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English: French toast served at Mac's Restaura...

French toast . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In honour of my son Tyler who is going back to school today after his Reading Week at college (something we more honestly called Slack Week when I was at university), I am going to provide you with a recipe of sorts – one that I am going to make for him this morning for the third time this week.

He loves French toast. Loves it. Can’t get enough of it. And he is always appreciative when I take the little time it takes to make this breakfast of champions (though sometimes we make it for lunch, and on occasion, supper.)

Tyler is my picky eater. Every family has one, but since he has been away at school his taste buds have expanded to include salad, grilled cheese sandwiches (his must have real cheddar cheese, bacon if he has it, and raspberry jam) and stuffed pasta (he used to eat pasta with just butter and salt—now he will eat three cheese ravioli), and sweet potato fries.

He was never a picky eater by choice—some things appealed to him and other things did not. Food had a yuck factor for him, and some of it still does, but I find it interesting that once he has been exposed to a variety of other foods outside our home, he is more likely to try them. He has five roommates in the house he lives in at college (which is only two blocks from Fanshawe in London) and so he is exposed to a lot of different tastes. They all  have one thing in common though: Pizza (which I consider a major food group and so do they).

I remember when I was in university (about the time that pizza was brought to the new world), I would eat pizza almost every night in residence—a bunch of us would go together and order one after studying or getting back from the school pub.

I realize I have digressed from today’s recipe—but French toast is not all that complicated.

French Toast à la Tyler

White bread – as many slices as you need to feed the people you are feeding ~ Tyler always has 3

I egg for every three slices of bread

English: Cinnamon

English: Cinnamon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Splash of milk

A little vanilla

Cinnamon sprinkled in

Syrup and butter – enough to drown the toast

Using a whisk, whisk the eggs and milk and vanilla and cinnamon together. Dunk the bread and put it in a hot frying pan. We just got a new big non stick frying pan and can cook three pieces at once. We flip them when one side gets nice and toasty. I eat the burnt ones.

I know this is not an official recipe – it is just a bit of a map that takes us on a journey to syrupdom.  It is meant to be more nostalgic than directive—but it is the last day I will see Tyler for several weeks (Easter is coming up)—so it is my goodbye to him today. (Don’t feel too sorry for me, I email him every day and I am one of his ten on his phone plan that he can call without charge—so we talk a lot).

Do you have any nostalgic recipes that give you or your family bliss?

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  1. Mmmmm, yummy french toast. May I have some too please?? I laughed when you were talking about pizza because I don’t think Bryan has had anything other than pizza or pizza pockets since he started college. The easier the better!! LOL Hope you had a nice week with your son :).

  2. French toast makes an appearance for breakfast, lunch and dinner here too – nobody ever complains about french toast. For me, even though I love it, it’s really just a vehicle for the maple syrup.

    For something different at Christmas, we tried making it with that Panetone bread that they sell in the big funny shaped boxes and used eggnog instead of milk – it was really good.

    • that does sound good – and I so agree with you that it is really all about the syrup (and I am not picky, cheap, fake or real)

  3. I’m going to put that on the menu here sometime this week. Looks wonderful! 🙂

  4. Oh I love good french toast…my Mom made it with stale french bread and i loved it.. i use Texas Toast bread.. Hmm, I know what we are having for breakfast tomorrow 🙂

    • Texas toast bread would be good–nice and thick with oozing syrup – ah, heaven

  5. My son loves my chicken pot pie, also chicken and dumplings. Both are super easy to prepare.

    • Chicken and dumplings – have not had those since childhood–but I remember loving them!

  6. I like a little dash of nutmeg along with all the other scrumptious ingredients! xoxoM

  7. Reading weeks are fun! Wish I could have one and with French toast every day! 🙂

  8. LouAnn,
    French Clowns covered in maple syrup are even more blissful.
    Le Clown

    • I will just have to take your word for it – is Quebec not famous for its maple syrup – my youngest son brought some back when he went to Carnival (sp?) on a school trip

  9. Yummy….I love French toast but don’t make it often enough. I think I’ll make it for dinner tomorrow night!

    • Are you home yet? It is a good Sunday night dinner–

      • Just waiting for plane now……be home by midnight.

  10. Mmmm, now you have made me seriously hungry!
    I have fun trying different kinds of bread for French Toast, which you can pick up on the day-old rack since slightly stale bread is best to soak up the egg-mixture. One I really liked was Cinnamon-Raisin bread, even though it was pre-sliced thinner than I would have liked.

    • that sounds really good Karen – the bread I use has usually been sitting around for a few days–so it is slightly stale (lol)

  11. Looks great! Our family favorite is mac and cheese made with Fontina cheese, white sauce, and penne pasta. Now that my husband has to be gluten-free, I make a gluten-free version and next day it’s just as good as the original. When my kids come home, it’s what they want.

    • funny how pasta and chili always taste good the day after too — I love real mac and cheese

  12. The picture of that French Toast is just enough to trigger my syrup loving sweet tooth for the next week!! Oh my goodness, does that look delicious!? Of course I’d need a glass of ice cold milk to accompany it and a 1/2 pound of butter… just sayin’… 🙂

    • I know–if I cannot have cold cold milk with it–I really don’t want it — they complement each other and the milk tames the sweetness of the syrup–and butter……don’t get me started!

  13. Yum, the French toast looks so good. I remember when we weren’t all so concerned with every morsel of food we put in our mouths. Remember? Anyhoo, we always had fried chicken or roast beef — every Sunday afternoon. This may really gross you out but when I was little, Mom used to make brains and eggs — yep. I guess it was pig brains in a can mixed in with scrambled eggs. Sounds gross to me now but I do remember as a child getting up and saying, “Mommy I want some brains and eggs.” Oh and chocolate biscuits — that’s another yummy breakfast thing when I was a child.

    • maybe that is why you are so smart — I never heard of canned pit brains which could explain a lot
      chocolate biscuits! yum

  14. Definitely French toast! And, last weekend my hubby and I used coconut oil instead of butter to health it up a bit. Amazing!

  15. Tyler is one lucky kid to have a mom like you. Makes me want to have some french toast tomorrow morning for breakfast. Our daughter was the picky eater and our son would eat anything. Go figure. Now they’re both pretty good eaters. A few years out in the world changed the picky eater into a food explorer.

    • Tyler is getting over being a picky eater slowly but surely, but he is not totally over it yet–but he has come a long way–we just finished up the french toast and are waiting for his ride to take him back to school–this is not my favourite part

  16. I love love love french toast, although we call it eggy bread, doesn’t sound quite as good 🙂

  17. Did I read this correctly? He likes grilled cheese with bacon and raspberry jam?

  18. MMmmm Tyler is so lucky my friend, what a delicious recipe to start him off with 😀


    • yes, we had the French toast and now he is back in London (Ontario) at school

  19. YUM – A favorite breakfast of mine!

  20. Your recipe inspired me, but owing to extreme Saturday laziness…I am out of bread! I had to settle for pancakes. Don’t worry. They were delicious, even if not as pretty as your French Toast. 🙂

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