason that they point us to certain facts that are sometimes beyond us.
    Lovely post.

    • very astute observation – questions lead us–answers sometimes stop our curiousity

  2. I started reading this book a few weeks ago….it is definitely very though provoking…. especially for someone like me who has doubts! Need to finish it.

    • it is fascinating isn’t it – those of us who do not have doubts have all the answers — I most assuredly do not have all the answers – I am a constant seeker

  3. Lou Ann, I’ve read half of this book. I gave a copy to my Mom and my sister because of recent events. My Mom has a very deep faith and as I’m reading this, I believe that this is what the author is reassuring us of — there are some things we cannot explain — beautiful mysteries that we cannot comprehend. And yes, I do believe there is a beauty and a bliss to this — a faith is a wonderful thing to have and to hold.

    • I love the way you expressed this: there are some things we cannot explain–beautiful mysteries we cannot comprehend — I believe this with all my heart Brigitte–I hope that the book provides you and your family comfort

  4. Yes…and the beginning of wisdom…Diane

  5. Oh my gosh! I’ve been talking about this book for several months, now. I loved it. Mostly because it confirmed what I already believe. It has a great ending, so prepare for it! Love that quote.

    • now I am even more anxious to finish reading it – thanks for the heads up Lisa

  6. Another great near death book is Embraced By the Light, if you haven’t already read it. It’s very comforting. Sometimes I just like to remind myself how incomprehensible God’s love is for each of us. It’s so beautiful and makes me look forward to crossing over! In fact Betty Eadie ( don’t know the spelling of her name) said that if we knew how glorious it was on the other side we’d all kill ourselves! Extreme, but it makes me excited to know one day we will each enjoy that indescribable love.
    Steve jobs apparently said “Oh, wow!” three times before he physically died. I know his spirit lives, I know we each continue on after this mortal life.

    • Yes, I read it, and it is the best book of that genre I have read so far, as I have not finished this one yet–

  7. I love to read books about the afterlife, just finished one a while back entitled, To Heaven and Back, also written by a doctor. I’m going to download the one you mentioned on my kindle. I certainly do not have all the answers but as I read the journey of others, it gives me a tiny insight to possibly what lies ahead.

  8. If we had all the answers, then we couldn’t turn to friends and family for assistance and their guidance.

  9. If one doubts that ignorance is bliss, this makes me think that ignorance and willingness are bliss.

  10. It never ceases to amaze me that we, within our limited human experience, attempt to define the infinite and eternal in our finite terms, and, failing to do so to our satisfaction, accept that it cannot exist. The book sounds very interesting, LouAnn. I’ll have to have a read! xoxoM

    • I love the way you put this — we do try and make it make sense to us, and when it does not, then we do not accept it.

  11. Simply said: Yes

  12. I’d enjoy hearing what you think of the book when you are finished.

  13. I don’t want all the answers it would make life boring as I need to be able to learn something all the time to keep things interesting

  14. Absolutely! I’ve read that book and many others that deal with life after death. There’s one thing we can count on and that is finally finding out more to this mystery once we pass on.

    • I find the subject fascinating and it gives me some, for lack of a better word–hope

  15. I think you’re onto something there with that question. I find that sometimes we experience something so deep that words just fail to capture that feeling. I like the idea that there are some mysteries that we can’t explain or put to words…. it’s humbling yet almost gratifying in a sense to know we don’t know everything.

    • you expressed it very well–I like the idea that there are mysteries too — and it is humbling

  16. Answers are great. But – sometimes the mystery is even greater.

  17. Having all the answers would be boring – to me, bliss is in the mysteries.

  18. What a wonderful concept – it is so interesting and indeed haunting!

    Choc Chip Uru

  19. What a wonderful posr and what wonderful comments. I MUST get this book, it sounds irresistible….,

    • As I continue to read it–I am finding parts I skim and parts I really enjoy

  20. For me bliss has to be not knowing the answers or I’m in big trouble.

  21. […] Is Bliss Not Having the Answers? ( […]

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